Emperor fragmented

Chapter 1203: Charming Fragmented Realm

The appearance of the shuttle quickly spread across the entire Jade Sea and the corners of the Heaven Spirit World.

Many cultivators were moved after hearing this information. Many great lineages sent disciples towards the coral forest. They had their own speculations regarding this matter. Of course, there were some sects who had no interests in this matter and didn’t send out any disciple.

“Wow, the Seacrossing Shuttle capable of reaching the fragmented realm that has appeared for so many generations is back again. What is the meaning behind this? Does this mean that some mysteries will be solved?” One sect master murmured from a lineage that was interested in the matter.

In a powerful lineage that didn’t want to participate, one old Virtuous Paragon shook his head and said: “So what about the shuttle? Same with the fragmented realm. It will be a fruitless trip since that place has become mere ruins.”

“But I heard when Immortal Emperor Gu Chun was young, he went there and obtained a supreme fortune, the source of the charming spirits.” One expert under his faction spoke. 1

The paragon laughed in response: “That is a matter of the past, the Desolate Era. Regardless whether the emperor has obtained something amazing or not, it is a distant thing now. So many generations have gone by after his era and the shuttle has appeared many more times but until now, no one have ever heard of someone else getting anything from there. It is a forsaken place, there is nothing there.”

Despite a few big shots believing that there was nothing at the Charming Fragmented Realm, other experts still maneuvered in order to explore the realm.

In fact, imperial lineages treated this matter with great importance, especially the ones from the Charming Spirit Race. They sent experts there in a very low-key manner. Most of them concealed their identity while finding out how to enter the realm.

The charming spirits were especially interested in this because one of their wise sages have speculated that this realm had countless ties with their race. Some even said that it had to do with their origin.

The shuttle signified the path to the fragmented realm. Generations of charming spirit sages have researched this place but no one knew what was within.

Because of this, many assumed that it was a forsaken wasteland of an abandoned ancient battlefield.

Irregardless of these beliefs, more and more people kept an eye out for the shuttle that was slowly rising from the trench while moving forward.

There have been some changes to the shuttle after its appearance. The one of the four portals carved on its hulls were slowly lighting up. It seemed that the shuttle was absorbing the power of the trench in order to open this particular one.

However, this process was very slow. The runes on the door continued to illuminate as if it was opening its shackles.

“The portal is about to be opened. When the entire door lights up, the portal will be usable and the fragmented realm will be right after.” A paragon from the last generation saw the current situation of the shuttle and commented.

As several more days passed, this door finally lit up completely. All the runes and totems continuously wove together to form a bright portal instantly.

“The dao portal is formed, we can go to through Charming Fragmented Realm now.” Cultivators who have been paying attention were slightly stunned by the portal’s emergence but they quickly calmed down.

“Let us go.” One old Virtuous Paragon personally took the lead and disappeared into the portal. His sect’s disciples hurriedly entered as well.

“We’ll go as well, we will be the second Immortal Emperor Gu Chun by obtaining the incredible fortune within!” Many cultivators instantly disappeared into the portal as well.

In fact, the majority of them have never been here before. It was the legend of the young Immortal Emperor Gu Chun that has drawn them here. They ignored everything and let cautions be gone with the wind and decided to enter first.

After many have rushed into the fragmented realm, Li Qiye and the two boys finally arrived.

“The Seacrossing Shuttle is just like the legends.” The duo were shaken to see the shuttle with their own eyes.

They suddenly had this thought at the same time. The shuttle’s appearance must have something to do with Li Qiye and the armored shark.

But as for the details, they wouldn’t dare asking the quiet Li Qiye.

After seeing the formed portal, Ye Tu asked: “Will this door lead to the mythical fragmented realm?”

“Yes.” Li Qiye nodded: “This is the only path. Without it, people will never be able to reach that realm.”

“I also heard that the fragmented realm has a lot to do with charming spirits.” Teng Jiwen looked at Ye Tu and said. As a treant, he didn’t care too much about this realm.

“Only the heavens know.” Ye Tu scratched his head in response: “It is only a legend, especially about the one with Immortal Emperor Gu Chun and his great fortune but who knows if it is real or not. Outside of the emperor, no one has heard of someone gaining anything from there for millions of years now.”

“If your forefathers heard this, they might beat your head off.” Li Qiye looked at him and said: “I don’t know if others got treasures or not, but your patriarch, Immortal Emperor Wu Gou, has gotten an extremely heaven-defying treasure in there.”

“Really?” Ye Tu was stunned. He thought about a few rumors in his sect and began to stammer: “How hard to believe… can it be, that our, our item is really from the Charming Fragmented Realm?”

“That’s right.” Li Qiye looked at the Seacrossing Shuttle, no, the Untethered Vessel, and said: “Your patriarch personally visited the fragmented realm after becoming emperor and obtained an incredible item. It is just that future generations weren’t privy of this. On the other hand, Immortal Emperor Gu Chun’s youthful achievement was told for ages.”

“What did Immortal Emperor Wu Gou get from there?” Teng Jiwen became quite curious.

Ye Tu answered with some uncertainty: “I don’t know too well but I heard the ancestors said that… it might be the Void Imperfection Spring.”

Having said that, he looked over at Li Qiye in search for an answer.

Li Qiye only smiled and stared at the shuttle.

“The Seacrossing Shuttle has four doors.” Teng Jiwen changed the subject after seeing that Li Qiye had no intention of responding and asked: “Right now, only one portal is formed. Will the three other doors turn into portals as well?”

“It is no longer important.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Each portal is equal to one world, that’s all you need to know.”

“Will they open then?” Teng Jiwen was a bit surprised: “According to our records, the shuttle only leads to the fragmented realm.”

“There are too many things people don’t know in this world.” Li Qiye replied.

“Where do they lead to?” Ye Tu glanced at the shuttle and asked.

“They have never been opened.” Li Qiye slowly spoke: “As for their destinations, who knows? The world will find out once they open. Of course, that day might never come.”

Li Qiye knew full well that it was not easy to open the other three doors of the shuttle. In fact, when the time is ripe, they will open by themselves. However, everything will change when that day comes…

“Come, let us enter. After finding what I need, I still have to see your ancestral whale.” Li Qiye said.

After hearing this, the duo were quite moved because the whale of the Void Imperfection Three Schools were too mysterious and full of legends. However, few have seen it. At the very least, they were not qualified to see it.

The two of them followed him into the portal.

A world unraveled before them. It was a fragmented world, full of questions.

Here, the mountains were either shattered or torn asunder. The earth was split with shocking scars. Even the oceans here were boiled into deserts. Up in the sky, gigantic peaks have been pulled down by universal laws. Enormous stars from up there fell into the ground.

From these individual scenes, one could imagine a terrible mutation happening in this place. It could have been a natural disaster or a heaven-shattering war!

Chapter 1204: Undercreek World

In this broken realm, Teng Jiwen and Ye Tu had different feelings. They couldn’t explain it clearly but they felt that they were overwhelmed with indescribable emotions.

It was hard to point out whether this was a happy or sad emotion amidst their confusion. This was especially true for Ye Tu, this sentiment continued to linger within him.

“It is affecting your instincts.” Li Qiye explained while the two were still unclear. He then looked at Ye Tu and said: “You are a charming spirit so this is even more intense for you.”

“This place is really related to our race?” Ye Tu had to ask.

Though this was his first visit here, he has heard seniors talking about it before. Their wise sages have made this prediction. Because of this, experts from their race have entered since the old past. Even their Void Imperfect Three Schools have explored this place as well but all left without great results.

Li Qiye maintained his mysterious smile instead of giving an answer. He looked at the horizon and said: “Let’s go, there is a place we must reach.”

With that, he took the first step forward. The two boys quickly gave chase.

The group took their time. Along their journey, many people from all over the worlds have entered.

The majority of the cultivators here were eager to find treasures or fortunes among the ruins. Because of this, people were digging deep into the ground or used their divine intents to sweep through the mountains and rivers. Some were climbing to higher places while others drilled into the earth during their search.

Because of the legend of Immortal Emperor Gu Chun, knowing that nothing might come of this trip didn’t deter people’s enthusiasm and interest. Everyone dreamed of becoming the second Immortal Emperor Gu Chun.

Cultivators dug one mountain after another and ploughed the land to no avail. They didn’t find anything at all, let alone a great fortune. One of them complained: “The Charming Fragmented Realm is really a wasteland, there is nothing here.”

“How can it be so easy to find a great fortune? It wouldn’t be called a fortune if it was easily found.” His friend smiled and comforted him: “You know, since the start of time, how many people were like Immortal Emperor Gu Chun? Just one?! The first emperor of the nine worlds! The first Immortal Emperor! If his fortune came so easily, he wouldn’t be the first emperor.”

After hearing his friend, the cultivator became spirited again and continued to look for fortunes and treasures.

The legend was a great moving force for these adventurers. They continued to look over and over again without giving up. In their mind was the first emperor of the nine worlds, the pride of the charming spirits – Immortal Emperor Gu Chun.

“Is this a forsaken place or used to hide a great secret?” After seeing the failed searches from the other cultivators, Ye Tu asked Li Qiye.

Although Li Qiye has mention his progenitor’s success at finding a supreme treasures in this place, later generations have never heard of someone else who got something, not even a piece of scrap metal.

“Who says a secret realm must have treasures and fortunes?” Li Qiye looked at the youth and smilingly said: “Must the forefathers bury treasures or leave behind fortunes in this place so that future generations can come to find them?”

“But, but, Immortal Emperor Gu Chun really got a fortune in this place.” Ye Tu hesitated a bit before replying.

Li Qiye laughed in response: “Because he is Immortal Emperor Gu Chun. Just like these people have been repeating, how many people were similar to him since the start of time? Nobody, since only one could become the first emperor.”

Having said that, he pointed at this head and said: “In this place, items, treasures, and even fortunes; all of this don’t matter. The crucial part is here. If you can understand, you will have a harvest. If you can’t, then there is nothing worth remembering in this place. It will be a wasteland like people say.”

“Young noble, our progenitor have found something here as well.” Ye Tu said.

“Why is it that Immortal Emperor Wu Gou can find something but others can’t?” Li Qiye smiled: “This place is different from the other locations as well as the twelve burial grounds. The burial grounds are places buried with treasures, but this would be a big mistake to use that logic on this place.”

Teng Jiwen asked: “How is this place different from the others.”

Li Qiye pondered for a moment with a forlorn gaze before answering insipidly: “In a distant age, it supported an entire race. Not just this place, but a shuttle called Seacrossing by you two as well. It signified endless hope.”

“Endless hope?” Teng Jiwen murmured. This casual sentence from Li Qiye left him with an infinite aftertaste.

“If you could understand this, then you will become the second Immortal Emperor Gu Chun.” Li Qiye looked at Teng Jiwen who was trying to make sense of this.

Teng Jiwen coughed and said: “Sir, you are messing with me. I am a treant so I can’t become an Immortal Emperor.”

“You are right, but understanding the meaning of this place will grant you a lifetime of benefit even if you are a treant.” Li Qiye laughed and said.

The youth shook his head: “Sir, you think too highly of me. As everyone have said before, Immortal Emperor Gu Chun is unique. As for me… even though my talents aren’t bad, I am only an insect compared to the emperors. I know my own worth very well.”

Teng Jiwen was telling the truth. As the successor of the Heavenvine Citadel, his talents weren’t bad at all. He wasn’t looking down on himself either but he knew that he was far from being comparable to the emperors.

The group walked for a long time before they got to a waterfall. It was pouring down from a high cliff thus it had the appearance of coming down from the sky.

Its current flowed along the terrain but its stream was divided into several smaller creeks even over yonder.

Li Qiye picked a creek and waded into the water with the two youths. The next second, they sank to the bottom.

At this time, he took out a sea clam, the one that he caught from the Bottomless Trench. He threw it into the creek and said: “Go, you can find your way home by yourself.”

Afterwards, he turned towards the duo and warned: “Follow my footsteps tightly, do not make the slightest mistake.”

His serious expression made the boys shudder. They didn’t dare to be careless and nodded quickly.

The clam began to move while wiggling at the bottom of the creek. The pearl within emitted a golden light as if it was guiding the way.

It left behind a faint trace of light. Li Qiye followed it step by step in a very meticulous manner. He knew that one misstep would ruin all of his effort and he would have to start all over again.

The duo behind Li Qiye was even more careful. They nervously followed right behind Li Qiye and stepped on his footprints without slight.

At first, they felt that there was nothing special here. The current of the creek continued to flow through them with fishes and shrimps swimming around.

However, they suddenly realized that the space around them was a mirage. Suddenly, this was an ancient path, no longer the simple path of the creek.

This path led all the way to the sky. They walked upward as if this was a process to be deified. However, they saw some terrible scenes.

In this space, they saw gigantic warships of an unbelievable size. They hovered in space like stars. Each of them could carry continents spanning for millions and millions of miles.

Such warships have been destroyed. Some were splitted into halves while others had huge holes penetrated through them. Others had uneven ripping while more were shattered nearly to the point of recognition…

Amidst their daze, they saw countless fragments floating in space consisting of cracked sabers, broken swords, and fragmented axes…

Furthermore, they suddenly saw skeletons. Some of the skeletons were enormous as if they were huge monsters and still had a golden glow to them…

  1. Remember that Gu Chun was the first emperor and made an appearance in the second sidestory. His title means Ancient Purity

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