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Dear readers,

Edit: The swastika, it was meant to be a joke on grammar nazi but sorry to those who feel offended by it! With the help of Divine Paint Program, I’ve edited it out!


Basically I’m going to use the logo for my avatar instead. I’m going to get a banner made with 3 mascot inside (1 Panda and 2 Psychopaths). Also, we’re changing from Thyaeria Translation to Panda Brigade! xD

Psychopath#1 Xex drew some pictures that we can use as reference when I pass it over to the artist in charge of doing it. She will the whole thing entirely with mascots/avatar, but below are the few positions that we can use for the banner!

Which one do you guys think we should use for reference in terms of positioning for our new group banner??

PS: It’s pretty obvious that both my editors are psychopaths, right?


As I’m sure you’re all aware, our beloved fatass panda is getting his logo/avatar reworked. As part of that, we’re also creating a new banner. We’d love to have your suggestions on the design, or even fanart, if you’d prefer!

Now, since I suggested this panda bashing fest show of creativity in the spirit of TDG, I’ll be the first to start. Please offer your comments and submit your own artwork!

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Aight peoples, your turn dammit. Don’t make me the only idiot who submits.

-Exits to backstage, resumes beating panda with rolled up newspaper. TRANSLATIOOOONNNNNNSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!-


-with the Grammar Winged Wolf Nazi making the Grammar and Tense stew-
secret ingredient: the translating panda

51 thoughts on “Panda Brigade & Banner Logo” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I think they’re really cute, but just be careful with the swastika. Even though it’s supposed to be a joke about a Grammer Nazi and I think it’s funny, some people get really offended over swastikas.
    That said, I like the second one best. haha.

      1. You need to turn it another 45 degrees for it to turn into buddhist 😛
        The differences between the two is just the angle of placement

        1. Swastika symbol is from Sanatan Dharama (also known as Hinduism – India, buddhism was born there hence the overlapping of lot of customs, rituals etc). Crazy Hitler used the swastika with slight change and practically demonized it. Swastika is there in many temples and is routinely put as designs during festivals in India for Pujas and Rangoli (an art were colored powder is used on the floor to make designs). So I feel people need to try and get over the phobia of Swastika as many practioners of Bhuddism, Jainism and Hinduism use it very commonly in everydaylife positively. People who still think its not cool I give you something to ponder over- Should cross be banned ? (as Klu Klux clan used the wooden cross to you know burn people of colour ).

          1. Some are far too sensitive to material to be able to look back and understand that some stories have multiple perspectives.

          2. My dad once said the swastika is a broken cross…. which is why many Christians (let’s not even mention jewish people, that’s a whole n’other ball game) find it very offensive

          3. Oh! I got an idea we can straighten out the swastika, and offend nazis everywhere!!

          4. this exactly, its extremely offensive to me that the same people whos ancestors ravaged entire continents and killed the native populations can turn around and say someone elses religious symbol is offensive because some (surprise surprise) white dude used an altered version as his logo while he was (surprise surprise) being a genocidal maniac

            but white people never gonna learn if they can remain ignorant~

            sad truth of the world in 2016

            inb4 someone is offended by how right I am, come at me bruhs I’d love to see how you can logically fight your way out of this blatant hate on other religions and peoples

      2. The symbol exists in many a philosophies containing different meanings. For example there are 2 versions of the swastika in greek symbolism. One containing prays for fertility (Venus’ cross) and one contains wishes for self improvement (meandros’ cross). Sadly the neonazi party in Greece is using the second one turned backwards (they hope for self deprovement I suppose) in an attempt to show us how they are not Nazis as they don’t use the swastika (the face palm) despite daily beating the shit out of ppl for being black or from another country or even locals helping the refugees

  2. instead of a swastika, use the grammar nazi symbol. yes, they have their own symbol lol, just google grammar nazi symbol. just saying this because their will probably be people who get offended.

      1. who, my post? thats fine if you are offended, i really don’t care. just saying that if its suppose to be a grammar nazi in the banner, why not use the grammar nazi symbol instead of the actual nazi symbol.

  3. Do you really want an online representation of yourself to be wearing a swastika? I get the joke, but it isn’t funny enough for that.

  4. I like the facial expression of the second pictures girl. But can’t really decide. Both are funny.
    Pick what u three like best. U have to identify urself with it 🙂

    Thanks for ur hard work. And keep it up pls 🙂

  5. Yay! Another post to delay the next chapter…

    As for the post.
    If you can make it so that the panda in the first picture seems to be writing, it will be great.

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