Chapter 685 – Heaven Chop

Wealth, the first sword Wang Lin obtained at the Heng Yue Sect. It seemed that the moment that youth held that sword everything in the future had been decided.

Hundreds of years of karma flashed by from when he lost it to when he regained it once more.

Wealth contained a soul technique of the last generation rain celestial sword spirit. This soul technique was not a celestial spell, a dao spell, or even a ability. It was a sword style!

A powerful sword style that inherit the ancient sword intent!

Wang Lin’s held the celestial sword and looked at the formation that the thunder beast and celestial guard was constantly attacking. At the moment when the formation looked like it couldn’t withstand a hit he lifted the celestial sword. The calmness in his eyes were gone and it was replaced with a ray of sword light!

At this moment his entire body merged with the sword in his hand.

The celestial sword rose!


This simple fall caused the heaven and earth to fall into darkness at this moment. Even the the celestial guard and the thunder beast seem to both disappeared at this moment.

In the entire world there was only this simple fall of the sword!

This sword seem like it was going to open the world, like it was about to tore through the chaos of the world. This sword gave off no sword energy or celestial energy but this simple would would shake the soul of anyone who saw it.

The first to react was the Huan family ancestor. This eyes jerked wide open revealing a look of shock and exclaimed “This.. This is law!”

It was as if the heaven and earth was torn apart. This sound of tearing echoed in his mind! The dim heaven and earth seemed like it was really torn apart!

Not only him but Huan Fengshen sucked in a breath of cold air.

A monstrous killing intent came from the sword the moment it fell. The killing intent spread like crazy as it tore through Huan Fengshen’s eyes and imprinted in his mind.

Huan Fengshen’s body suddenly stiffen.

“This… This is…” Huan Fengshen’s mind trembled. It was as if a sword just pierced between his brows and came out from the top of his head. He subconsciously took several step back. With his late stage ascendant cultivation he wasn’t able to see the law of the sword. However he clearly felt that the moment the sword fell it seemed to contained a heavenly law but even more it contained power to tore the heavens.

Bang bang, bang bang, bang bang! Huan Fengshen could clearly feel his own heartbeat faster. He had the illusion that he would going to collapse with the world.

All the Huan family direct descendant that were originally looking at the sky were all filled with shock. That simple fall made them feel like they were part of it all. As if the fall of the sword that tore the world a part had torn them apart too. They were immediately covered in cold sweat.

With their cultivation they had no idea why it was like this. Why the other simply lower their sword and even with the formation protecting them they still had such feeling. The fear of death began spread at this instant.

Not only them even the eyes of Qian Kuizi, who had been watching with this divine sense, shined brightly. He was inside the secret chamber of the Qian family and he suddenly stood up.

“Law! That sword strike contains law! The pursuit of the second step is law! The first step is understanding the heavens and convert into the power of law in the second step. If this child is not someone from the Thunder Celestial Realm how could he display such a sword strike!”

At the same time another person in the Xu family noticed this scene. An old man from the Xu family was also watching the battle at the Huan family with his divine sense. Originally he had came to an agreement with the Huan family to help. He had lifted his foot to leave but at this moment he gently put it down.

“This child’s sword style is very strong. Although I’m not afraid of it but since he dared to challenge the Huan family he must still have moves prepared!”

The sword fell, at this moment all the sound in the world disappeared. The Huan family formation at this instant collapsed without any real contract or blow landing on it.

After withdrawing the sword Wang Lin’s expression was pale. However his gaze became even colder as he stared at the Huan family below him.

The impact the Heaven Chop had on the body was great, it had nothing to do with cultivation. It relied on the origin energy from a close integration of the origin soul and the body!

For an ascendant cultivator their origin soul and origin energy had fused into one. However this heaven chop can separate out a part of it. An ascendant cultivator only had a fix amount of origin energy and once too much was lost their cultivation would regress. Fortunately Wang Lin had Zhou Yi’s ascendant crystals so he had a bit more origin energy than most cultivators.

The Huan family was completely silent. Huan Wuqing’s gaze was even more gloomy as he looked at Wang Lin and coldly said “I underestimated you. To have such a sword style at only ascendant you are indeed very strong.!

However the gap between the first step and second step. If had display that sword art with second step cultivation it might have been interenest but at this moment it is useless! Today you broke my Huan family formation so you will without a doubt die!”

“Please, ancestral jade!” The Huan famliy ancestor let out a loud shout. A powerful force suddenly came from the Huan family ancestral home. This force was filled with sense of unity had spread like a celestial wind as he surrounded the Huan family.

In the distance house in the Huan family a golden jade slowly floated into the air. This force of unity was coming from this jade.

At the moment the jade appeared it was as if a separate world was carved out from the planet. It allowed the Huan family ancestral home to become its own realm.

Huan family ancestor stared at Wang Lin and revealed a sneer. Unless he had to he won’t personally act because he was too afraid of Wang Lin’s sword energy. Earlier when he asked Qian Kuizi to help was to waste Wang Lin’s sword energy.

The subsequent Huan family formation was meant to do the same.

However he would had never imagined that Qian Kuizi actually retreated instead battling. The family formation was broken not by the sword energy but from the combine force of the thunder beast, puppet, and the law from the sword.

Now he could only clench his teeth and call out the celestial jade their celestial ancestor left them. This jade contained a spell of the celestial ancestor from the Thunder Celestial Realm. The Huan family was able to reach the status they had today because of this jade and a treasure left behind by the celestial ancestor.

Huan Wuqing thought “Unfortunately the celestial treasure disappeared along with Huan Wuxiang several thousand years ago. Otherwise with that celestial treasure there was no need to call out the jade!”

The powerful force from the jade was like a gentle spring breeze. It also gave off a bright color. In an instant the jade seem to melt and took the shape of a person. Although one can’t clearly see the person’s features but it gave off a sense of majesty.

“The power of the Huan family celestial jade is unpredictable. Rumor had it that the celestial ancestor of the Huan family had cultivation equal to a Nirvana Scryer, I wonder how the Thunder Celestial Temple messenger will deal with this. However this is strange, why doesn’t he just take out the treasure the ancestor left behind instead of calling out the jade.” Qian Kuizi’s eyes were bright as he watched with his divine sense.

Inside the Xu family the old man smiled and muttered “Huan family’s celestial treasure should had been taken away from an elder in the family. The celestial ancestor of the Huan family left behind a decent treasure. However he would have never thought that the treasure would in turn get a second step cultivator of the Huan family killed.”

Inside the Huan ancestral home at the moment the jade appeared Huan Fengshen stared at Wang Lin. He couldn’t see any trace of panic on Wang Lin’s face.

Seeing that Hua Wuqing was about to active the spell on the jade Huan Fengshen revealed a decisive gaze. He took a step forward and said in a serious tone “Ancestor, I will not let the Huan family participate in this matter. I’m taking the Huan family and backing out of his matter. If ancestor want to protect this Huan Mei then it is your personally problem, please don’t drag down the entire Huan family!”

As he spoke he raised his head toward Wang Lin and clasped his hand “Fellow cultivator, I’m the Huan family head Huan Fengshen. Just as I said now the Huan family will not participate in this matter. It is your personal grudge with Huan Wuqing. I hope fellow can distinguish between us!”

The Huan family ancestor coldly looked at Huan Fengshen. The corner of his mouth revealed a grim expression as he looked at the direct descendants and said “And you guys?”

The surrounding Huan family direct descendant all silently pondered for a bit before walking next to Huan Fengshen.

The Huan family ancestor let out a grim smile as he coldly looked at the crowd and slowly said “A bunch of trash!” With that he looked up at Wang Lin, his right hand formed a seal, and then he shouted “Good Fortune Jade kill this person!”

The figure formed by the jade began to walk step by step toward Wang Lin. As the person moved an unimaginable amount of celestial energy burst forth from this person. This celestial energy was very dense and completely suppressed the spiritual energy on planet Thousand Illusion causing explosions everywhere. This wasn’t just happening here but all over the planet.

The celestial guard puppet appeared next to Wang Lin in a flash. The thunder beast did the same.

Wang Lin looked at the figure walking toward him. He felt like an illusion appeared before him. It appeared as if the facial feature of the person walking toward him was getting clearer. He was filled with a celestial aura as if he was a real celestial general.

Celestial energy filled this person’s body and a sense of majesty descended. It looked at the world as if everyone were ants. One could even vaguely heard the echo of celestial songs around him.

The Huan family ancestor sneered “Junior I want to see what other methods you have beside the sword energy.”

At this moment Liu Mei raised her head and looked at Wang Lin. Her eyes were still filled with complex emotion. She touched her bag of holding and then lower her hands.

Wang Lin’s eyes were completely calm. He dare to come here alone, dare to set foot on planet Thousand Illusion, and dare to kill his way to the Huan family was all because of that crazy idea he had. At this moment he was his strongest killing move.

Thinking about the resentful spirit inside the heaven defying bead Wang Lin’s heart felt a wave of pain.

“Things of this world can’t escape karma. The karmatic cause of yesterday will be the karmatic effect of today. Only by settling one’s karma and let dirt return to dirt, let dust return to dust can a cycle be complete.” Wang Lin slowly closed his eyes.

In his origin soul a decisive call echoed.

“This battle is over, I’m setting you free!”

A crazed laughter came out from Wang Lin’s origin soul.