Chapter 696 – Separation

The Sun family had very deep root in Vast Water city and had long since tracked down where Wang Lin and his son was at.

At this moment a guide quickly lead Sun Qiming there.

“Family head that person is too arrogant saying something like just this once. To think someone dare to say that to the Sun family…” The elder in green began to speak but Sun Qiming frowned and shouted “Shut up!”

The green robed elder trembled and immediately shut up.

“A small matter like this and all of you made a big fuss about this. This person was already lenient but you are all ungrateful!” Sun Qiming’s expression was gloomy and coldly looked at everyone.

Sun Qiming said in a serious tone “My Sun family is large and is number one planet Ran Yun. However all of this was obtained at a miserable price. If you all remain like this then one day you will bring a big enemy upon the Sun family!”

“Grandpa Sun, your Sun family had the protection of the senior. Even if the enemy is strong I fear they won’t dare to provoke you.” The person who spoke wasn’t a member of the Sun family but the purple robed youth who clashed with Wang Ping.

Sun Qiming’s eyes fell on the young man and calmly said “Little boy from the Yun family this matter started because of you. Prepare yourself this matter might not be so easily handled!”

This purple robed young man was named Yun Wufeng. He was a member of the Yun family from planet Cloud Sea. Planet Cloud Sea was one of the main planets of the northern part of the Allheaven Star System. This person’s talent was too poor to cultivate and was considered an external family member. He came here with the Yun family caravan but because of Qing Yi he didn’t go back with the caravan and remained here. For ordinary cultivation family before one’s cultivation reached soul transformation they can’t leave the planet. However for a big family like the Yun family they had ways bring people below soul transformation.

In the Yun family due to his bad talent wasn’t nurtured by the Yun family. However here on plant Ran Yun just based on his identity all the cultivation families were extremely polite to him.

After all the Yun family was the number one family on planet Cloud Sea, even more powerful than the Huan family.

Yun Wufeng coldly snorted in his heart. Although he doesn’t have any cultivation but as long as he was in the northern part of the Allheaven Star System no one dared to provoke him or else it was making an enemy out of the Yun family.

Aftering coming to the northern part of Vast Water City Sun Qiming and everyone following him stopped one hundred feet from the Wang mansion.

Sun Qiming’s expression was gloomy, he stared at the two word “Wang Mansion” and frowned.

“Named Wang…” When he entered the Vast Water City he scanned it with his divine sense and found nothing wrong. He just scanned this place once more and it was the same.

After pondering a bit Sun Qiming stepped forward and loudly said “The Sun family Sun Qiming greets fellow cultivator!”

This voice contained celestial energy so ti clearly entered the ears of every single person inside the mansion. Shortly after a small fellow came out, he looked at the Sun family and said “Master ordered you all to leave.”

Before Sun Qiming could speak someone from the Sun family began to sneer. The person who sneered was the red faced elder. He didn’t even look at the little fellow and coldly said “What a big attitude, do you really think my Sun family is blind!” With that he stepped forward and charged directly toward the mansion.

Sun Qiming frowned hard as he stared at the two word “Wang Mansion”. He stop the old man but began to ponder.

The red face elder’s cultivation was at soul formation. He closed in with one step and stepped directly through the door. However just as his right face landed his face turned deadly pale. It was as if there was a invisible force coming from his mansion that made his mind tremble and cough out a mouthful of blood. He staggered back several steps with his face pale and eyes filled with aghast.

Sun Qiming’s expression changed greatly, at that moment he felt the aura of an ascendant cultivator. What shook him the most was that he was familiar with his aura.

Almost without any hesitation Sun Qiming quickly grabbed the red faced elder and threw him backward. He respectfully clasped his hand and said “Sorry for disturbing senior’s cultivation, junior will leave now.”

With that he waved his sleeves, everyone beside him suddenly disappeared with him. When they reappeared they were inside the main hall of the Sun family branch in Vast Water City.

“All Sun family member are not allowed to go within one thousand feet of that mansion. Anyone who disobey will have their cultivation wasted and expelled from the Sun family!” Even until now Sun Qiming’s heart was pounding and his forehead was covered in cold sweat.

“Only he have the cultivation to caused a core to crack with just one gaze.”

The Sun family member never seen Sun Qiming like this. Also Sun Qiming took them away so quickly they couldn’t help but trembled. The green robed elder looked at the red faced elder who’s expression was ashen and who’s nascent soul was about to collapse. The green robed elder shivered and asked “Family head that… Who is that?”

Sun Qiming coldly snorted and said “You guys sure have gut to provoke him. You all should know his senior, even if the old ancestor was here he have to be respectful. It was all because of this person that the Sun family have what we have today!”

“Could it be… Could this person be…” The green robed elder’s heart trembled and thought of a person.

Sun Qiming stared at the old man and nodded.

At this instant everyone in the Sun family turned deadly pale.

“Just this once!” This phrase emerged in their hearts.

Even the purple robed young maan seem to realize something. He thought for a moment and his expression became extremely ugly. He clearly remembered that when he told the elder in charge of the caravan he wanted to say the elder told him he must never provoke one person on planet Ran Yun. That person was Xu Mu who swept through the Huan family and made the Qian and Xu family didn’t dare to intervene at all!

The name Xu Mu seemed to spread across the entire northern region of the Allheaven Star System in the past thirty years or so. After all the battle at the Huan family was too shocking, it can even be said that countless cultivator felt that battle was too terrifying.

While feeling terrible Yun Wufeng returned to his room in the Sun family. Qing Yi sat in his room in his room with a pale expression. Her cultivation was sealed and she was like a mortal. After being driven out of the Sun family she was caught and brought here.

In the Sun family there would naturally be people who were willing to suck up to the Yun family.

After Yun Wufeng returned to his room he had no mind to bother with Qing Yi. He stared at the candle and his heart was filled with regret.

Qing Yi stared at Yun Wufeng, her eyes were cold.

“It was all because of you, if not for you I won’t had provoke that Xu Mu’s son! It was all because of you!” Yun Wufeng suddenly turned his head and stared at Qing Yi.

Qing Yi didn’t speak but her eyes were cold. However the next instant her eyes jerked wide opened as she stared behind Yun Wufeng and revealed a look of disbelief.

Yun Wufeng was startled, just as he turned around his vision turned black and he fell to the ground.

Qing Yi quickly got up and respectfully said “Senior…”

Wang Lin stepped out from the shadow and sat down. He held a jug of wine and drank a mouthful before he slowly said “Your talent is pretty good. Spend a lifetime and I’ll gift you a nascent soul cultivation.”

Qing Yi trembled as Wang Ping’s image appeared in her mind. Her face turned red and lightly nodded.

Three days later Wang Ping left, Qing Yi followed beside him.

Wang Ping let the Vast Water City with his ideals. He was not willing to life a peaceful life, he wanted excitement!

Wang Lin stayed here by himself. On the night Wang Ping left he drank a lot. Originally with his cultivation he won’t be drunk but that night he was drunk.

This was the first time he had gotten drunk in more than eight hundred years of his life. For the first time without him using any spells he looked even older.

Life continued and time slowly passed. The irreversible reincarnation cycle continued and three years passed in the blink of an eye.

During these three years Wang Lin had heard nothing from Wang Pin and he didn’t deliberately search with his divine sense. Since he gave Wang Ping freedom and choice he won’t stop Wang Ping.

During these three years a sect appeared in the northern part of planet Ran Yun. This sect was named the School of Heaven, this sect only moved among mortals and didn’t effect cultivators.

The development of the School of Heaven was extremely fast. It gradually spread from the northern part of planet Ran Yun like a wildfire and grew even fiercer.

Rumor spread out like a snowflakes that gradually fell. Rumor had it that the leader of the School of Heaven was an immortal and beside there was always a woman beside him.

Time swept by and another seven years passed.

Wang Lin now looked even older.

The development of the School of Heaven was like a rolling snowball, it continued to grow stronger. There were even representatives of the school in Vast Water City. On the autumn of this year the autumn wind below by Wang Lin walked out of his house like usual to the not far away inn and quietly drank. His eyes were foggy as if he couldn’t see anything. He just silently stared outside the window as if he was waiting for something.

The waiter in the inn had long grow accustomed to this old man. After bring wine and food

As midday arrived more and more people arrived in the inn. Burst of noise echoed in the inn, it was rather lively.

“Have you heard the School of Heaven now occupies a majority of planet Ran Yun becoming the number one sect in the three empires.”

“Hehe, even our Vast Water City have a branch of the School of Heaven. I even went to see it a few days ago.”

“My neighbour Zhang Er is a member of the School of Heaven, they even hand out grain every month.”

“The three big empire are Da Qin, Di Shan, and Chen Yun. It was said that in the northern empire Di Shen almost all their citizen accepted the teaching of the School of Heaven.”

“With how the School of Heaven is developing it won’t be long before the three big empire act and destroy it.”

“Not so, this School of Heaven have already developed for ten years. If they wanted to destroy it they would had already acted.”

“Compared to all of this I’m more interested in the relationship between the leader of the School of Heaven and the woman that always follow him…”

Wang Lin calmly drank his wine, it was as everything he heard had nothing to do with him. His gaze fell into the distance. It was as if he could penetrate into the distance and see Wang Ping who was middle aged but still filled with spirit…