Emperor Fight

Chapter 1181: Teng Jiwen’s Ability

Li Qiye’s criticism has deeply stabbed Teng Jiwen’s deepest fear. It was mercilessly opening opening the scar of their Heavenvine Citadel.

“We are not trash, parasites, or vermins on the ancestral vine!” In the end, he could only utter this sentence.

Li Qiye glanced dismissively at him: “In my eyes, there is not much of a difference. What are you all if not that? Your old geezers are all talk. Prove it then by start acting as real descendants for the ancestral vine to see.”

Teng Jiwen too ka deep breath and bowed to say: “Sir, keep waiting. The citadel will give you an answer within two days!”

He turned and left while carrying a determination evident from his firm steps.

Li Qiye smiled and closed his eyes for a moment of repose without a care. In his mind, it didn’t matter if the boy was going to ask for reinforcements or to persuade the ancestors. When the time is up, he would take away the calabash and do what must be done.

After Teng Jiwen left, the island became quiet. No disciples came to capture him. It seemed like the youth didn’t go tell the ancestors to capture Li Qiye.

On the evening of the second day, Teng Jiwent came back in a hurry with a gaunt demeanor but his eyes were bright and full of vitality.

“Sir, our ancestors have agreed to deal with you. As long as you can cure our ancestral vine, the calabash will be yours.” He took a deep breath and told Li Qiye.

Li Qiye looked at the boy and smirked before speaking: “it seems like I must reevaluate my opinion of you. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to convince those geezers from your citadel. This required great determination.”

“This is all to the credit of master’s group.” He sighed without any sign of complacency: “I have only done what any disciple of the citadel should do.”

“Very good, if the citadel will be under your leadership in the future, it will certainly be prosperous.” Li Qiye nodded.

The youth remained humble even after being praised. He bowed and asked: “Sir, may I ask about when you will start the treatment?”

“Right now.” Li Qiye said flatly: “Time waits for no one. Time to end the business here since I must go elsewhere.”

This startled the youth. He didn’t expect Li Qiye to start so soon. Keep in mind that many powerful alchemists have tried before to cure this calamity to no avail.

Li Qiye told him: “Tell your ancestors to prepare. I will go to the forbidden area to cure your ancestral vine.”

The youth took a deep breath and went to carry it out. Eventually, the citadel agreed for Li Qiye to do it anytime. It also opened the forbidden ground for him.

Many wise sages have performed an incomparable seal in this land near the ancestral vine. Without their permission, outsiders would have difficulty moving in this area, let alone launching an offensive.

The citadel’s response and action were quite swift this time. Who knows what Teng Jiwen did to lobby them. To be able to do so in just two short days was quite impressive for a junior like him.

Of course, Li Qiye wouldn’t care about such things. This was the citadel’s business. He only cared about curing the ancestral vine and taking the Heavenvine Calabash.

When everything was ready, Teng Jiwen and the citadel lord led Li Qiye to the forbidden ground.

In fact, the successful persuasion from the boy to a large extent was thanks to his master’s support. Otherwise, trying to convince those ancestors as a junior like him would have been much harder.

They were standing right outside of the forbidden ground right now. This was the most important location in the whole citadel. It had the densest amount of worldly energy. Legend has it that one could enter the inner world of the ancestral vine through this forbidden ground, but no one has entered ever since the death of the treefather’s son.

Many disciples and ancestors were standing right outside at this moment. They were all important characters of at least the protector and elder level. Some were supreme elders as well.

The treatment of the ancestral vine was deemed of the highest importance to the citadel. Whether it was to be vigilant against Li Qiye or fearing accidents in the process, in short, the citadel’s powerful force was here to cope with any unexpected changes!

Li Qiye only gave this crowd a quick glimpse. Regardless of their preparation, he didn’t mind killing those who stood in his path.

“Hold it!” As Li Qiye was about to enter the forbidden ground, a shout came about. Hao Yuzhen stood out.

This made Teng Jiwen and the citadel lord furrowed their brows. They have reached a unanimous agreement about this deal. They didn’t want any complication that might cause the deal to turn awry, thus, they had a bad feeling once she stood out.

“What’s the matter?” Li Qiye glanced at her and lazily said.

She had a business-like appearance and coldly said: “You must hand over all your things outside of the materials required in the healing process. Other items aren’t allowed inside the forbidden ground.”

“Junior sister, what are you doing?” Teng Jiwen raised his voice.

Hao Yuzhen was causing trouble on purpose. She didn’t know how he managed to convince the ancient ancestors in the sect but at this moment, his position has soared and it was a great threat to her.

Therefore, she wanted to use this opportunity to stop Li Qiye. Stopping Li Qiye was the same as stopping Teng Jiwen!

“Ancestor, we have reached an agreement about this matter so why are there sudden complications?” The citadel lord was unhappy as well and looked over at Ancestor Hao.

Ancestor Hao slowly said: “The deal and agreement are still unchanged but we must be cautious for the safety of the ancestral tree. Your alchemist is here for our treasure, who dares say that he won’t do anything shady in secret?”

The citadel lord glanced over at the other older ancestors here and asked: “Ancestors, what are your thoughts?”

“Alchemist Li can still bring items inside, but as a preventative measure, we must ask to check your items first.” One old ancestor spoke with a deep tone.

They were still very wary of Li Qiye. After Hao Yuzhen’s comment, they were indeed afraid of Li Qiye doing anything to the ancestral vine.

Despite being annoyed, the citadel lord and Teng Jiwen had no retort. This reason was irrefutable. Even though they weren’t necessarily cautious against Li Qiye, they still didn’t want to complicate the deal. Otherwise, all of their effort would have been in vain.

“Did you hear that? Let us do a whole body search; every item of yours must be checked as well.” With the approval of the older ancestors, Hao Yuzhen became emboldened.

Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at her. He glanced over at the old ancestors from the citadel and smiled faintly while shaking his head: “There are a few excellent members in this place so I thought that there would have been changes. It seems that in the end, it is still a bunch of inflexible old men. What a disappointment.”

The older ancestors were not happy to hear this disdainful comment. Meanwhile, the master and disciple pair turned bitter. This matter has suddenly taken a turn for the worse.

“Naive fool, daring to shame our citadel? Take this!” This was a rare opportunity so Hao Yuzhen naturally wouldn’t let it go. Her palm aimed for his face. 1

But before this slap could reach Li Qiye, her hand was suddenly gripped by him. He stared directly at her face and smiled: “An idiot like you dares to scream in front of me? You don’t know life from death!”

“Crank! Crack!” He crushed her slender, jade-white arm before even finishing his sentence. 2

“Help!” She screamed for help. Her reaction was also too slow during this moment since Li Qiye’s right hand clutched her milky pale neck.

He was way too fast. Even the ancestors here had a hard time seeing his action. Before they knew it, he was already raising her to the air by the neck.

Chapter 1182: Kill Without Mercy

It only took one blink for him to crush her wrist and then grabbed her neck. Thus, it was too late for anyone to even try and save her.

“No-” Both Teng Jiwen and the citadel lord were jolted with a shocked expression.

“Save, save me…” Her face turned red due to trouble breathing from being choked.

“Junior, what are you doing!” The Hao Ancestor was shocked. Very quickly, the disciples from the citadel completely surrounded him.

Outside of a few ancestors from the Hao branch, there were many elders from the citadel itself as well.

Li Qiye maintained his grip and coldly glared at the group before nonchalantly declaring: “Still want to play? Try and stop me today and I’ll crush your head!”

“Wait, let us talk it out first.” The citadel lord was sweating. He quickly mediated: “Sir, we can slowly discuss this again. Just let go of my niece first.”

“Sir, we can talk it out still.” Teng Jiwen was quite scared as well and hurriedly told Li Qiye: “No need to ruin the friendly atmosphere today. It was only a misunderstanding.”

“There’s nothing to talk about. Either scram to the side and don’t bother me or I’ll cut all your heads off!” Li Qiye lazily declared.

In just a moment, all expressions turned quite ugly from everyone here. This was no longer about internal competition. Li Qiye’s blatant contempt has humiliating and antagonizing.

“There is nothing to discuss now.” The Hao Ancestor coldly said: “Let go of Yuzhen right now and surrender or risk your own life!”

“With just you all?” Li Qiye said dismissively: “Only a bunch of nobodies, not enough to an appetizer.”

The citadel lord was speechless. He couldn’t mediate anymore so he said with a bitter expression: “My little ancestor, just let go of her and I can guarantee your safety.”

Teng Jiwen had no words as well. The deal was done but look at it now. Just one word of discord could cause blood to splatter every three steps!

At this time, all the experts and ancestors of the citadel were glaring at Li Qiye. He was completely provoking their city’s prestige and authority. If they didn’t teach this ignorant person a lesson, people would think that their city was easily bulliable.

“Junior, you are too arrogant. Let go of Yuzhen or we’ll end your dog life!” Even those not in the Hao branch were shouting, unable to contain their anger.

If it wasn’t for her being a hostage, they would have pounced forward and cut him to countless pieces.

“Li, listen! Even a Godking would die if they come to our citadel!” With so many ancestors backing her up, despite being in his clutch, Hao Yuzhen became more courageous. She struggled to breathe before shouting: “Just let me go and break your arms and legs, end your cultivation, and we’ll spare your…”

“Crack!” It was a familiar scene. Before she could finish, he has crushed her neck. She didn’t even have a chance to scream since death came too quickly.

Everyone became dumbfounded. Under such encirclement, he still dared to kill his only hostage. This was the same as cutting off his only path of retreat.

Any sane person in this predicament wouldn’t kill their only hostage. This truly stunned all the experts and even the Hao Ancestor.

“No…” Teng Jiwen was completely frightened. He spent painstaking effort in order to convince the ancestors for this deal. But now, everything has turned into smokes.

“Incomparably foolish, threatening to break my arms and legs as well as my cultivation under this circumstance.” Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eye. He threw her body to the side like trash.

“Little animal, I’m gonna grind your bones to dust!” The Hao Ancestor’s roar echoed to the clouds. He unleashed a palm capable of chopping the tides and shattering the ocean.

“Bang!” Li Qiye remained undaunted. He punched directly with a tyrannical pose, a fist that could shatter the past. It was a quiet fist without creating gales or an overbearing momentum.

One could hear a fracture. The Hao Ancestor’s arm shattered before this fist. He had to take several step back while spewing out blood.

This shocked everyone present; they breathed deeply to calm down. The Hao Ancestor was still a grand character at the citadel but he was not a match for Li Qiye at this moment.

The ancestors became cautious right away. They took out their weapons and began to circle around him. The other experts instantly left the battlefield to give room to their ancestors.

This level of battle was not something the juniors could participate in. They would only get in the way.

The Heavenvine Citadel Lord was completely stupefied. He didn’t expect the ordinary-looking Li Qiye to be powerful to a heaven defying level instead of just being an alchemist.

Teng Jiwen couldn’t speak at all. This has escalated out of his control. It was up to the ancestors to decide now. He has thought about how powerful Li Qiye was but this has been a mysterday. But now, he finally got a general concept of how strong the guy was.

“Zzz-” A reconstruction buzz resounded. The shattered arm of the Hao Ancestor quickly recovered. However, he was in a frenzy. Being seriously injured by a junior was truly a disgrace in his eyes.

He took out his true weapon with a twisted expression and coldly said: “Little animal, if our Heavenvine Citadel don’t peel your skin, sever your tendons, and drink your blood today, we won’t need to stay in Heaven Spirit any longer!”

“Junior, it is not too late to surrender!” Another ancestor yelled at him.

Li Qiye sneered at the experts and said: “Surrender? In my eyes, all of you are mere insects, I can trample all of you to death with one stomp.”

“Naive fool, still blustering before death.” The Hao Ancestor shouted: “Brothers, what are we waiting for, let us chop this little animal to …”

“Xshhh!” Blood sputtered everywhere. Before the ancestor could finish his words, a tree branch came out of nowhere and pierced through his skull. His eyes dilated from confusion about his sudden death.

The spectators became dumbfounded at this scene. There was a long vine wrapping around Li Qiye’s arm to their surprise. It actually grew out of their ancestral vine’s body.

The elders audibly gasped after seeing this out of the blue development. They turned paled while retreating while staring at Li Qiye in disbelief.

A vine growing from their ancestral tree actually killed the Hao Ancestor! How could such a thing has happened!?

In their citadel, the ancestral vine was not only their progenitor but also their divine guardian that has been sheltering them for generations. But today, instead of killing the enemy, it killed an ancestor from the city instead.

If such a thing were to be spread, no one would believe it anyway. It was already inconceivable even when they witnessed it in person.

“Evil art, this is definitely an evil art…” One ancestor murmured in astonishment.

This was the only explanation to them. Li Qiye had some strange evil bewitchery that controlled the ancestral vine into killing the Hao Ancestor!

“He cultivates an evil art! We can’t let him live any longer, kill him at all cost!” One frightened ancestor screamed.

“Kill!” The rest of the ancestors present all roared together and unleashed their weapons to slay Li Qiye.

They wouldn’t mind paying any price to stop Li Qiye from leaving the citadel alive. Otherwise, he would certainly become a great menace in the future.

“A bunch of fools.” Li Qiye coldly glared at them and simply flipped his palm over, not bothering to give them another glance. A large leaf growing on the vine tree suddenly shot out.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The weapons attacking Li Qiye all shattered before this leaf.

With another loud blast, the flower swept through the ancestors like the end of autumn, causing them to go flying while spurting blood.

  1. “Take this” in the raw was actually “Slap (his) mouth”. It’s fine in Chinese because people know that she is referring to slapping the face as a punishment for the disrespect. It just sounds weird in English that she is announcing her own punishment while carrying it out herself. Take this makes more sense as a localization versus “Slap him” or “Take this slap”. Maybe “you deserved to be slapped” would make sense as well
  2. Raw here is jade-white arm like the spring onion. The root of a spring onion is white, so it is describing that color

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