Book 38, Daomerge, Chapter 19 – All Grows Calm Again

“Master, what should we do next?” Hegemon Wuye said softly. He had once been one of Realmslord Windgrace’s least remarkable students, but in the end he had become the most successful. Hegemon Wuye looked rather foolish, but how could a Hegemon who devoted to his life to analyzing Sithe golems possibly be foolish? At critical times like this, he was able to maintain a level of incredible calm. Wuye knew that the question of who the Chaos Primordial belonged to was a question which would impact his own master’s status.

Unlike Daolord Darknorth, his master was going to be around for an extremely long period of time. Daolord Darknorth had a limited lifespan, while his master had won eternity for himself. If he could also tame a Chaos Primordial, then his status in the vast Chaosverse would rise up once more to new heights. The Lonely King would no longer be on the same level as him.

“Do nothing at all.” Realmslord Windgrace shook his head. “There’s no need for us to try and force things. Daolord Darknorth is an intelligent man. He has his own plans.”

“Alright.” Wuye nodded.

“The more you try to force something, the less likely it will work out as you hoped. The only result would be that Daolord Darknorth might feel a sense of enmity towards us. The Lonely King’s subordinates have already caused the seeds of enmity to be sown between him and Darknorth. Based on my understanding of his personality, he’s definitely going to try and force things…” Realmslord Windgrace smiled. “We cannot try to rush this matter. We must be patient. Daolord Darknorth has to willingly hand over control. Once he fails his Daomerge, he’s eventually going to have to come to a decision about what he will do.”

The nearby Emperor Skylight asked, “Master, what if Daolord Darknorth succeeds in his Daomerge?”

“Succeeds?” Realmslord Windgrace laughed. “He trains in an Omega Dao. I once heard from an Autarch that there has never been a Daolord who has successfully completed the Daomerge for an Omega Dao! If he does succeed, he’ll reach such a terrifyingly high level of power that he’ll probably be far stronger than even the Chaos Primordial. By then, the Chaos Primordial won’t matter; what would matter would be Darknorth himself.”

Hegemon Wuye and Hegemon Skylight couldn’t help but begin to silently speculate as to how powerful an Omega Dao Emperor would be!

“Stop thinking about it. The cultivator civilizations of the vast Chaosverse have given birth to a number of Autarchs, but it has never given birth to so much as a single Omega Dao Emperor.” Realmslord Windgrace shook his head. “His chances of success are very, very low.”


Since Realmslord Windgrace had issued orders, everyone in the Sixteen Realmverses Alliance immediately moved to obey.

In truth, realmverses were all extremely distant from each other. It was quite difficult for news to spread across multiple realmverses, and the only ones within the Sixteen Realmverses Alliance who were capable of contacting the outside world were the Hegemon-class Emperors. So long as they kept their mouths shut, there was no way word would spread.

But as for within the Sixteen Realmverses Alliance? Word had already spread! Hegemon Brightshore, Hegemon Windrain, and Hegemon Netherlily had only managed to contact Realmslord Windgrace by going through several other Hegemons and Emperors! They didn’t have Primaltwins or avatars in the Blacksun, and so they had to convey their messages through others, who then conveyed the message to Emperor Skylight to give to Realmslord Windgrace.

Given how many had been informed, word naturally began to spread within the Sixteen Realmverses Alliance.


A realmship suddenly appeared at the borders between the Flamedragon Realmverse and the Great Dark. This was the realmship which Hegemon Thunderstar commanded. Within it were a total of six figures. One was a golden humanoid, four were onyx humanoids, and the final figure was a violet-robed, violet-haired man.

They were Lord Wulf of the Icepeak Army, four Black Emperors, and Hegemon Thunderstar, respectively.

“Swear the oath right away.” Lord Wulf cast the violet-robed, violet-haired man a cold look.

“Sure, sure.” Hegemon Thunderstar immediately smiled. “I would never dare to go against the Lonely King’s orders. I, Thunderstar, swear on my very life itself…” Hegemon Thunderstar had been forced to swear an oath not to divulge any information regarding the Chaos Primordial known as the Flamewing God.

“You can leave now.” Lord Wulf tossed out a storage-type magic treasure, then left alongside his four Black Emperors.

Whoosh. The realmship quickly departed, leaving Lord Wulf and his four Black Emperors at the borders of the Great Dark.


“Are we really supposed to just swallow this crap?” The four Black Emperors remained unwilling to accept this. They had just suffered a huge loss; were they to take this lying down? The Icepeak Army would generally launch frenzied reprisals against any who dared to challenge them! This was why the Lonely King had gone so far as to kill three Otherverse Lords.

“You already know what his Majesty has commanded,” Lord Wulf said coldly. “What his Majesty commands, we shall carry out! Right now, his Majesty doesn’t care about this ‘Daolord Darknorth’; the only thing he cares about is that Chaos Primordial. If he can take control of it in the future, then our Icepeak Army shall become far more powerful than it is right now.”

When the four Black Emperors thought back to how terrifying the Flamewing God had been, they couldn’t help but shudder.

“In the coming days, we shall remain hidden within the Flamedragon Realmverse and keep a close watch on Daolord Darknorth. We shall wait for him to fail his Daomerge.”


The news that a Chaos Primordial had appeared was like a bomb exploding within the Sixteen Realmverses Alliance! It shocked all of the Hegemons and Emperors. As for the Lonely King and Realmslord Windgrace, they just waited quietly. Both of them were waiting for Ning to fail his Daomerge.

“Let’s go.” A vile, blood-robed elder who radiated a reeking aura of blood stood there in the air. He let out a sigh. Behind him was an entire host of evil Emperors.

“Are we… are we really going to just leave like this?” The Emperors were rather unwilling to go.

“We lost.” The blood-robed Emperor shook his head. “Daolord Darknorth has survived many attempts against his life, and he now has both a Hegemon retainer and a Chaos Primordial. There’s no way we can possibly be a match for him. If we stay in the Flamedragon Realmverse… given his influence and power, we’ll probably be wiped out soon.”

“Now… our only chance for survival lies in departing from the Flamedragon Realmverse,” the blood-robed elder said.

“Let us go our separate ways and begin to wander through the Great Dark. Only by leaving can we survive.” The blood-robed elder let out a sigh. “I, Bloodcloud, simply am not strong enough. I feel ashamed.”

Whoosh. The legendary Emperor Bloodcloud, a man who had reached the Archon level of power, tore through spacetime and departed on his own.

The other Emperors traded glances with each other. All of them were truly unwilling to accept this. It would take them at least a million years to travel another realmverse, after all. This would take an incredibly long period of time!

“In the end, there shall be other places in the chaosverse where we can live and thrive. Let us go.” The Emperors quickly came to the decision to depart. Singly and in small groups, they began to depart from the Flamedragon Realmverse and begin to wander through the Great Dark. Ji Ning had once sworn to slay every single one of the demons of Silksnow Palace. How could they possibly dare to remain here any longer?


Vastheaven Palace.

By now, Hegemon Brightshore and the others had departed. Now, Emperor Waveshift had come to bid Ning farewell as well.

“Big brother Waveshift, you are leaving as well?” Ning was rather surprised and unwilling to part from him.

“The main reason I came back was to see just what new power has arisen within my homeland. Now that I know it is the Flamewing God and have met with you, Darknorth, I’m satisfied.” Emperor Waveshift smiled. “I have other business to attend to in the outside world.”

Ning nodded.

“Now that you have Flamewing under your control, the only ones you need to keep an eye out for are two people. One is the Lonely King of the Icepeak Army, and the other is Realmslord Windgrace.” Emperor Waveshift smiled. “The Lonely King’s temperament is a bit too bloodthirsty, and in comparison he isn’t quite as experienced as the Realmslord. He was simply someone who was lucky enough to find a Sithe armory and thus rose to power! Realmslord Windgrace is different. He rendered great merits during the Dawn War and has been guided by multiple Autarchs. He has seen far more things, and as a result he has chosen to be low-key.”

“It’s hard to predict what Realmslord Windgrace will do. If you do fail the Daomerge, you can entrust your final wishes to Realmslord Windgrace. That old man is quite trustworthy,” Emperor Waveshift said.

Ning was slightly startled by this.

“Of course, I hope you succeed in the Daomerge.” Emperor Waveshift let out a long sigh. “You’ve only seen a tiny fraction of what the Chaosverse holds; you haven’t even left the Flamedragon Realmverse! Countless marvels are waiting for you, and there are countless secrets waiting for you to uncover them. Darknorth, I truly do hope that you succeed in the Daomerge. When you do, I’ll ride your coat-tails and have you take me to some places I would never dare to visit on my own.”

Ning said with some surprise, “Countless marvels are waiting me?”

“You’ve barely visited any places.” Emperor Waveshift shook his head.

“I’ve visited an alternate universe before!” Ning said. “And also many places here in the Flamedragon Realmverse.”

“As I said, you’ve barely visited any places. Otherverses are created by Autarchs for amusement, and they hold nothing special within them,” Emperor Waveshift said. “The Chaosverse… now THAT is truly something. Even the Sithe were nothing more than part of the Chaosverse. Only those who truly understand how marvelous the Chaosverse is will know how tiny they themselves are!

“This is why Realmslord Windgrace, who has served and followed Autarchs in the past, is such a low-key figure, while the short-sighted and ignorant Lonely King is so arrogant and brash. His only claim to fame stems from those Sithe war machines. In terms of real power, those Otherverse Lords who managed to merge their heartforce, divine power, and Immortal energy together are the truly terrifying figures of the Chaosverse. They truly do stand at the very peak of power, save for the Autarchs.”

Book 38, Daomerge, Chapter 20 – Regret

Ji Ning nodded as well. If an Otherverse Lord managed to merge all of his types of energy together, he would truly become a force to reckoned with.

Ning had received legacies from over three hundred Hegemons, with God Emperor Helong being one of them. God Emperor Helong had been an Otherverse Lord who had created the [God Emperor’s Apocalypse] technique, a technique akin to the [Heartsword] art. As a result, he had been far more powerful than most Otherverse Lords, and was strong enough to fight Chaos Primordials head-on with his own power.

“However… on the other hand, Sithe war machines come in varying levels of power as well. The Lonely King has multiple war machines and is capable of slaying ordinary Otherverse Lords and destroy entire otherverses.” Emperor Waveshift nodded. “Although he is rather short-sighted, he’s still not someone to trifle with. Sithe war machines are simply terrifying to behold. You need to be wary of him.”

“I understand.” Ning nodded.

“Train hard and succeed in the Daomerge.” Emperor Waveshift looked at Ning. “The Chaosverse holds far too many marvels which you have yet to see. For example, the most stunning sight I’ve ever seen is a Sithe Exalt who is kept in perpetual imprisonment. That terrifying presence he had… even though I only saw his blurred outlines from afar, I still felt completely shaken. Well, that’s enough of that. Here’s a treasure for you.”

Emperor Waveshift suddenly waved his hand, causing a cube-shaped treasure to appear within it. He gently flicked this crystalline cube over towards Ning. “All you have to do is shatter it, and I’ll be able to sense it.” Emperor Waveshift looked at Ning. “I’ll then head back to the Flamedragon Realmverse at top speed.”

“Thank you.” Ning felt rather moved.

“I feel like we are old friends, even though we have just met.” Emperor Waveshift let out a sigh. He scanned the area with his gaze, then used his Immortal energy to block the sound of their voices from the outside world. “Before I leave, there’s one more thing I need to tell you.”

When Ning saw how cautious Emperor Waveshift was, to the point of not even wanting Flamewing or Azurefiend to overheard the conversation, Ning couldn’t help but feel rather surprised.

“In recent days, I secretly used all the power and skill I had to engage in Numerancy divination on your behalf,” Emperor Waveshift said.

Ning’s heart lurched.

“Your Daomerge… it will have a tremendous impact on the world. Even though I did everything I could, I was still only able to see a tiny amount.” Emperor Waveshift looked at Ning. He elected not to mention the fact that he had used up an incredibly important treasure to carry out this divination; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to see anything at all.

“You saw a tiny amount?” Ning listened carefully.

“A tiny, blurry amount.” Emperor Waveshift nodded. “All I can say is… I saw nothing but darkness!”

“What do you mean?” Ning’s face paled slightly.

“It means that there was no life at all!” Emperor Waveshift shook his head. “Based on what I saw just now… you will definitely fail your Daomerge!”

“Are you absolutely certain?” Ning found it hard to accept this.

“Don’t be hasty or disheartened. Remember… the Dao of Numerancy involves divination and probability, not ironclad prophecy; nothing is fixed! The future is always filled with infinite possibilities,” Emperor Waveshift said. “Thus… you need to seize every single possibility, every single bit of karmic luck. You have to fight for every scrap of every chance, for every treasure and every legacy you can find. Do everything you can to improve your chances… because if you do not, you will fail.”

“If you do your utmost, perhaps you may stand a chance.” Emperor Waveshift looked at Ning. “That’s all I have to say. I’m going to leave now.” After speaking, Emperor Waveshift turned and departed into the skies.

Waves of emotion were rocking through Ning’s heart. He had felt certain that he had reached a sufficiently high level of insight into the Dao. He never would’ve imagined that Emperor Waveshift’s divinations would suggest that he had no chance whatsoever at succeeding.

“He’s right. If I want to succeed in the Daomerge for an Omega Dao, I truly do have to do everything I can. I can’t let myself relax in the slightest.” Ning nodded slowly.

“Master, has Waveshift departed?” Flamewing sauntered over lazily.

“He left.” Ning nodded. “Life shall become rather peaceful and uneventful for a time. No one will come to disturb us.”

Ning was planning to continue his training. He had multiple other Daos he needed to train to the Archon level, so as to fulfill the requirements Autarch Awakener had laid down. That would allow him to gain a treasure which the Autarch had left behind, a treasure which the Autarch had believed to be supremely useful for the Daomerge. He absolutely had to acquire that treasure.

“So there’s nothing else to do for now?” Azurefiend asked. “Darknorth, are you planning to remain in secluded meditation here at Vastheaven Palace?”

“Yes.” Ning nodded. “However, before I go into secluded meditation, I’m planning to pay a visit to the Jadefire Realm. There’s still a Hegemon imprisoned there.”

“Winterflame!” Azurefiend’s eyes lit up.


By now, the only person remaining in the flaming passageways of the Jadefire Realm was Hegemon Winterflame.

The silver-robed and devilishly handsome Hegemon Winterflame was seated in the lotus position within a flaming passageway. He was quite patient, and ever since he had ended negotiations with Daolord Darknorth he had begun to wait. He was waiting for Daolord Darknorth to fail his Daomerge, at which time he would stand a chance at surviving and escaping.

“What?! A Chaos Primordial?!” Hegemon Winterflame’s face turned completely pale. “Impossible! That’s absolutely impossible.” A look of terror was in his eyes. He finally began to panic, and it was impossible for him to remain calm any further.

By now, the entire Sixteen Realmverses Alliance was frothing after receive word that Daolord Darknorth had tamed a Chaos Primordial. Hegemon Winterflame’s avatar was in the outside world and he thus received word of it as well. To the other Hegemons and Daolords, this was nothing more than a bit of entertaining news… but to Hegemon Winterflame, it was a sudden pronouncement of doom!

He had always been a vicious and unscrupulous man, which was why he had planned on kidnapping everyone in Vastheaven Palace to threaten Ning. He had even battled against Ning’s avatar, and Hegemon Brightshore had to intervene to stop him.

In the end, he had been unwilling to completely accede to Ning’s demands within the flaming passageway. He wanted to await for the day that Daolord Darknorth failed his Daomerge and perished, and so he had been waiting… but who would’ve imagined that this terrifying news of a Chaos Primordial would suddenly descend upon him?

“Is this real? The Chaos Primordial is named the ‘Flamewing God’, and he easily butchered five Black Emperors of the Icepeak Army? Lord Wulf of the Icepeak Army was beaten so badly he had to flee in terror?” The more Hegemon Winterflame heard, the more terrified he became. If even Black Emperors had been slain, how could he, Winterflame, pose any threat to the creature at all?

“How could this have happened? He’s just a Daolord! H-how is this possible? I-I… I’ve always been so careful.” Hegemon Winterflame was rather dazed. He had never been so foolish as to make an enemy out of any truly formidable figures. Although he was unscrupulous and capable of anything, causing many to hate him, he had still been able to remain alive.

Alas… if one always walks by the riverside, sooner or later one’s shoes would get wet! Daolords were usually nothing more than bugs to be crushed… but this time, one of them had just given him a huge ‘surprise’.

“N-no… I can’t accept this…” Hegemon Winterflame’s face turned completely red as countless thoughts flitted through his mind. He asked for more and more information from those in the outside world before, finally, he gave up.

“Flee!” Hegemon Winterflame’s eyes were bloodshot. “I have to flee! Since Daolord Darknorth is now fighting against the Icepeak Army, his true body isn’t present. Perhaps the Jadefire Realm is unguarded for now.” Hegemon Winterflame felt a thin tendril of hope.

Swoosh! He immediately transformed into a streak of white fire and began to flee.

“It really is safe now.” Hegemon Winterflame flew for several seconds without activating any traps. He immediately felt a sense of delight. “Daolord Darknorth must have left. There’s no one in control of the Jadefire Realm.”

BOOM! Right at this moment, a wave of terrifying power swept towards him with terrifying destructive power. Hegemon Winterflame immediately retreated in a blind panic, but the flame still split his body in half.

Slash! After putting up a struggle, half of his flaming body was completely destroyed by that wave of power. The other half quickly reformed into Hegemon Winterflame’s appearance. His face was ashen, and a look of horror was in his eyes. He had very nearly died just now.

“Hegemon Winterflame. On Master’s commands, I’ve been watching over you.” A voice boomed out, echoing within every part of the surrounding area.

Hegemon Winterflame lifted up his head to scan the surrounding area, a feeling of dread in his heart.

“You were pretty lucky this time, but next time you are dead meat. The flaming passageways are quite long. You’ll have to fly for very, very long before you can escape them. You survived the first time, but I refuse to believe you’ll survive a second and third time,” the cold voice said. This was the Emperor-class golem which Ning had ordered to remain here and watch over this place.

“Y-you…” Hegemon Winterflame was panicking. He called out loudly, “Is your master Daolord Darknorth? Hurry up and help me send word to him. Let him know that I’ll accept his terms. I’ll give him all of my treasures, including my armor and my Universe weapon. I’m willing to offer all of them to Daolord Darknorth, so long as he is willing to let me go and spare my life.”

“Hmph. So NOW you choose to beg for your life?” the cold voice boomed out.

“Just hurry up and tell your master!” Hegemon Winterflame said frantically. “I don’t want to be enemies with him!”

“Just wait. He will be arriving soon,” the cold voice replied.