The Mysterious Power Appears Again!

A few days later, the work on the sect headquarters continued. No more incidents occurred, and everyone would have quickly forgotten about it were it not for the fact that Bai Xiaochun only appeared in the open blanketed with paper talismans.

Xu Baocai and his some of his other friends were very curious about the situation, and Bai Xiaochun couldn’t simply refuse to tell them the truth of the matter. Therefore, he used a variety of vague wording to explain that the River-Defying Sect was being haunted by a ghost.

Xu Baocai and the others were quite frightened, and soon started imitating Bai Xiaochun, plastering all sorts of paper talismans on themselves to ward off evil spirits. Of course, they didn’t quite use as many as Bai Xiaochun did….

Bai Xiaochun’s talismans covered virtually every inch of his body other than his face.

When he went out and about, jaws would drop, and eyes would go wide.

Whether it was Zhou Xinqi or Ghostfang, Song Que or Nine-Isles, all of them were completely taken aback. One evening when Bai Xiaochun was strutting about festooned with talismans, he happened to run into Gongsun Wan’er.

Even she was shocked by Bai Xiaochun’s appearance. Jaw dropping, she blurted, “Elder Brother Xiaochun, what are you….”

“Well, if it isn’t Junior Sister Gongsun.” Bai Xiaochun looked her up and down, then glanced around furtively, stepped closer, and whispered, “Look, I’m gonna tell you something that you have to keep secret. The River-Defying Sect is haunted by a ghost! That’s why I have all these paper talismans on, to ward off evil spirits.”

Gongsun Wan’er’s eyes went even wider. A moment passed, and she jokingly looked him up and down, then reached out and rubbed some of the talismans. Finally, she forced a smile onto her face, promised that she wouldn’t tell anyone else, and left.

Feeling very pleased with himself, Bai Xiaochun continued on his way.

Eventually, everyone was talking about the matter of the sect being haunted. By the time the patriarchs of the four divisions realized what was happening, it was too late to quell the rumors. Bai Xiaochun’s eye-catching appearance left them frustrated and shaking their heads wryly.

“He’s at Gold Core, and he’s still scared of ghosts….”

“Besides, that ghost is so terrifyingly powerful that those paper talismans he’s wearing would be completely useless against it.”

Chuckling dryly, the patriarchs decided to just ignore the matter. A few more days passed, and when Bai Xiaochun realized that no further incidents were forthcoming, he finally started to feel more at ease.

Sighing emotionally, he said, “It doesn’t matter what demons or devils or ghosts come around, with my special anti-evil clothing, they’ll all be turned into nothing but ash. Ai. Yet again, I’ve saved the sect. Nobody even knows the true extent of what I, the junior patriarch of the River-Defying Sect, have done to help out all my other fellow disciples!” It was currently late at the night, and he was sitting cross-legged in his immortal’s cave, meditating.

However, even as the words left his mouth, ripples spread out across the floor. They were strange ripples that seemed to be separating the area from the world outside, and they were accompanied by a frigid coldness.

The sudden development caused Bai Xiaochun’s eyes to widen, and a shrill shriek to escape his lips. He leapt to his feet, slapping his bag of holding and producing a huge stack of evil-warding paper talismans.

“Get out of here! Stay away! I’m dangerous! I’m wearing hundreds of evil-warding talismans!!” However, even as he backed up, trembling, a red beam of light shot out of his bag of holding, which was none other than the mask he had worn during his time as Nightcrypt.

The mask was vibrating, and emanating ripples, and soon, the voice of an old man began to speak from within the mask.


“‘You’ who?!” Bai Xiaochun shrieked. Without any hesitation, he threw the entire stack of paper talismans at the mask, and then poured all of the Heaven-Dao Gold Core power he could into it. Within that stack were talismans of sealing, crushing, and warding, and once the power hit them, they virtually exploded.

Rumbling filled the air, and the mask trembled as countless paper talismans slapped down onto it. Whatever connection it had with the ground was severed, and the mask fell down. In that same moment, the fluctuations vanished, and everything went back to normal.

Beads of sweat covered Bai Xiaochun’s forehead. Even in the heat of the moment, he knew that the voice which had spoken was not the ghost he feared, but rather, the mysterious group that was behind the mask….

A moment later, the soul of imposter Nightcrypt flew out of the mask, trembling with fear. Looking at Bai Xiaochun, he cried, “They’re here! They’re really here….

“We’re finished, Bai Xiaochun, finished! You took the relic of eternal invincibility, and the mysterious power has come for us!

“We’re dead for sure…. There’s no way they’ll show leniency to betrayers. They’ll probably skin us alive and turn us into fertilizer….”

“Shut up!” Bai Xiaochun barked, annoyed and surprised at the same time. However, he also felt somewhat guilty. After all, he really had taken away the little turtle.

“Dammit. I’m not even wearing the mask! How could they have tracked me down anyway!?” He thought about simply throwing the mask away, but couldn’t quite bring himself to get rid of something so precious. Besides, the soul of imposter Nightcrypt was still stuck inside, so if he threw it away, he would be screwing him over too.

“What… what do we do, Bai Xiaochun?” If imposter Nightcrypt weren’t a soul body, he would definitely have been leaking tears.

Bai Xiaochun looked anxiously at imposter Nightcrypt, then took a moment to think about the situation. Despite some consideration, he couldn’t come up with any solution other than to hand the mask over to the patriarchs.

“What a pity to get rid of a treasure like this that can change your appearance.” Bai Xiaochun wasn’t sure about what to do. Another half a month went by, and when nothing else happened with the mask, Bai Xiaochun finally started to calm down.

The work on the sect headquarters was approaching its conclusion.

The patriarchs were also reaching the end of their discussions about how to handle the situation in the Lower Reaches, as well as the territory currently under the control of the River-Defying Sect.

Most importantly, they were finalizing all the official sect rules.

According to the new rules, one of the four divisions would be formally in charge of the sect for a two-hundred-year period. After those two hundred years, the sect affairs would pass to the next division. The same arrangement would determine who the sect leader was. The first division to wield leadership power in the sect was the Spirit Stream Division. No longer was Zheng Yuandong to be the leader of the Spirit Stream Division, he was to be the sect leader of the entire River-Defying Sect!

Although his cultivation base was a bit lacking, he was more than qualified to handle the responsibilities!

In fact, with the agreement and help of the patriarchs, Zheng Yuandong decided to sacrifice his potential for future growth to make an immediate breakthrough into Core Formation. Furthermore, he made arrangements for Li Qinghou to succeed him as the second sect leader, one hundred years later.

At the end of the Spirit Stream Division’s two hundred years of leadership, the Blood Stream Division would take over. After that would come the Profound Stream Division, and then finally the Pill Stream Division.

None of the patriarchs were opposed to the arrangement!

Soon, the sect headquarters was completed. The Blood Ancestor and the Dire Skybanyan stood tall, and the four mountain ranges spread out in all directions. The last step was to activate the grand spell formation, and then everything would be finished!

The cheering was deafening. A month before, the three Heavenspan Battleships had been sent downriver to the Lower Reaches, and had returned with the disciples who had been unable to fight in the war for various reasons.

With all the disciples present, the River-Defying Sect now had well over 1,000,000 members. It was quite a bustling place.

A grand ceremony was held to commemorate the occasion, and numerous invitations were sent out into the Middle Reaches to the other three great sects, as well as certain ancient cultivator clans.

The formalities lasted for seven days. The Starry River Court, Dao River Court and Polarity River Court all sent people to offer formal congratulations. Not a single one of the cultivator clans failed to send representatives.

As for the four major sects who had risen up in the Lower Reaches, they also sent representatives with congratulations and gifts. During that seven-day period, the River-Defying Sect was the talk of the entire Middle Reaches.

As the junior patriarch of the sect, Bai Xiaochun obviously had a very high standing, and was the subject of much attention. He made public appearances every day, wearing ceremonial clothing and showing off his veins of steel. He could not have glittered with any greater glory than he did. Bai Xiaochun quickly fell in love with his role. However, the patriarchs, as well as Li Qinghou, only got more nervous, fearing that he would reveal his true nature in front of all the crowds.

However, no one noticed any such clues. He chatted with people wittily, and was definitely the center of attention. Whenever he intentionally unleashed his murderous aura, everyone in the area was shocked.

The patriarchs were very pleased with his performance, and Bai Xiaochun was quite proud of himself. To him, it was actually a very simple matter to put on such an act. Seven days later, the ceremonies ended, the visitors left, and the sect quieted down.

At the moment, the biggest problem facing the River-Defying Sect was…

They had no Deva Realm cultivator!

The other three great sects in the Middle Reaches all had a Deva Realm patriarch to oversee the sect. That was the only way to truly be a great sect, and it was a fatal weakness for the River-Defying Sect!


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When The Talking Rabbit Stops Repeating….

It was only now that Bai Xiaochun learned about how the cultivation system in the Heavenspan Realm worked. After Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, Cultivation, and Nascent Soul came the Deva Realm!

The Deva Realm was completely terrifying. It was like a complete fusion with heaven and earth, in which the cultivator didn’t unleash his own power, but rather, the power of all creation around him. He drew upon the energy of heaven and earth to emit crushing pressure and utilize divine abilities that went beyond the imaginations of even Nascent Soul cultivators.

For many years, there had only ever been four Deva Realm cultivators in the eastern Middle Reaches of the Heavenspan River. However, one of them, the deva from the Sky River Court, had been killed, leaving only three behind.

The Deva Realm was powerful enough to be able to destroy an entire sect. That meant that if a Deva Realm expert attacked the River-Defying Sect, they would most certainly be destroyed.

Even with Bai Xiaochun controlling the Blood Ancestor, and the assistance of the Dire Skybanyan, they would still be defeated. Only by calling upon the assistance of the true spirit would they be able to survive, and unfortunately, they had already used their one and only River-Defying Pill.

Although the River-Defying Sect currently seemed very powerful, they were lacking the highest level of power they needed. One of the driving forces in the patriarchs’ ability to reach a decision regarding the sect rules, and in fact, one of the reasons they had all agreed to fight together into the Middle Reaches to begin with, was that the spiritual energy and resources there were such that reaching the Deva Realm was a distinct possibility.

At the moment, the three people most likely of being able to reach the Deva Realm were Master Godwind, Frigidsect, and Crimsonsoul!

After the ceremonies were over, Master Godwind and Crimsonsoul chose to go into secluded meditation. The other patriarchs did the same. Each and every Nascent Soul cultivator hoped to eventually reach the point of becoming a deva!

In all of the eastern Heavenspan River, not a single sect, not even the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, had more than two devas! From that, it was easy to see not only how powerful they were, but also how rare.

In a grand hall on Mount River Defiance, the founding patriarch of the Spirit Stream Division, Frigidsect, had called Bai Xiaochun to explain to him certain matters regarding the sect and devas. “Because of that, although you can’t quite say that in the Deva Realm it’s possible to live as long as heaven and earth, with the energy at your disposal, you can remain unwithered for almost all eternity. Your battle prowess would be such that you could dominate the entire cultivation world!

“Therefore, I will be going into secluded meditation to strive for my chance to break through into the Deva Realm!”

This was actually Bai Xiaochun’s first time hearing about the Deva Realm, and he already wished he could reach it.

“What’s after the Deva Realm?” he asked.

Frigidsect remained silent for a moment, but his eyes were already shining brightly. “After that is the Demigod Realm!”

Unexpectedly, the moment he said the word ‘Demigod’, a peal of thunder rang out in the sky above!

The sudden crack of thunder startled Bai Xiaochun.

“Even saying the name can cause fluctuations to appear in heaven and earth. The Demigod Realm defies description. Perhaps people like that really are just as the name describes, part god!” The truth was that not even Frigidsect knew much about the Demigod Realm.

“In all of the eastern cultivation world, there is only one Demigod expert, and he is the living reserve power of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect. That patriarch is the only reason why the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect became a riversource sect!”

This was Bai Xiaochun’s first time hearing such things, and his eyes were as wide as saucers. Without even thinking about it, he asked, “What’s after Demigod?”

“I don’t know!” Frigidsect replied, shaking his head. Having finished his explanation of cultivation, he extended his right hand, and three glowing motes of light appeared.

Within those motes of light could be seen a scroll painting, a reptilian scale, and a dagger!

The scroll painting possessed the air of something that had existed for many years, and pulsed with an ancient aura. As for the scale, Bai Xiaochun’s first impression was that it was beginning to rot; he couldn’t even tell what kind of creature it came from.

And then there was the dagger, which actually looked less like a dagger and more like a black horn!

“The Landscape of Nine Provinces is an earth-tier precious treasure, capable of storing a vast quantity of items. Anything that gets sucked in can be refined, and then sealed with an enslaving branding mark. It can provide an incredible boost to speed, and is even capable of short-range teleportation!

“The Ancient Devil Scale is also an earth-tier precious treasure. Not even a Nascent Soul expert could break through it. Unfortunately, I only have this one scale. With more, a full suit of armor could be forged, which would make it even more difficult for Nascent Soul cultivators to deal with you!

“Last is this dagger, which is also an earth-tier precious treasure. It can summon a rebel dragon of incredible power!”

“You’re giving all of these to me?” Bai Xiaochun said, his heart starting to pound as he eyed the motes of light. Any one of the objects in front of him would be enough to arouse his excitement, let alone all of them. He swallowed hard.

“As the junior patriarch of the River-Defying Sect, you will represent the sect when you go out into the world. It’s only natural that these three precious treasures should go to you. Take some time to get used to them. In the future, it will be up to you to make a name for the River-Defying Sect!” Frigidsect smiled. Bai Xiaochun was incredibly important to the River-Defying Sect, and the patriarchs had all agreed that since they were going into secluded meditation, Bai Xiaochun should be given three precious treasures to use for his own protection.

Bai Xiaochun was visibly excited, and quickly offered profuse thanks. Then he took the three precious treasure and began to fondle them lovingly. Frigidsect cleared his throat.

“I’m going to enter into secluded meditation now. In a moment, someone from the Senior generation will come to pay you a visit, so please wait for him. Finally, take this jade slip. It’s an arcane cultivation technique for you now that you’re reached Core Formation, a secret magic of the former Frigid School!” A strange expression could be seen on Frigidsect’s face, but before Bai Xiaochun could look up to notice, Frigidsect tossed him a jade slip, turned, and vanished.

“Someone from the Senior generation?” Bai Xiaochun asked, catching the jade slip. “But who?” However, Frigidsect was gone. As the moments ticked by, though, Bai Xiaochun’s anticipation grew.

“Maybe they’re going to give me some more rewards….” he thought, getting more excited. As time went on, he was coming to find that, as the junior patriarch of the River-Defying Sect, he was treated very well. Someone from the Senior generation was even coming to give him a gift! Taking a deep breath, he rose to his feet and stood there straight and tall, trying to look as somber as possible.

Inside, he was already feeling pleased with himself; he knew that this pose was one that the older generation would definitely be pleased with.

After waiting for a bit, Bai Xiaochun was starting to lose patience. But then, he suddenly got a very strange feeling, as if someone were watching him. Without even thinking about it, he turned around, and when he saw what was right there in front of him, his eyes went wide.

At some indeterminable point, a rabbit had appeared right behind him!

The rabbit didn’t walk around on all fours like a normal rabbit. It stood on its hind legs. It had its hands clasped behind its back much like a person would do, and it was staring at Bai Xiaochun with its red eyes. Its ears stuck straight up above its head, and although it looked somewhat comical, there was something ancient in its eyes that made the rabbit seem completely beyond the ordinary.

“You….” Bai Xiaochun said. Gasping, he backed up. Then he clasped his hands over his mouth. Perhaps other people might not recognize this rabbit, but Bai Xiaochun did. He would probably recognize it even if it were transformed into a pile of ash. This was none other than that damnable talking rabbit!

The truth was that way back in the fight outside the Profound Stream Sect’s city, when he saw the rabbit and the monkey together, he’d begun to suspect that something strange was going on. Now that the rabbit had appeared again, he began to pant. However, he quickly plastered a smile onto his face, and then cautiously clasped his hands in greeting.

“Um… disciple offers greetings, Senior!”

The rabbit snorted coldly as it looked Bai Xiaochun up and down. For some reason, the rabbit wasn’t repeating his words like it usually did, and although that should have made Bai Xiaochun happy, he was only left with a dark premonition.

Getting more nervous, he backed up a few paces and said, “Senior, I–”

“You looked quite pleased with yourself when you tried to chase me down last time,” the rabbit said, his voice cracking with ancientness. “However, I won’t lower myself to your level.”

Bai Xiaochun immediately started to get more nervous.

“I’ve come here today to perform a little test. Let’s see if those precious treasures of yours will really work.” As he glared at Bai Xiaochun, his mouth widened into a smile, a smile that filled Bai Xiaochun’s heart with terror. Letting out a shriek, he didn’t hesitate at all to turn and flee.

However, in the moment he started to move, the rabbit blurred into motion, raising his right foot and kicking Bai Xiaochun hard on the back.

A rumbling sound echoed out, mixing with Bai Xiaochun’s scream as he flew through the air. However, even as he flew, he righted himself and then shot forward with greater speed.

“Help! He’s trying to kill me!! A killer rabbit!! Patriarchs, save me! Save me!!” Bai Xiaochun sped along frantically, his shrieks echoing out in all directions. Many disciples heard, and immediately looked up to see what was happening.

What they saw was a rabbit flying through the air, slamming into Bai Xiaochun and sending him spinning. Then the rabbit began to cackle with laughter.

“Scream! The louder the better! Remember how you tried to blow me up during our last chase? Dammit! I went to hide in 10,000 Snakes Valley, and yet you suddenly showed up looking for me!!

“I even went all the way to the Blood Stream Sect to hide from you. Y-y-you… you little bastard! I can’t believe you tracked me down to the Blood Stream Sect!!” The rabbit’s eyes were bright red as it chased after Bai Xiaochun.

Bai Xiaochun’s screams echoed out into the sky. Soon, certain cultivators from the Blood and Spirit Stream Divisions recognized the rabbit, and began to cry out in alarm.


“Heavens, that’s the talking rabbit!!”

“What’s that rabbit doing here? And why isn’t it repeating things!?”

When The Talking Rabbit Stops Repeating….