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3y1h8 – One Versus One

“One versus one?” Wu Siduo stared at Gu Yue in astonishment.

She really wants to duel me one-on-one? How is she so confident? Isn’t she just a support-type?

“One-on-one.” Gu Yue nodded.

“Alright,” Wu Siduo coldly answered. Four soul rings rose from her feet and her form became illusory. Her feet lightly touched the ground, and then she was off, dashing straight for Gu Yue.

She reached Gu Yue in an instant. Black light flashed as she swiped with her claws.

Tang Wulin stood away from the battlefield, attentively watching. He didn’t really get a sense of Wu Siduo’s abilities during their brief alliance, but now, as she brought the full brunt of her might onto Gu Yue, he could tell just how oppressive her speed and power were.

Despite Wu Siduo’s speed, her attack failed.

A split-second before the claws tore Gu Yue apart, she disappeared in a flash of silver light. Wu Siduo’s claws slashed through nothing but air.

Gu Yue popped back into existence ten meters away, her face the usual mask of tranquility. Three glowing soul rings revolved around her, two yellow and one purple.

All three soul rings shined brilliantly while her hands danced in the air like butterflies, conducting the natural forces of the world to jump to her bidding.

Wu Siduo’s elemental perception was keener than ordinary with her four soul rings. She felt as if Gu Yue’s entire being turned into a whirlpool that crazily sucked in the surrounded elemental energy. She even felt a slight tugging on her own soul power.

This is…

With a snap of Gu Yue’s fingers, an icicle formed and shot toward Wu Siduo.

This icicle, however, was completely different from a normal icicle. It was a tri-colored icicle: blue in the front, silver in the middle, and fiery red in the rear. When it shot out, the red section exploded, accelerating the missile to unbelievable speeds. It was in front of Wu Siduo before she could even blink.

Even so, she displayed the power of an assault-type soul master by instantly slashing the icicle with her claw.

The icicle exploded into shards and the air temperature around Wu Siduo rapidly plummeted. Then, the air around her seemed to distort. It tightened around her, constricting her and binding her.


Was that a three-element icicle? An icicle with the fire element included?

Wu Siduo may have been startled, but Gu Yue was only getting started.

Gu Yue summoned another icicle, identical to the last. Like before, it shot forward like a bolt of lightning. It was several times faster than an ordinary icicle due to the the integration of the fire element, leaving its target no time to react at all. Wu Siduo managed to slice it apart once more, but that only added to the space element lingering in the air. Although the restraining effect wasn’t as powerful as Luo Guixing’s Spatial Lock, it was enough to slow her down.

A cold light flashed in Wu Siduo’s eyes as her fourth soul ring lit up. She split into two clones, each dashing off to approach Gu Yue from different angles.

Gu Yue began spinning in place, a green tornado roaring into existence around her. It quickly grew in size until Gu Yue was no longer visible.

As the winds howled, Gu Yue emerged for a moment to call down a flurry of snow. Then she disappeared into the snow storm.

The tornado sucked in the snow, quickly merging to become a blizzard.

Wu Siduo stiffened when she came into contact with the extreme cold, courageously rushing in to find Gu Yue. Her gut told her that the longer she stayed in this blizzard, the worse her position would be.

Her martial soul is too strange! How many elements does this make now?

Yet just when she found Gu Yue and prepared to strike, a wall of earth shot out right in front of her.

Wu Siduo’s ferociously attacked and broke the wall, sending stones spray out. However, Gu Yue was nowhere to be found beyond the wall. The tornado immediately absorbed the stone fragments as well, becoming a storm of ice and stones. The chaos surrounding Wu Siduo completely cut off any vision she had, enveloping her in a whirlwind of death.

Tang Wulin stood protectively in front of Xie Xie. He was wary of the aftermath of the tornado, and had his eyes peeled for the first signs of danger. Gu Yue’s control had increased, enabling her to effortlessly wield three elements at once. In fact, she could now even exploit her opponent’s attacks to hasten the fusion of the elements and economize on her soul power.

The tornado alone did not possess much destructive power. It was alone the fusion of multiple elements that made it dangerous. In the eye of the storm, Wu Siduo could not see anything around her nor sense Gu Yue’s location.

Wu Siduo’s first soul ring lit up and she decisively chose a direction and charged.

I need to get out of this tornado first. Something this big can’t last too long!

Hell Rush was her first soul skill. It momentarily doubled her speed while condensing her soul power into an explosive attack in front of her. It was just perfect for breaking out of a siege. Furthermore, all of her soul rings were powerful purple ones.

Relying on her soul power to protect her body, she braved the assault of the biting cold winds, dashing fifty meters out with Hell Rush.

Her vision cleared and the air pressure around her normalized. A smile graced her lips.

I made it out!

However, the hairs on her back stood straight. Light twisted around her, and the next thing she knew, she was back in the eye of the storm, the pressure gradient worse than before. It was as if the storm walls were trying to rip her apart.

Tang Wulin stood right in front of where Wu Siduo had broken out of the tornado previously, so he had clearly seen what happened.

Wu Siduo had indeed succeeded in rushing out, but a second later, Gu Yue had teleported behind her and then teleported the both of them away.

Tang Wulin chuckled. There was no need to doubt Gu Yue’s strength. Her martial soul enabled her to control six elements after all! Her only weakness was her lack of explosive attack power. Although she could unleash powerful elemental fusion attacks, those required time to prepare.

The best strategy to use against Gu Yue would be to rush her and instantly decide the battle. That way, she wouldn’t have time to prepare any large attacks. The longer the battle is drawn out, the stronger Gu Yue’s position is. With her Elemental Tide and Elemental Fusion soul skills, as well as her ability to call upon the elemental energy found in the world itself, create a truly terrifying combination.

Wu Siduo’s mistake was not knowing the extent of Gu Yue’s abilities. If she had been aware beforehand, she could have immediately used her Hell White Tiger transformation to clinch victory. Not even Gu Yue’s teleportation could escape her Hell White Tiger’s might.

But it’s too late. Wu Siduo might be able to put up more of a fight if she transforms into that Hell White Tiger, but Gui Yue has complete control over the battlefield now. Besides, Wu Siduo’s Hell White Tiger consumes too much soul power to be effective here. Now it’s a battle of attrition. The outcome of the battle is pretty obvious.

In reality, Tang Wulin’s conjectures were slightly off. Wu Siduo simply could not use Hell White Tiger again right now.

Hell White Tiger was her mighty self-soul fusion skill. However, the laws of the world were fair. Such a powerful ability naturally had harsh restrictions. Just like how the power of Xu Yucheng’s Demon Scythe was offset by it corroding his body, Wu Siduo needed three days of rest before she could use Hell White Tiger again. So, it was impossible for her to use it again right now!

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