Chapter 673 – There is metal under the red clouds, five element missing one

Unfortunately there were too many flaws and it didn’t contain a lot of metal element. Otherwise the power of this flint would not be weaker than peak pseudo celestial treasure. If it was a little larger it could compare to low quality celestial treasure!” Wang Lin looked at the flint with pity in his eyes.

Although this pair of flint was formed naturally there were too many impurities. If it was refined there probably won’t even be ten percent of it left.

After putting it away Wang Lin picked up the token and scanned it with his divine sense. The token immediately lit up and flashed three times before returning to normal.

“This is the Huan family identification token.” Wang Lin held the token as his divine sense carefully explored it. After a long time his eyes were very serious.

At first glance there was nothing special about this token, just something used as identification. No matter how many time Wang Lin prob it it was still the same.

However Wang Lin still felt something was wrong. He pondered a bit before shouting “Celestial guard!”

The shadow under him quickly extended from his body, it moved along his skin and wrapped around the token. Wang Lin closed his eyes and borrowed the celestial guard’s cultivation to immediately see through the token!

Shortly after Wang Lin immediately opened his eyes and revealed a gloomy expression.

“This token is made of normal material but there is a spell inside. This spell is related to the soul so I presume the Huan family also knew their family member is dead.”

After pondering for a bit Wang Lin put down the jade and picked up the last time, the jade. This jade also had no divine sense on it. The only thing on it was the sliver of the dead person’s resentment.

“The three of them must had been very afraid that they didn’t dare to check it with their divine sense. Otherwise that sliver of resentment would had immediately been destroyed.” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his divine sense entered the jade. The sliver of resentment was immediately destroyed.

At the moment his divine sense entered an invisible ripple spread out and began to scatter. When it was about to spread out of Wang Lin’s house his eyes suddenly light up and rays of lightning shot out from his eyes.

Among waves of crackling sound from the lightning the ripple that the jade gave off were completely crushed by the lightning and dissipated.

I wiped out the the message spell left on the jade. Wang Lin carefully looked at the information recorded in the jade. AFter a long time Wang Lin withdrew his divine sense and his eyes became brighter and brighter!

“It really is the Thousand Illusion Ruthless Domain! So the Huan family of planet Thousand Illusion is like this!” This jade contained the cultivation method for the Huan family’s Thousand Illusion spells. However there were a number of special restrictions placed on key parts so even if an outsider obtain it they can’t learn it.

The way to break the restriction was bloodline.

If that was simply the case it won’t had moved him so much. What really caught his attention was the message left in the jade by the Huan family member!

“On planet Yun Xia I discovered a vein of flame metal, I took a pair…”

The mysterious light in his eyes was bright like a beacon. He stared at the jade and muttered “A vein of metal element flint… vein… No wonder he was hunted until he was seriously injured. Anyone who found it would immediately kill everyone to seal the news.

This confirms that the three of them didn’t check this jade or else they won’t let me into this… Of course I can’t rule out the fact there might be some hidden behind all of this.”

Wang Lin pondered a bit and thought the three of them shouldn’t know this matter.

After taking a deep breath Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and muttered to himself “The heaven defying bead is only missing metal element. I don’t believe an entire vein of metal element flame metal isn’t enough to complete it! According to Situ Nan once the five elements are complete it would recognize an owner. I just don’t kill what abilities it will have after…”

“If the news of the metal element flame stone vein isn’t exposed then it would be fine but if it was then whoever dares to fight with me for it will be killed by me!” Wang Lin’s eyes became killed and was filled with killing intent.

Wang Lin put everything away as his eyes shined while he pondered.

“I just don’t know where planet Yun Xia is!” Wang Lin opened his eyes and his divine sense immediately spread out. His divine sense swept across planet Ran Yun and descended upon where Sun Xi was.

Sun Xi was at the Sun family ancestral home sitting in the lotus position ready to cultivate. However he was startled and jerked his head as he heard Wang Lin’s voice.

“Engrave everything you know about the Allheaven Star System’s map and send it to me.”

Sun Xi’s eyes lit up and slightly nodded. He took out a piece of jade and concentrate don it for a moment. Then he immediately threw the jade and it disappeared into the distance.

Ten days flashed by in an instant. Wang Lin had already obtained the jade and found where planet Run Xia was. However this planet was a bit far away. According to Wang Lin’s calculation if nothing delays him a round trip would take him several months.

The jade had an introduction from Sun Xi. No cultivator live on planet Run Xia, the planet was filled with a poison that can kill cultivators.

Holding the jade Wang Lin began to ponder. During these ten days he carefully studied the map and memorized it. At the same time he also organized his treasures.

On this day Wang Lin stood up and walked out of the house. He then disappeared and reappeared tens of thousand of kilometers from the city before charging directly toward the atmosphere.

Just at this moment the Ran family ancestor, Carefree Xanren, and Sun Xi appeared before Wang Lin.

The Ran family ancestor’s expression was gloomy as he looked at Wang Lin and said “Are you leaving fellow cultivator Xu?”

Carefree Xanren’s expression was different and was obviously hiding his anger. Only Sun Xi had a wry smile. When he heard Wang Lin wanted the map he had a bad feeling but didn’t think this Xu Mu actually had thoughts of leaving.

Wang Lin coldly looked at the three of them and calmly said “I would naturally not break the promise I made. This trip at most will take one year or only a few months.”

If it wasn’t looking at the fact they gave him all those celestial jade Wang Lin won’t bother explaining to the three of them.

After hearing Wang Lin’s explanation the Ran ancestor hesitated and said “I don’t know what urgent matter fellow cultivator Xu has. I wonder if one or two of us can follow.”

Carefree Shanren said in a serious tone “Please don’t blame us fellow cultivator Xu. The three of us gave you everything and not even half a month you want to leave planet Ran Yun. The three of us couldn’t help but feel suspicion in our heart.”

“Fellow cultivator Xu I believe in your character but this matter…” Sun Xiu wryly smiled.

It was reasonable for the three of them to be like this. No matter who it was if they just taken out a majority of their property they would be like this as well.

Wang Lin frowned, his expression suddenly changed and he raised his head toward the sky.

The three of their expression also change slightly, they raised their head to look at the sky.

At this moment outside of planet Ran Yun Huan Dong is quickly closing in. His eyes were cold with a hint of arrogance as he charged straight toward planet Ran Yun.

“Miss let me handle this matter then I must deal with this matter cleanly so miss will take notice of me! All those involved will be killed!” The fanaticism in Huan Dong’s eyes became even stronger.

He moved like a ray of rainbow and charged directly into planet Ran Yun’s atmosphere. He descended like a meteor. His descend was very arrogant as he spread out his divine sense like crazy and even infused it with celestial energy as it surrounded the planet. This incredible screen looked like a god was descending.

At this moment all the cultivators on planet Ran Yun felt this powerful aura. This aura was especially arrogant as if it was looking at ants as it swept the world.

“I’m Huan Dong, a second grade family member of the Huan family from planet Thousand Illusion. All ascendant cultivators of planet Ran Yun quickly come to see me!” The cold voice was filled with arrogance. His voice rumbled like thunder across the planet. All the cultivators below ascendant were shocked by the voice and some low level cultivators even cough out blood due to the shock.

The youth under the rock was one of them. She was originally cultivation but was shocked by Huan Dong’s celestial energy infused divine sense. Her heart was damaged as she cough out blood and immediately weakened.

There were many cultivators like her on planet Ran Yun. The Ran family ancestor, Carefree Shanren, and Sun Xi suddenly turned extremely pale.

The two word “Huan family” was like an invincible sword that immediately pierced their hearts and cause their expression to change greatly.

“They came… The Huan family… came…” Sun Xi muttered to himself with a bitter expression. He looked at Wang Lin filled with despair but his gaze contained a glimmer of hope.

The Ran family ancestor was the same and looked at Wang Lin at the same time as Carefree Shanren.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same but his eyes revealed a hint of coldness.

Taking someone money to help them eliminate a disaster. Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out like roaring thunder. None of it was leaked out as his divine sense locked on to the sky and transformed into one word.


One word caused thunder to appeared and explode forth like crazy. Huan Dong just charged through the atmosphere and the thunder descended upon him. His eyes were filled with killing intent and shouted “Courting death!” With that his hand formed a seal and a ray of white light gathered in his hand. A cold yin aura immediately began to gather and diffuse around the world.

For a cultivator to reach ascendant their domain has to fuse with their origin soul. Although this person was from the Huan family his limit talent made it so he couldn’t cultivate the Thousand Illusion Ruthless domain. Instead he cultivated the secondary cultivation method of the Haun family, Five Element Intent Art.

His domain was the metal element of the five elements. Metal presented invincibility. His domain moved with his spell and his hand lit up. As this moment it was as if that light replaced the light from the sky or looked like it had absorbed all the light in the sky. Using the power of the light he pressed down his hand.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. Only lightning moved through his e yes and spread across his own body as if he was a heaven controlling celestial. He pointed with his finger and the finger and death shot out. This finger of death contained powerful lightning so its power was several time more powerful. If one looked carefully it would make one feel like they were facing divine retribution.