Overthrowing Fate Chapter 153 (Complete)

Chapter 153: True Happiness

Written by Tinalynge

Edited by ONI_Ghost

Betaread by Soultorrent and Ben



Thank you everyone for having followed Overthrowing Fate. Overthrowing Fate has come to an end, and I hope you all feel it ended in a satisfactory manner.

Overthrowing Fate is a novel which I have poured in a lot of love. I have hated it at times, but loved it much more than I can ever start to explain. I had such grand plans for the novel, but then I realized that Xu Min did not wish to become some sort of super powerful cultivator, what he wanted was to get his revenge and true happiness. He wanted a life together with the ones he cared about rather than spending his youth and her lifetime cultivating.

Overthrowing Fate has ended. It is a strange feeling to end a series, I have never experienced it before. I feel somewhat empty inside, but also incredibly proud. I am satisfied with the ending and I hope you are too.

Now that Overthrowing Fate is done I will spend my entire energy on Blue Phoenix. I will still try to finish it before year 2018, but I cannot promise anything – I just realized that the year is soon over.

I hope you will continue to enjoy Blue Phoenix and support me in the future.

Kind Regards



And to finish the story I will post some concept art of Xu Min:

Xu Min getting strangled by his urge to get revenge

Xu Min and Cao Cao

Xu Min and Cao Cao

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  1. Please don’t finish it so soon!
    I am aware I am being selfish but I might as well. Blue Phoenix is amazing!!!!!
    I seriously love it. I am already sad that it is ending soon and I want to complain for a lack of background on the former incarnations as a excuse to drag it out further. But with all sincerity, even if you do finish it that soon: The entire work put into the story is not something I can imagine as a reader who has not composed a book. Even so, I would like to congratulate you for the awesome books you have composed. Overthrowing fate was very much to my taste while Blue Phoenix is one of my favorites for the good use of romance and the individuality maintained in the wives. I have dropped books with a lack of or a romance that I disapprove of.
    Thank you sooo much for the fun stories you give us

    1. I would agree, but it’s clear that suddenly she lost interest with advancing the story around the time she likely started planning what would happen after he got revenge. This is shown by the sudden drop in writing quality right before she stopped posting OF. She realized that HER character, the one she is writing, wont continue down the martial path. I still would like a real ending where it actually described what happened to him in the end.

      1. The actual reason was that I got sick. I was unable to continue to write two stories at once and had the options of either finishing the story or put it on hiatus for when Blue Phoenix ended. I was unable to keep up the quality of both Blue Phoenix and Overthrowing Fate which is why I paused Overthrowing Fate and when I saw a chance to finish it, I decided that it was for the best.

        Overthrowing Fate had a lot of promise and great potential, and I am sad that I was unable to bring it all out, that being said, this might not be the final destination for Overthrowing Fate. Xu Min will return in the future in some of my stories, where we will get to know what has happened to him.

        1. Thank God you won’t read it, Izsd80. Why? Because you are the type of person no writer wants to please.That said, who gives a damn about Izsd80 being displeased either?

        2. also, your logic is fundamentally non-existent. It’s widely known that Martial World got an ending which was rushed and possibly cliff-hangerish. The very synopsis to True Martial World acknowledges that. Does this however mean that people who are reading TMW now, don’t give a shit about Lin Ming? No, it doesn’t mean that. It’s the opposite you noodleslurper! The opposite! When things happen in TMW that ties back to MW, THERE ARE EXPLOOOOOOSIONS in the comments!

        3. I’m sad to read that it ended like that just for that sake, because I am very contend with this type of ending for his story(for the reasons you pointed out in the afterword already, so ..).

      2. I would not say lost interest. I just imagine that it is very hard to compose an ORIGINAL story. I have not read any other story with a character who merged with characters who were his former incarnations and they were close to the top experts in their worlds for the most part except when they died. Oh wait, you were talking about Overthrowing fate??!! I actually was begging for blue Phoenix to continue longer. Overthrowing fate was wonderful but I feel it is almost recklessly putting a marriage and the woman of a character’s dreams in danger when continuing to adventure after getting married. The adventure bring near-death experiences and very formidable enemies who would not even feel ashamed of stooping low to harm innocents and also feel that it is the best idea to do everything they can to rape the wife or other near family. So I have nothing against finishing with an ending where past hatred is dealt with and the loved one is not kept waiting an longer or left at home after marrying and doing it while the husband goes and has fun(maybe gets another wife as well) or goes with the husband into more dangerous places where she could die very miserable or become a slave as it is more likely because our characters always have a world-shakingly beautiful wife.
        Pardon me for my rant.
        Feel free to ignore this. . .

        1. Thanks for the spoiler man, I was dondering what those things were. I’m around chapter 75 and I guess that revelation would have happened in like 500 chapters. What a pity, the biggest mystery for me at that moment was destroyed.

          1. So I spoiled something for you in the story?
            Sorry chap, not my intention. However heads up, there tend to be many spoilers in comments section. Plus we could say that right now you are kinda reading ahead which makes a spoiler rather natural

  2. The hardest part in writing a story is writing a good end.

    To be more precice: every long story that doesn’t end BAD is already a great succees in my opinion. 🙂

    Usually it’s harder to write a good end the longer the story becomes.

    1. As a writer, I agree wholeheartedly. In my experience, it’s very important to know from the beginning where it ends if you plan on going the route of expanding scope to cosmic scales. Like the novel I am working on right now, I have had the ending planned since day one, because in my mind it cannot end in any other way. It’s a cosmic-scale war between the forces of Law and Chaos, between Demons and Gods, with the protagonist seeking vengeance against the Host of Heaven for a myriad reasons, and when my protagonist Maya obtained her Divine Spark (it’s heavily based in Gnosticism) through the blessing of Sophia, she swore a blood oath with all beings of power that she would annihilate all the heavens, all Law in the universe, and make her entire world a monument to the sins of God and his cruelty for robbing Maya of all she cared about, and the world itself would be the tomb in which her dead lover would be able to rest. From the very start, I have known that the only way for my story to end is either to have Maya sacrifice herself to tear the world asunder, seeking mutual annihilation and becoming a villain in the process and then just die – or for her to do all these things, but then redeem herself by replacing the Heavens she tore to pieces, and use her divine spark to create a new world from her very being.

      Because she never cared about power, she only cared about vengeance after losing everything. Her lover is dead, and the Divine Spark has already been absorbed by Maya by the end of the story. But just like Sophia, Maya could not return to pleroma. So how do I end that story? Do I go against the theme of star-crossed lovers forever separated by time and space due to the machinations of a paranoid and jealous False God (Yaldabaoth, Yehova), and somehow reunite them? I would like so, but I think it would go against the theme of a story where vengeance and hatred is the core concept, a story where the main character seeks power at any cost for the sake of trampling the heavens and tear all of Law into pieces. Reminds me of Renegade Immortal in a sense – how can Wang Lin have a happy ending in the first 500 chapters of the book when his very existence is solely for the sake of erasing the surname Teng from the annals of history?

      I know this is massively off-topic and stuff, but I am just genuinely thoughtful on this topic. Maybe the true answer is that I simply can’t end the story after Maya succeeds in her end-game, maybe I need to continue it afterwards – maybe I should let her Lovers last wish come to pass and let her heart be redeemed and find happiness again, even if it’s without her true lover by her side? Or, maybe it IS okay to end on a sad note, for Maya to realize how hollow everything is, how meaningless it was, how nothing mattered in the end – even when the Heavens burned and the false God that took everything from her is devoured by demons, she will not find fulfillment – but is simply feeling lost. So she ends her life by destroying the current world, using all of her divine powers to create a new world from her own body – and a new start, free from the shackles of the tyranny of Law and Order, a world of freedom? Just that she won’t be there to see it.

      Yeah, I get that this comment makes no sense, and there’s no place online to read any of this story or anything, but I’m just reflecting a bit. Because your comment raises interesting questions: what makes up a good ending? Is it consistency?

      I really can’t answer it. Somehow, I feel that a happy ending following a story that is centered around vengeance, is almost unsettling. At some point, a character that has abandoned their humanity for the sake of confronting the abyss, should become as dark as the abyss, and as hopeless. But are these heroic stories that we should feel eager to tell – and should people want to read them? I truly dont know.

        1. I more hope that Tina doesn’t see my comment as being disrespectful or anything though. I kinda went off on a tangent but I find he point of discussion really fundamentally interesting, but it can be seen as disrespectful that I used what I know (i.e my own writing) to illustrate points and questions, even though I am obviously not schilling my own shit since it obviously doesn’t exist online to begin with.In hindsight, with this in mind, I wish I’d read the entirety of this novel before writing this comment, but I kinda got caught up in the moment of being inspired to add my thoughts in response to a thought-provoking comment instead. 😛

  3. I honestly loved this novel. And very rarely do I get to finish an excellent novel, especially with such a satisfying ending, even though I still crave for more 😊

    Goodluck with Blue Phoenix and I’m looking forward to you bringing him back in the future.

  4. Hmm well lol i wont be adding any smart comments i think the book is pretty awesome although i never finished it ..(P.S. I’m not hating or anything I enjoyed Overthrowing Fate and I also like Blue Phoenix), but in Overthrowing Fate its tooo
    hmm short ?? Like so far i think I’m around Chapter 50 or 60 but I may have skipped some chapters ahead and like the whole time I only saw 2 ‘Power Ranks’ or ‘Ascensions’ Student Warrior and Warrior and then Immortality?!?
    That i won’t sugarcoated (sucks). Like this universe or world in this book is to small
    i like the saying that said
    “for every person there is a person above that person and a sky above a sky” i think that’s how it goes.
    so yea i mean they reached the peak/apex too quickly.

    1. While i do agree this story is way to short, and it could be a lot longer from just fact that there is main continent and immortality is actually just start to power system in this world, if you ask why i say so is because you don’t become “best” after you get to that rank as we know already from that random young master who showed up in last 5 chapter. He was under 30yrs old and was closing to become one, and hes skills which were more profound so most like if we look at any CN novel are touching dao or concept of elements so immortality is just actual beginning and story ended just when it was just to begin.

    1. my bad i read incorrectly it did though zhong family head had his arm cut of first and son was easily killed then of course the zhong family head with one arm left was easily taken care of as well that Li guy was an unknown factor though

      1. I’m not making a small random comment, I’m pointing out why the last five chapters ruined this whole story. How did this end without Zhong Ji being the subject of the final battle?

        Young Master Zhong Ji is the primary antagonist of this series. His acts started Xu Min’s entire journey, killing him as been the primary motivator for everything Xu Min has done since. It is a fundamental betrayal of the whole story that he dies sitting on his ass as an afterthought in what has become the final battle with someone else. Everything should have lead to this one fight. He’s the core of Xu Min’s heart demon, but he’s also so insignificant that he dies more as an excuse for Li Fang to fight? Why even bother bringing Li Fang into the story at all if this was the ending? He took the spotlight away from the character whose death should have been the final resolution of all of Xu Min’s issues. He introduces entire ideas that will never be developed. It’s more like he was planned as a bridge to something else, and the author was so committed to the outline things didn’t change when the decision to end the series was made.

        It wouldn’t have taken a lot of effort to end this series quickly without messing up the dismount. The simplest way would have been for Zhong Ji to brag about all his fancy training he’d gotten from someone from over the sea. Boom, basically the same fight but with the right character in the fight. It would have even left room to re-open this series later, what if Li Fang had been Zhong Ji’s new master, and it was to win his acceptance that Zhong Ji was encouraged to murder anyone who annoyed him? Then you’d have both a more skilled master wanting to avenging his student, who had a direct link to the death of Xu Min’s sister, and a reason for Xu Min to cross the sea.

        Xu Min’s killing of Zhong Ji should have been a cathartic moment, something he had to earn, the final step of a years long mission to have his vengeance, maybe then he would have earned his new peace of mind. Instead Zhong Ji died as a bad joke, and Xu Min barely even notices.

        This is not a good ending to this story.

        1. You said it very well what most of us think this ending was rushed and really pointless, yes he killed people who killed hes sister but we didn’t actually get satisfaction from it as they died like mosquito who got slapped by random hand movement, and we got introduced to new person from other side of the sea, Li Fang, and whole idea how cultivation crumbled with him we get glimpse that Immortality is just beginning in this world, as I see this ~150 chapters were prologue
          of the story which could have been amazing, actually better that that Blue Phoenix which author is writing same time which i think was stupid decision on her part to focus on 2 project…

  5. Wow has this site become so pathetic that you’ve begun censoring posts that show criticism of a novel? Because they weren’t giving the author a reach around you delete their posts? Those comments that were on here earlier actually had some good points and they weren’t insulting the author but, pointing out flaws in the story. Pretty sad that this site is all about censorship now. I kinda understand now why others jumped ship to QI.

  6. I’m only on chapter 65, but I’m very much enjoying the story and the main character. However, I VERY much hope that you take the time to go back and actually edit this book. It’s obvious that nobody ever edited it. Each and every chapter has multiple grammatical errors. You often decide to write a line differently while writing it, but don’t actually fix how you started it to match how it ends. (I’m guilty of doing this too when I write, so I can easily spot the many, many places you’ve done it here). You also recently, around chapter 50ish, started randomly replacing the main characters name with some unknown character.

    While editing it you should also fix the many inconsistencies in plot and facts. For instance, the first tournament was supposed to be 1 battle per day, but instead became a battle of attrition. It worked out well that way, but since the rules were stated one way at first, that should be fixed. There are many more similar ones, but that’s the one that stands out for me right now. I’ve even found a few places were two sentences back to back directly contradict each other.

    Great book, but all these errors jar the reader out of the story.

  7. Sorry, just read another huge one. It was specifically stated that nobody from Snow Mountain of the Dragon Ruins that had actually seen him had lived when he first encountered them, yet just now in chapter 66 that was contradicted, and they even gave him a previously unheard name. Either one is believable since he left in the middle of a slaughter, and there was presumably some distance between him and the next foes when he broke away. It’s believable that they didn’t see him clearly enough to recognize him, and it’s also believable that they did.

  8. Congratulations on finishing this OF, Tinalynge! I can’t wait to see how Blue Phoenix gets completed, and if you have plans for any other new novels!

  9. Brilliant… The story was awesome… I was looking for a short and completed novel.. I consider myself lucky to have found this one..😉

    I would like to let you know that your writing was pleasing and acknowledge your efforts in moulding this novel… Hearty congratulations on completing it..😇

    I wish you the best with your other novels and hope that there will be a second part to this one… I really want to know more about Xu Min,his life with Meilin, the history of respected Master Wang Li and the secrets held within the continent from where our dear MC emerged.. See ya..☺

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