Emperor Clouds

Chapter 1189: Ye Tu

A little courtyard was located in this trench. Seawater steered clear from it, revealing old green tiles. One glance was enough to tell that this little home has been built for a long time now.

Li Qiye went inside to see a young man lazily basking in the sun. He looked a little older than twenty but despite his young age, there was an aura of sophistication and maturity.

The young man immediately stood up when Li Qiye got close. He cupped his fist and smiled: “May I ask what you are here for, sir?”

Li Qiye peered him up and down before speaking: “You are a disciple from the Void Imperfection School, right?”

The youth answered right away: “Yes, my name is Ye Tu from the Charming Spirit Race, the Void Imperfection supervisor of the Shallow Beach branch.”

“I know, charming spirits make up the majority at the three schools and have been in control for generations. The demon boss at the inn is an exception, a disciple like that is quite rare in your sect.” Li Qiye said insipidly.

“Ah.” Ye Tu smiled and said: “Sir, you must be talking about my senior uncle. He likes to play around.”

“I want to visit the Void Imperfection School. It is good that you are the supervisor here, let me in then so I won’t have to barge in myself.” He looked at the youth and said.

Ye Tu scratched his head in response: “May I ask for your name, sir?”

“Li Qiye.” Li Qiye calmly answered: “No need to tell you my race, right?”

“Li Qiye…” Ye Tu was shocked to hear this name and almost jumped up. He looked at Li Qiye carefully.

“Is it because I don’t have the aura of an imperial bloodline?” Li Qiye nonchalantly spoke after noticing the youth’s reaction.

“Well…” Ye Tu rubbed his palms and coughed before smiling: “I wouldn’t dare. It is just that my vision is lacking and can’t see through Brother Li at all.”

“Your choice of words isn’t bad.” Li Qiye smiled: “Did the Golden Isle inform your schools?”

“We have received their message not long ago.” The youth replied: “I heard Brother Li has left the Golden Isle so the elders from there asked our Charming Spirit Race to give an eye out to help you if necessary..”

The Void Imperfection Three Schools was a lineage of the charming spirits while the Golden Isle was a treant lineage. Logically speaking, the Golden Isle should have informed the treants first.

There was a reason why the Golden Isle did it this way. It was because the charming spirits were even more eager to marry humans with noble bloodlines. In fact, they married more humans than the sea demons and treants added together.

“As their groom?” Li Qiye laughed. He understood the intent within.

“Ah,I heard you haven’t marry the golden daughter from the isle yet, right?” Ye Tu smiled and immediately brought a chair for Li Qiye to sit.

Thus, the Golden Isle informed them in order to let the three schools know that Li Qiye was already their groom and to not compete for this bloodline with them!

In fact, at the Jade Sea, the behemoths like the three schools have received a lot of information. For example, Li Qiye with his imperial bloodline has been kidnapped by someone.

Li Qiye sat down cooly without any reservation. Meanwhile, Ye Tu was very enthusiastic with good hospitality as well.

“It is our honor to have Brother Li here at the Shallow Beach. I am representing the beach to thank you for granting us this chance…” Ye Tu quickly poured some tea for Li Qiye, playing his part as a good host.

“I never thought I had such charms before.” Li Qiye smiled after hearing such flattering words. He touched his chin and leisurely said.

“Brother Li is a master whose rarely appears. A meeting with you has to be a blessing of fate. Despite your noble status, there is no hint of arrogance…” The youth smiled and said.

“So, you want to betroth your senior sister or your junior sister to me?” Li Qiye took a sip and asked.

“Er-” Ye Tu had no response to Li Qiye’s directness. After a while, he smiled and said: “If you are willing to be our guest at the Void Imperfection School, you can have your pick.”

Li Qiye just smiled and shook his head: “Forget it, don’t make me participate in this ‘noble’ cause. In your mind, I am only a stallion to produce more royal bloodlines for the charming spirits in order to groom another Immortal Emperor, just like Immortal Emperor Yan Shi.” 1

“Immortal Emperor Yan Shi…” Ye Tu was moved by this name as well. He murmured: “It would be a great honor if the Void Imperfection Three Schools could have a human Immortal Emperor.”

Immortal Emperor Yan Shi was the second emperor from Gu Chun’s four branches. Legend has it that her father came from the Exquisite Valley. Moreover, she was also a descendant from Immortal Emperor Mu Zhuo, thus she has an imperial bloodline through her. 2

Later on, her father married a beauty with a pure bloodline from the Gu Chun’s four branches. In the end, they gave birth to a daughter, the unfathomable Immortal Emperor Yan Shi. 3

In the mind of the Charming Spirit, Immortal Emperor Yan Shi’s achievements were incredible, someone comparable to their first emperor, Immortal Emperor Gu Chun! Because of this, her title was Yan Shi. It meant that under her reign, the nine worlds would have peace, a golden era!

Because of this, the charming spirits wanted to marry humans even more than treants and sea demons. They wanted to produce a better bloodline, a second Immortal Emperor Yan Shi in order to bring about prosperity to their race.

Li Qiye glanced at Ye Tu and said: “Forget about this stallion matter. It is not meant to be between me and the beauties here in Heaven Spirit.” He laughed after making this statement.

Some people considered being a stallion to be their pride while others deemed it as a shameful matter. However, Li Qiye thought nothing about it. Of course, he wouldn’t become any race’s stallion either.

“Ah, ah, we can take our time talking about this matter.” Ye Tu smiled in response: “I welcome your presence here at our school very much if you are willing to stay. I will take you there.”

Of course Ye Tu wanted Li Qiye to stay. Although the Imperfection Void School was relatively low key and not famous among the three since they didn’t want to compete with the rest of the world, but they also didn’t to give up someone with a bloodline like Li Qiye. Nothing could be better than to have this bloodline as part of their school.

The enthusiastic youth gave some orders to other disciples before bringing Li Qiye to his school.

Very few people could enter the Void Imperfection School, only certain talents with some influence were able to. Moreover, not too many knew where the school was located.

The only thing others knew was that the school’s ancestral ground was not stationary. They were aware that it was built around the sea-territory of the school itself but not the exact location.

On the other hand, Li Qiye knew exactly where the school was located. However, he wanted to go there in a friendly manner this time so he didn’t forcefully enter.

Blue sky and the blue sea with the occasional wafting clouds painted a scenic view worthy of a poem.

Ye Tu and Li Qiye stepped onto a white cloud. The scene suddenly changed. A flying continent was before them with rolling mountains and faint valleys. In this place was nature with gurgling streams accompanied by buildings and temples.

This continent floating in the sky seemed so surreal just like a painting. People would think that this was a paradise, taking their breath away with its beauty.

It turned out that the ancestral ground of the Void Imperfection School was hidden among the clouds. This group of clouds traveled around in this sea region. Because of this, no one knew where the school was actually built.

Visitors were met with a serenity. Many of the ancient buildings here have been unoccupied for a long time with their doors closed. Even the ones with opened doors seemed to have no sign of people.

Occasionally in one or two hills, there were a few disciples sweeping the leaves away from relatively newer temples. Nevertheless, this didn’t break the tranquility in this place.

Outsiders would be shocked seeing this scene. They wouldn’t believe that this was the greatest lineage in the Heaven Spirit World with so few disciples!

In the mind of many people, a great lineage should have plenty of talents and geniuses appearing in waves. As for regular disciples, they should number in the millions.

“After so many years, your branch is still the same, still peaceful and taking it easy. It is remarkable that such an inheritance is still ongoing.” Li Qiye said with feelings while looking at the tranquil mountains and rivers.

The Void Imperfection School was different from the other two schools. It rarely appeared or let anyone inside. Outside of the three schools themselves, outsiders didn’t know how many disciples it had.

“Many senior and junior uncles are traveling and training. A few senior brothers and sisters also went outside, leaving only behind us, the young ones, to take care of the trivial stuff in the sect.” Ye Tu explained.

Chapter 1190: Void Imperfection Schoolmaster

The great Void Imperfection School was very distinctive and different from other lineages.

Each generations slowly spread outside. Regardless of their status, both high elders and ordinary disciples would travel everywhere. More often than not, they wouldn’t participate in worldly affairs or get involved with cultivation feuds.

To a large extent, they pursued freedom and serenity. Because of this, it was hard to find the disciples from this sect in Heaven Spirit World.

For many lineages, especially the larger ones, their disciples would band together to live in the cultivation world for both resource competition and wars. Thus, it was often quite eventful for these sects.

From this aspect, the Void Imperfection School was different from other people. Its gate and ancestral courtyard was completely empty. If they didn’t know about this place beforehand, they would wonder if they have came to the wrong location.

Thus, the traveling disciples were rather undisciplined, but no one in the Heaven Spirit World has been able to shake the school’s status or had any ideas about them.

From this, one could see that the three schools have enough power to deal with any trouble. Their true power was hard to fathom.

Ye Tu took Li Qiye to an old temple with a very imposing presence. Just one look was enough to know how extraordinary it was.

However, one would find that this place has not been cleaned in a long time. Dust have accumulated into layers in some places.

It was hard to imagine an imperial lineage being lazy to such a degree. While inside, there was a rocking chair in the temple with a man lying on it. In fact, it was very easy to miss him due to the leaves covering him up. He was deep in sleep. After seeing this situation, others would actually thought that he was already dead.

“Schoolmaster, Brother Li is here to see you.” Ye Tu bowed down before this sleeping man.

Leaves began to fall as the man opened his eyes and stood up. Just how long has he been sleeping here to have this thick layer of leaves covering him?

He finally revealed his appearance without the leaves. It was a very thin elder dressed like a commoner. He looked like an ordinary old man without anything too conspicuous. However, the occasional glimmers in his eyes showed that he was a hidden master.

“It is Young Noble Li with the imperial bloodline?” He immediately judged Li Qiye after waking up.

“Schoolmaster, Brother Li is indeed the groom from the Golden Isle…” Ye Tu quickly answered.

Before he could finish, the Void Imperfection Schoolmaster interrupted him and implied: “Little Ye, how can you say that? Young Noble Li has yet to marry and he won’t necessary marry that little girl from the Golden Isle, how can he be their groom?”

“That’s true, that’s true.” Ye Tu understood and smiled while nodding.

Li Qiye only chuckled after seeing this. Meanwhile, the schoolmaster did a lap around Li Qiye to take a good look. He seemed to be carefully appreciating Li Qiye like the in-laws liking their son-in-law more and more.

Li Qiye happily let him do as he please while sitting down on the rocking chair…

The schoolmaster ignored his lack of formality and cheerfully smiled: “Virtuous nephew, your fame is like the ringing thunder in my ears, you are the prodigy of the human race, the hero of the world…”

“These words are too fake.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile while shaking his head: “Schoolmaster, no need to flatter me, I know myself very well. I am only a nobody at Heaven Spirit, this ringing thunder thing, it is just artificial rhetoric.”

The schoolmaster didn’t mind being called out, he gave a thumbs-up and said: “Virtuous nephew, you are quite straightforward and genuine like a real man. Since you are here as a guest, it really brighten this place up. Don’t be reserved, just consider my school as your own home.”

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head then got straight to the point: “My time is limited so I won’t stay long. I want to meet your ancestral whale to take something away.”

“The ancestral whale?” The schoolmaster was startled. He coughed dryly and shook his head: “Virtuous Nephew, I’m not trying to make it difficult for you, but since you know of the ancestral whale, you should know how hard it is to meet it. In fact, even I would find it difficult…”

“I know, which is why I’m asking you to know where it has run off to.” Li Qiye nodded.

The schoolmaster gently shook his head: “I won’t lie to you. I don’t know where it is going either, this is a secret.”

Li Qiye looked at him and said: “I do not doubt your words. The ancestral whale of the three schools travels around the vast seas in Heaven Spirit without a trace. Outside of your whale riders, no outsiders really know its whereabout.”

“Yes, yes.” The schoolmaster smilingly replied: “It is good that you understand, but…”

“But.” Li Qiye slowly continued: “I know that the school has a method of communicating with the ancestral whale. I believe you should know about it.”

“Well.” The schoolmaster contemplated for a bit before looking back at Li Qiye with a smile: “That is true as well. If you really want to see the ancestral whale, I can discuss it with the ancestors. If they agree, then you can definitely see it but before then, why not stay in our place. We definitely welcome you here.”

Li Qiye gently shook his head again: “I think you misunderstood something. I am not only here to see the ancestral whale once, I also want to go to the Void Imperfection Spring to fetch water.”

This alarmed both the schoolmaster and Ye Tu. The schoolmaster in particular took one step back right away with a vigilant expression.

“Schoolmaster, no need to be so alarmed. If I wanted to take it by force, I wouldn’t be here speaking to you like this.” Li Qiye noticed their response and smiled.

“I don’t know too much about the Void Imperfection Spring.” The schoolmaster shook his head. At this time, he became a lot colder and didn’t have the same enthusiasm as before. It was a tremendous change in attitude.

Li Qiye laughed and said: “Schoolmaster, I’m not here to exchange friendly words with you or to hear your evasions. I only want to tell you that I will meet the ancestral hale as well as fetch water from the spring.”

“Virtuous Nephew, do you wish to use force?” The schoolmaster’s face turned darker: “This old man is not deliberately making it difficult for you. If you know about the spring, then you should definitely know that not just anyone can go there. Outside of a few ancestors, others aren’t allowed!”

“I am aware.” Li Qiye said: “The Void Imperfection Spring is a place that has obtained the fortune of the heavens. In the past, Immortal Emperor Wu Gou spent countless effort to bring the spring here. One can say that it didn’t originally belongs to you.”

Here, he glanced at the schoolmaster and continued: “The emperor moved the spring to the ancestral whale first. From then on, it became yours and outsiders couldn’t see it any longer.”

“I don’t know much about the past.” The schoolmaster said dismissively: “I can only apologize since I am not in charge of anything relating to the spring.”

“Regardless of whether you are in charge or not of this matter, I will have to see the ancestral whale and take water from the spring.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Are you always so forceful like this?” The schoolmaster’s eyes turned fierce with a glint crossing through time and space. This truly showed how powerful he was.

“Who said that I’m being forceful?” Li Qiye smiled and stood up while reaching out with his hand.

Ye Tu was scared by this and thought Li Qiye wanted to fight. At the same time, the schoolmaster put up his guard in order to fight against Li Qiye at any moment.

However, Li Qiye didn’t attack the two. He simply took down a group of clouds from the sky. He casually kneaded them and the clouds floated in front of him. He sat down and they slowly lifted him upward for a spin before going back down.

“The Void Imperfection Clouds!” The schoolmaster was surprised after seeing this and didn’t believe his own eyes.

Ye Tu was shocked as well. He has heard about these clouds since a young age. They have always been floating there but he has never heard of anyone able to bringing them down or riding them.

This was Li Qiye’s first time here yet he could easily ride them. It was too incredible in Ye Tu’s eyes.

“My ancestors had a relationship with Immortal Emperor Wu Gou. They have left behind a certain something that allows me to take down a group of clouds today.” Li Qiye said in a matter-of-fact manner.

Of course, this was only a casual excuse. The person who knew Immortal Emperor Wu Gou was no one else but him.

  1. Yan Shi means peaceful/repose/prosperous/feast era, or a golden age
  2. Gu Chun = First Immortal Emperor of all races, a charming spirit. Mu Zhuo = Wood Refinement. I’m not sure what the four branches are though, not clear here
  3. Remember that only Hong Tian has Empress in her title. Keeping true to the raw, even female Immortal Emperors are emperor in their title. It works in the narrative this way because the author likes to hide the sex sometimes, if we change it to empress in order to keep it grammatically correct, it might create some problems with the narrative. This particular issue has popped up several times before

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