Emperor Clam

Chapter 1193: Zhuo Jianshi

In the end, Zhuo Jianshi was still someone who has experienced countless waves. She took a deep breath and answered with an elegant smile on her face: “I do not deny your claim. Many lineages in Heaven Spirit desire an imperial bloodline like yours. This has always been a custom in this world to pay attention and sect these bloodlines. The sect masters all have a responsibility to find excellent bloodlines for their own sects.”

“You are very eloquent.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “The old geezer from Void Imperfection wants me to stay and now you do too. Your three schools aren’t afraid of an inner-conflict?”

She smiled. Her mature and noble appearance made people palpitate from excitement: “Young noble, you are misunderstanding. Our three schools are one and the same. The Void Imperfection Schoolmaster wants to keep you behind and we do as well. This is only giving young noble more choices, it is not a competition.”

Li Qiye chuckled with his eyes closed: “If you have talked with the old geezer, you should know that I am not interested in this matter.”

“We want you to say, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be our groom. You can just stay at our schools for a while if you like.” Her demeanor was calm and gentle: “Maybe we should approach this differently.. In my eyes, your inner physique is quite powerful so our schools are the best choice for you. We will have a suitable physique law of your choosing.”

Zhuo Jianshi was not just boasting. In Heaven Spirit or even in the nine worlds, no other lineages had as many physique laws as the three schools since they had three different Immortal Physiques alone.

“Physique law?” Li Qiye opened his eyes to look at her and smile: “You have good eyesight, but as for the physique law-”

He bursted in laughter at this point.

She didn’t become angry for elegance exuded from her core. She spoke softly: “May I ask for the reason behind your laughter?”

Of course she wasn’t aware that no one had more physique laws than Li Qiye in this world. He simply had all of them.

“Nothing.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “Your three schools have many physique laws. Not to mention the others, just the three Immortal Physique laws alone are truly precious. Void Imperfection Windchase Law, Evil Devourer Graceful Law, and the Surging Golden Spring Law… These three laws could be considered peerless in this world…”

He continued on: “Outside of the physique laws created by Immortal Emperors, your three laws are quite rare. This is especially true for the Void Imperfection Windchase Law. It is infinitely close to perfection. This level of physique laws is very rare. For example, the physique law from the Soaring Immortal Sect of Immortal Emperor Fei could be considered another one.”

It was truly difficult to be so highly praised by Li Qiye. After all, he had the Physique Scripture containing all the perfect and profound laws.

In fact, for cultivators, creating a physique law was even harder than creating an emperor law. This was one of the reasons why grand completion Immortal Physique users could assail Immortal Emperors.

The difficult scale soared when it came to Immortal Physique laws. Thus, there were quite a few wonderful masters who were able to create these laws, but they had defects and incompletion. There weren’t that many at a complete level, let alone perfection.

The physique laws at the three schools were considered completely. Of course, there was still a large way to go before true perfection.

“It is thanks to our predecessors’ achievements, we descendants have not been able to do anything so we need to work even harder.” She answered in a demure manner without pride.

Li Qiye looked at her and smiled: “Your eyesight is not bad since it can see that my inner physique is powerful. The temptation of physique laws might work for everyone else in this world, but it is nothing to me.”

For cultivators with power inner physiques, to be able to cultivate an Immortal Physique was their highest pursuit in life. They would find it impossible to refuse such a temptation.

“However, your Void Imperfection Three Schools do have something that tempts me.” Li Qiye said at this time.

“What might that be?” She became curious as well. If Li Qiye wasn’t interested in Immortal Physique laws, was there anything else in this world that was even more precious?”

“Your Immortal Emperor Wu Gou’s creation, the Windchase Break!” He said emphatically.

She was shocked after hearing this despite her usual calm demeanor as she repeated: “The Windchase Break! One of the Immortal Physique Strikes!”

Immortal Physique Strikes were mysterious techniques that very few people have seen before.

Legend has it only grand completion Immortal Physique emperors were able to create these attacks. Without grand completion, even an Immortal Emperor wouldn’t be able to so. Conversely, grand completion users alone wouldn’t be able to create them without having the Heaven’s Will.

Because of this, these attacks were extremely rare. Furthermore, in future generations, one additional requirement was speculated and that the emperor’s physique law must be self-made. Only those who have created their own physique laws to become an emperor with a grand completion Immortal Physique would be able to come up with these attacks.

There were many stories about these attacks themselves. Some said that they were more powerful than Heaven’s Will Secret Laws. However, the opposition stated that these attacks couldn’t oppose a secret law if its user had the Heaven’s Will.

Another speculation believed that a grand completion user training in these attacks could definitely ambush an Immortal Emperor. They could even contend against the emperor’s secret law.

Alas, these were all guesses because there were too few Immortal Physique Laws in this world and even fewer Immortal Physique Strikes. A grand completion user with these attacks was a hundred times rarer than an Immortal Emperor!

Therefore, no one was allowed to witness such a duel, especially the younger generations.

Zhuo Jianshi was trembling inside after hearing this. After all, the Windchase Strike was once the most powerful and frightening technique from her three schools. A Void Imperfection user with the Windchase Strike had unimaginable power!

“However, you guys have lost the Windchase Strike!” Li Qiye said insipidly: “This is a very regrettable thing and it is also the reason why the Void Imperfection Three Schools have lost some of its deterring influence.”

Zhuo Jianshi pondered in silence for a moment. This was a truly regrettable matter for generations of their schools now. In fact, they have tried to look for it for so long now to no avail…

She eventually calmed down and took a deep breath to look at Li Qiye: “Our schools have many disciples training in different types of physiques, including Saint and Immortal Physiques…”

“I know what you are trying to say.” Li Qiye smiled and interrupted her: “An imperial bloodline joining together with an Immortal Physique bloodline is a perfect combination. If the offspring could inherit both legacies, then if they were to become Immortal Emperor, they might be able to surpass the old Immortal Emperor Yan Shi…”

“This is a very tempting thing for any lineage.” Li Qiye continued: “However, I have never thought about spreading my bloodline to the nine worlds. Even if I were to do it, the woman must be worthy of my entrustment!”

“May I ask what kind of woman would be worthy of Young Noble Li’s entrustment?” She looked at him with eyes as soft as water and directly met his gaze.

Li Qiye was still lying on the sea. He laughed and said :”If you come have some intimate fun with me a for a while, I may consider.”

Such words changed her expression. They were direct and assailed her with obscenities. It was no longer teasing, this was the most straightforward call for sex!

Ultimately, she was still a schoolmaster. Such direct mating invitation was too provocative to the point of being humiliating.

“Young Noble Li must be joking.” She regained her composure and demure appearance to say: “I am a married woman, your request is too much of an imposition.”

“I know.” Li Qiye looked at her and said: “I understand the meaning of the white flower on your chest. I didn’t really want to reveal your scar again, but I can let you know that I don’t mind you being a widow. Plus, you are still a maiden.”

The lady, despite her experience, couldn’t handle this type of provocative conversation to stay calm. After all, the topic was too much.

“Forget it, I was just kidding.” Li Qiye said flatly: “But remember, in order to get something, one must pay for it. Without an ace card, you better think carefully before doing anything. Are you all worthy of my favor?”

Such words were quite domineering. If it was someone else, they would want nothing more than to be the groom of the three schools.

Zhuo Jianshi became quiet again during this dilemma. Her schools could indeed propose some very tempting conditions. However, Li Qiye was dismissive of them all.

Chapter 1194: Mythical Divine Weapon

She eventually composed herself and looked at Li Qiye to say: “Or perhaps you are interested in the great maelstrom. Perhaps we can help you in this respect.”

After hearing this, Li Qiye opened his eyes wide. A glint shot out from within while he stared at her intensely.

She didn’t know why but the glint flashing from his eyes frightened her in an indescribable manner. She felt an ancient beast was awakening.

However, she met his gaze head on for a long time without fear because she had no malicious intent in the first place.

“It seems like you have seen a few things.” Li Qiye slowly said, still fixating on her.

“I wouldn’t dare to hide it from you. I was at the Profound Sea that day but it was still quite far away from the maelstrom. I only caught a glance.” She nonchalantly said: “But I didn’t expect for this coincidence, for you to have an imperial bloodline. Perhaps this is a type of fate.”

“Fate.” Li Qiye only smiled and closed his eyes without caring too much.

“If you wish to venture into the maelstrom in the future, our three schools can help you. After all, we are part of the ancient charming spirit race, we have things other lineages lack.”

“Little Beauty!” Li Qiye laughed while looking at her.

She couldn’t help but ask: “Young Noble, why are you laughing? If I have said something wrong, please point it out.” She was discussing with great sincerity.

“You have no idea.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “You think that I am trying to go into the maelstrom. The truth is that I want nothing from it.”

He has already obtained the Life Origination he wanted from there and didn’t care about other things in there. Even if it had a few heaven-shattering secrets and incredible treasures, they still had nothing to do with him. Others were free to covet these treasures all they want.

Zhuo Jianshi found this surprising. On that day, she saw him entering the maelstrom so she thought he had ideas about it.

“You are mistaken about this matter. The maelstrom is meaningless to me but on the other hand, you charming spirits should pay more attention.”

“What do you mean?” She shuddered internally and immediately asked.

Li Qiye slightly raised his brow and said: “Don’t play this mindgame in front of me or I’ll rip off your clothes. If you are one of the schoolmasters from Void Imperfection, you should know a little about this.”

Her heart sank a bit. Of course, it was not because of Li Qiye’s threat of tearing off her clothes but because she has heard of some legends before. There were records within the sect but they were too vague so she knew very little.

She sincerely asked while looking at him: “I am not trying to conceal anything. The records left behind are only legends making it quite difficult to tell whether they are real or not. Since you dared to enter the maelstrom, I’m sure you know more. Would you be willing to enlighten me?”

He looked at her for a moment before answering: “Even if I say more, you won’t necessarily be able to distinguish its validity. I can only say that if one day, something actually happens to the maelstrom, it will be a catastrophe towards the Heaven Spirit World, especially for charming spirits!”

“What kind of catastrophe?” She asked curiously.

“That depends on the extent of the things in there. One accident would bring about a disaster so when that day comes, run for your life, flee from the Heaven Spirit, the farther the better.” He smiled and said: “Of course, that day might never come as well.”

She contemplated quietly after hearing this. The maelstrom has always been a mystery but since a very distant era, the charming spirits have always been wary of it.

“Is it true that there are supreme items within the maelstrom?” She had to state her the question lingering on her mind because there were too many different versions of this legend.

“Yes, supreme treasures.” He answered: “But it also depends on what you have in mind. If you are thinking about weapons, then yes, they are indeed there.”

“How do we obtain those weapons then?” She couldn’t help but ask: “How do they compare to the sea demon’s Trident?”

Li Qiye laughed and said: “Do you know the origin of the Trident? Or of its true power?”

“It is the supreme divine artifact of the sea demons. Those who are accepted by the Trident could become the Sea God. Its power is boundless and invincible in the myriad realms, even more formidable than an Immortal Emperor True Treasure.” She answered.

Sea demons were similar to the treants. Their strongest existences were not Immortal Emperors. Their strongest equivalence to treefathers were called Sea Gods.

However, this strongest existence must be recognized by the Trident. After doing so, they would become a Sea God, capable of wielding the artifact.

Historically, these supremes of the sea demons with the Trident could put up a good fight against an Immortal Emperor with a true treasure!

“What you know is only the superficial part. But needless to say more. Even if there are divine weapons comparable to the Trident in there, who among your race can wield such an artifact?”

With that, he finished: “Charming spirits should continue to pursuit the path towards Immortal Emperor. This is the correct way. The others are only alternative methods when there is no other choice.”

Having said that, he closed his eyes again and gently waved his sleeve: “Okay now, don’t bother me again.”

Zhuo Jianshi sighed and stood up then bowed: “Our doors will always be open for you. Come visit us any time.”

Li Qiye seemed to be asleep at this moment. Who knows if he has actually heard her or not.

She stopped bothering him and gently rode the waves away before disappearing completely. She was not offended by this meeting and only felt disappointment instead. This trip was useless and she understood in the end that her schools didn’t interest him at all.

Li Qiye was still lying quietly on the sea and drifted with the flow. This process continued for a while. Eventually, he suddenly opened his eyes and drilled into the sea. A moment later, a huge trench appeared before him.

This was a small part of the Bottomless Trench that was away from the last sea region.

Li Qiye entered the trench in one go. In this split second, he released his divine intent to sweep through this area. Nothing could escape from his sense.

Finally, he stood before one cliff inside the trench. There was a depression there with a clam the size of a basin occasionally spitting out bubbles.

It looked quite ordinary. The only thing worth noticing was a pearl within emitting a faint light.

Li Qiye smiled upon the sight of the clam and the pearl: “It really isn’t easy to find this pathfinder clam. Only by following the current of the ocean would one be able to find this clam and the right path eventually.”

Li Qiye was drifting with the sea in order to catch this type of clam.

Of course, there were countless clams in the Jade Sea and the Bottomless Trench. One could find as many as they wanted. However, very few clams were capable of pathfinding.

In the past, he has searched and caught many clams before finally learning the mysteries within and understood their usage. With its capture, he identified the right direction and headed back to the Shallow Beach.

His trip here was to find two things in order to life replenish the Peacock Tree. One of them was the Void Imperfection Spring inside the ancestral whale while the other was hidden in another secret location.

This was precisely why he needed this pathfinder clam in order to find the second well-concealed item since a thoughtless search would yield no result.

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