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The Profound Stream Sect Surrenders!

“Profound Stream Sect, do you surrender?!” The words of the Blood Stream Sect’s arch-patriarch echoed out in all directions. Simultaneously, orders were passed down to the disciples. The giants powered by the Outer Sect disciples of the Spirit Stream Sect roared as they battered the spell formation, joined by the enormous blood spheres composed of Outer Sect disciples from the Blood Stream Sect.

A huge boom rippled out from this first major attack. The cultivators inside the Profound Stream Sect’s city were having a difficult time continuing to power the spell formation, and were left trembling. And that was only from an attack by the Outer Sect disciples! The sheer numbers involved left the Profound Stream Sect cultivators’ cultivation bases in chaos.

At the same time, the Outer Sect disciples shouted in unison: “Profound Stream Sect, do you surrender?!”

Their voices were like thunder that rattled the hearts and minds of the Profound Stream Sect cultivators. Before they could even begin to do some breathing exercises to recover, a wave of refined corpses, gargoyles, war chariots and battle beasts charged forth in a second major attack.

That attack was even more intense than the previous attack, and released even greater pressure than the previous one. The Profound Stream Sect cultivators felt as if their cultivation bases were about to be torn to pieces. Even the patriarchs were included. Everyone was well aware that the attacks leveled by the two sects would only continue to get stronger!

Before they even had time to react, and almost concurrent with the second attack, the Inner Sect disciples of the two sects launched a third attack! The spell formation incarnations of the Spirit Stream Sect and the locust-like magic of the Blood Stream Sect formed together into something like a sharp sword which slashed toward the spell formation!

“Profound Stream Sect, do you surrender?!”

Their cry caused the entire city to shake. The spell formation shield distorted, and the Profound Stream Sect cultivators shook violently. Their cultivation bases couldn’t take much more. This third attack was even more powerful than the others, and many of the pale-faced cultivators inside the formation were even beginning to wither up.

There was no chance for any of them to rest or recuperate for even a moment. Things weren’t over yet. Next came the Chosen and peak lords from the seven mountain peaks of the south and north banks of the Spirit Stream Sect, in the form of enormous spell formation giants. At their side were their contemporaries from the four mountain peaks of the Blood Stream Sect. A fourth powerful attack!

This attack was completely different from the first three. It was like stabbing a dagger into the heart of a dying person. The spell formation trembled, and the cultivators supporting it from within all began to cough up blood. Yet again, there was no other choice for them but to allow the spell formation to shrink.

Next came the spell formation giants from Mount Daoseed, including Bai Xiaochun’s. Joining them were the blood masters and elders from the Blood Stream Sect. Terrifying roars echoed out as they unleashed the fifth major attack!

That attack unleashed power even greater than all of the previous attacks put together. Bai Xiaochun joined in the thunderous battle cry as the spell formation distorted, and then shrank down again. Mountains in the area crumbled, and the city seemed in grave danger of simply collapsing!

More blood spilled out of the mouths of the cultivators powering the spell formation, whose Qi passageways were already significantly injured. Some of them were so withered that they had to be replaced. As that happened, the thunderous shout of the Spirit and Blood Stream Sects reached their ears.

“Profound Stream Sect, do you surrender?!”

The Profound Stream Sect cultivators’ hearts were pounding in their chests, but before they could pull themselves back together, a sixth major attack headed their way!

That attack came from the well over 100 prime elders from both sects. They held nothing back as they unleashed the most powerful attack yet onto the spell formation!

The spell formation rumbled as cracks spread out. It shrank down again, exposing the outer areas of the city. More cultivators inside coughed up blood, and many of them lapsed into unconsciousness.

The main emotion in the minds of most cultivators in the city was despair! And yet, another attack was already incoming. The cultivation bases of the blood rippers and legacy echelon cultivators erupted. Trump cards were unleashed without hesitation. Visually, the seventh major attack looked like shooting stars slamming into the spell formation shield.


The damage to the spell formation spread out even further. The walls of the city began to fall, revealing the exhausted, bitter Profound Stream Sect cultivators inside. Some of the cultivators who had been powering the spell formation were instantly destroyed in body and soul.

The area covered by the spell formation shrank yet again, leaving many cultivators outside of its protection.

Some of those cultivators had once been members of the Pill Stream Sect. They could only sit there silently with gritted teeth; they had no desire to be considered part of the Profound Stream Sect anymore.

Then, the eighth major attack closed in!

Six patriarchs of the Blood Stream Sect and four from the Spirit Stream Sect joined together for the fourth attack! They were like ten gods, and the mere sound of them unleashing their battle prowess was like thunder from the heavens.

“Profound Stream Sect, do you surrender?!” The air shattered, and the ground quaked violently. As the attacks of ten patriarchs slammed into the spell formation, the patriarchs of the Profound Stream Sect roared and held nothing back to resist.

Booms rang out constantly. More than half of the city was destroyed now, and all of the patriarchs of the Profound Stream Sect were left coughing up blood. Their faces were ashen, and their bodies withered. They looked older than before, and even Patriarch Crimsonsoul was staggering backward, blood spraying out of his mouth.

It was in that moment that the remnants of the Pill Stream Sect unleashed their own powerful attack. A huge pill furnace smashed into the spell formation shield, and the tens of thousands of cultivators behind it attacked with suicidal abandon. Another powerful shout filled the air.

“Profound Stream Sect, do you surrender?!”

One of the cultivators within the Pill Stream Sect was a young woman with a gauzy white veil. Her facial features were obscured, but her eyes were visible, and they were spectacularly beautiful. Virtually all of the cultivators in the Pill Stream Sect were obsessed with her. Within that sea of people, she was like a pearl on a beach, resplendent and beautiful!

Booms echoed out as the spell formation trembled. When the pill furnace slammed into it, a huge gap ripped open. Patriarch Crimsonsoul spread his arms wide, and the power of a great circle Nascent Soul cultivation base exploded out as he joined the scattered remnants of the Profound Stream Sect cultivators who were powering the spell formation.

However, that was when Bai Xiaochun noticed something up in the air above the spell formation. His eyes went wide when he realized that he was looking at a very familiar monkey.

The old monkey was holding an enormous staff raised overhead. Eyes flickering with an archaic light, as well as a dignity that could shake heaven and earth, he smashed the staff downward.

“Profound Stream Sect, do you surrender?!” roared an ancient-sounding voice. The spell formation shook violently, and finally, exploded!

A shockwave blasted out in all directions. Patriarch Crimsonsoul coughed up an enormous mouthful of blood. The other cultivators of the Profound Stream Sect were all soaked in blood from various wounds. At the same time, something shot into the city, something that moved so quickly it was impossible for anyone to see it clearly at first. Only when it landed on the altar in the middle of the city was it possible to tell that it was a rabbit!

The rabbit’s eyes glittered with a mysterious light as it snatched the incense off of the altar and extinguished it!

When that happened, the middle-aged man fighting the scarecrow suddenly vanished. Then the scarecrow looked down, radiating the terrifying energy that only the deepest reserve powers of a sect could. That energy locked down onto the wounded patriarchs of the Profound Stream Sect, making it impossible for them to even move.

Everything happened almost too quickly to process. The monkey appeared, broke open the spell formation, then the rabbit extinguished the incense, and finally the scarecrow sent energy crushing down. It all happened within the space of a few breaths of time.

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes were wide as he stared at the rabbit on the altar. Suddenly, he got a very bad feeling….

That was when Bai Xiaochun suddenly realized that numerous cultivators from the two sects were all vying with each other to enter the city. That was even true of the scattered remnants of the Pill Stream Sect on the other side, led by the young woman in the white veil. Bai Xiaochun slapped his thigh.

“Battle merit! Whoever gets into the city first will get a big reward!” Suddenly inspired, he roared and shot off at top speed. Bruiser seemed to understand exactly what he was thinking, and gave him a push off. Bai Xiaochun flew forward, wings flapping, blasting across the battlefield like a meteor. He immediately passed everyone else, and then quickly stepped onto the shattered city wall.

“Profound Stream Sect, are you going to surrender?!” The echo of his shout caused Patriarch Crimsonsoul’s heart to fill with bitterness. He looked around at the Profound Stream Sect cultivators, and then over at Bai Xiaochun. He knew that after surrendering, he would have to come up with a method of resolving the differences between the two of them. Even as his eyes flickered, the other patriarchs clasped hands and bowed to Bai Xiaochun.

“We surrender!”

Everything went quiet for a moment, and then cheering erupted from the Spirit and Blood Stream Sects. The Profound Stream Sect cultivators sighed, and Bai Xiaochun’s eyebrows shot up and down in excitement. Sticking his chin up, he waved his sleeve and proudly said, “With the snap of a finger, I, Bai Xiaochun reduced the Profound Stream–”

Before he could finish speaking, a little turtle head popped out of his bag of holding and looked up at him. The turtle sighed.

“Ah, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard someone blow their own horn so loudly.”

The Profound Stream Sect Surrenders!


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Chapter 310: Du Xuemei Offers Greetings, Blood Master!

Bai Xiaochun’s jaw dropped. For years now, his moments of sleeve-flicking monologue had always been one of great pride. Never before had anyone interrupted him. Eyes wide, he stared down at the green little turtle head sticking out of his bag of holding.

“Dammit, you’re still in my bag of holding!?” Just as he reached his hand over to grab the turtle, the turtle rolled its eyes, stuck its head back inside, and vanished.

Bai Xiaochun was fuming with rage. The little turtle was really a disaster for him. Whenever he thought about how it had provoked that enormous golden crocodile, his head started to ache.

However, despite his simmering rage, he couldn’t find the turtle no matter how he looked. Gritting his teeth, he decided to start using a new bag of holding. After switching the contents, he hurled the old one outside of the city.

“If you’re so awesome,” he said angrily, “let’s see you pop your head out of this one!” As soon as the words left his mouth, the little turtle’s head popped out of the new bag of holding and looked contemptuously at Bai Xiaochun.

“Considering you just gave Lord Turtle a new house, I’ll play along. Go ahead and bow down in worship!”

Bai Xiaochun felt like he was about to start crying. After a long moment, he sighed and resigned himself to the fact that he couldn’t do anything about the little turtle. With that, he looked around dejectedly at the other cultivators of the Spirit and Blood Stream Sects as they poured into the city and started taking the Profound Stream Sect cultivators into custody.

As for the monkey and the rabbit, Bai Xiaochun looked around for quite a while, but couldn’t find any clues as to where they’d gone off to. Even Bruiser had disappeared now that the city had fallen….

“I was the one who made that monkey and that rabbit….” he thought sadly. It was really a strange situation, and suddenly he couldn’t help but think back to all of the other little animals from back in the Spirit Stream Sect.

Soon, the remnants of the Pill Stream Sect were pouring in from the other side. Mixed emotions could be seen as they looked at their compatriots who had given into the Profound Stream Sect. At the same time, they complied with the instructions of the Spirit and Blood Stream Sects as their own sect was absorbed into the alliance.

The patriarchs of the Profound Stream Sect, especially Patriarch Crimsonsoul, were not magically sealed. Instead, the arch-patriarch and the founding patriarch calmly accepted their surrender.

When it came to the lower ranking cultivators, the Spirit and Blood Stream Sects had their ways of ensuring that they were taken in by the alliance.

Bai Xiaochun didn’t need to help with anything. He simply watched as the excited and enthusiastic cultivators of the Spirit and Blood Stream Sects cheered and went about their work. Now that the war was over, it was possible to say that the eastern Lower Reaches of the cultivation world had truly been united!

All that was needed now was a bit of time for the Lower Reaches to build up strength, and then they could march to challenge the Sky River Court!

Bai Xiaochun had been the center of all attention during the fighting, and now, he was like a sun shining down on the Spirit and Blood Stream Sects. Everyone looked at him with passion and respect. As for the female disciples, strange gleams could be seen in their eyes, which made Bai Xiaochun feel wonderful. He quickly set aside the matter of the little turtle, and simply savored the moment. Assuming the pose of an important person from the Senior generation, he began to stroll through the city.

Whenever he encountered cultivators he knew, he would smile and nod. As he passed, an endless stream of “Greetings, Junior Patriarch” could be heard

Eventually, Bai Xiaochun was displeased to discover that he actually wasn’t the only person to have become extremely famous during the war. There was another person from the Pill Stream Sect who everyone was talking about….

She was none other than the beautiful Chosen Chen Manyao!

Although she had a powerful cultivation base, and was skilled in both strategy and tactics, what most people noticed was her spectacular beauty. Because of the semi-transparent veil she wore, it was impossible to tell the true extent of her good looks, but even still, countless people would stare at her with beating hearts.

At one point, Bai Xiaochun looked over, annoyed, to see a whole group of disciples clustered around her. Suddenly, she looked up at him, her eyes cold and icy.

The look she was giving him left him feeling even more annoyed than before.

“Her cultivation base isn’t as profound as mine, and her position isn’t as high as mine either. Her techniques don’t measure up, and her background can’t compare. What’s so amazing about her!?” After some thought, he was also convinced that she wasn’t as good-looking as he was either. He widened his eyes into a glare, and she looked away. Laughing and chatting, she led the group of cultivators away.

Bai Xiaochun snorted coldly. By this time, evening was falling, and he began to ask around about his friends, such as Xu Baocai, Big Fatty Zhang, Hou Yunfei, and Third Fatty Hei. He learned that some had been injured, or even collapsed from exhaustion, but none had perished. Breathing a sigh of relief, he offered sincere thanks to all of the other disciples who had been with his friends in the various spell formations.

Bai Xiaochun could be a diplomatic person when necessary, and was well aware that the likely reason why all of his best friends had survived the war was because people had been watching out for them for his sake.

The other disciples from the various spell formations were very moved by his expression of thanks, and their respect for him grew.

Eventually he found some prime elders of the two sects who were sighing over how brutal the fighting had been. When Bai Xiaochun appeared, they smiled and began to chat. After some pleasantries, he asked about where Xuemei had been taken.

One of the Blood Stream Sect’s prime elders winked knowingly and said, “Xuemei was seriously injured during the fighting. Although she’ll recover, she needs to spend some time in secluded meditation. Since she’s an important disciple of the Blood Stream Sect, she’ll definitely be in the eastern section of the city, where the least damage was sustained. Head over there, you should be able to find her.”

Having determined Xuemei’s location, Bai Xiaochun cleared his throat and continued to engage in some idle chatter before taking his leave and heading toward the eastern section of the city.

Along the way, he looked around at the Spirit and Blood Stream Sects taking control of the remnants of the city, and felt very pleased. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that his decision back in the Luochen Mountains had been the correct one.

It was already possible to see that the disciples of the Spirit and Blood Stream Sects were starting to get comfortable with each other. Bai Xiaochun was very pleased. Eventually, he passed through the center of the city, where the Profound Stream Sect’s treasure store was located. Although the sky was dark, there were still quite a number of cultivators there, busily clearing out the treasures. Suddenly, Bai Xiaochun’s expression flickered.

“I remember hearing that the Holy Pill Wall Fragment back in the Blood Stream Sect had been robbed from the Pill Stream Sect. Presumably, the other half remained with the Pill Stream Sect. Since the Pill Stream Sect was conquered by the Profound Stream Sect, I wonder if that wall fragment is in the Profound Stream Sect’s treasure storehouse….” Having reached this point in his train of thought, Bai Xiaochun hurried over to find the disciple in charge of clearing out the treasure storehouse.

If any other person had asked about the matter, they would have been rebuffed immediately. But Bai Xiaochun was different. The disciple in charge only hesitated for a moment before nodding and helping Bai Xiaochun search for the wall fragment. He even escorted him into the storehouse itself and handed over the wall fragment personally.

The only stipulation was that records had to be kept that Bai Xiaochun had taken the wall fragment. Bai Xiaochun didn’t mind that at all. Excitedly accepting the wall fragment, he began to study it.

Of course, he didn’t enter into a trance, but only made a cursory examination. Almost immediately, he could tell that this wall fragment would help him to advance by leaps and bounds with his skill in the Dao of medicine.

“I wonder if I could eventually try to concoct the River-Defying Pill?” Shaking his head, he put the wall fragment away, bowed deeply to the disciple in charge, and then continued on his way to the eastern section of the city.

By the time he arrived, the moon was climbing high into the sky. This area of the city hadn’t received nearly as much damage as the other parts, and was also much quieter. Only the occasional cultivator could be seen, most of them on guard duty. Any of them who spotted Bai Xiaochun would immediately clasp hands in greeting.

After asking around, Bai Xiaochun determined where Xuemei was staying. His heart had already begun beating a bit faster. Without any hesitation, he headed in that direction, and soon found himself in front of a type of residence referred to as a spirit abode.

It wasn’t very large, but was surrounded by flickering spell formations. Some of them were Blood Stream Sect formations that absorbed blood qi from the area, which would allow the cultivator inside the spirit abode to heal more quickly.

Stopping in front of the door, Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath. There were many things he wanted to ask Du Lingfei, and yet suddenly, he felt himself hesitating.

After a moment of thought, he chuckled calmly.

“Regardless of anything,” he thought, “she’s my boo. Before, we were enemies, but now the two sects have become one.” With those thoughts on his mind, he stepped forward and reached his hand in the direction of the door.

Soft rumblings could be heard as he sent power toward the spirit abode. He was just about to say something when the door swung open. There appeared Xuemei, her mask on as usual. After looking at him for a moment, she softly said, “Du Xuemei offers greetings, Blood Master.”

Du Xuemei Offers Greetings, Blood Master!