Original realm term change in SOTR

Hello all! There’s a sponsored chapter coming soon, whenever Kidyeon is done working his magic. I am convinced by the horde of objection from my editors that original realm is really much better off as “origin realm”, so let it henceforth be known on this bright, sunshiny day in October 16 that original realm will be changed to origin realm.

This change is effective immediately starting from tonight’s chapter onwards.

Now, I’ve also been asked a few times by readers about nascent realm, and I’m still against its use because it doesn’t map as well to the raw as origin/original does. So I’m still not using that name. 😀

Please, may we give lots of love to Deyna for being the one who will be going through all previous uses of original realm in the prior 100+ chapters, correcting it in Google docs, and reuploading on WW? Thank you my friend, you are the man for taking care of a crazily tedious task as this. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

<3 etvo

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  1. Wait, so “origin” realm is normally translated as “nascent” realm? Well, it might not fit this since “nascent” is about coming into existence and showing potential. To be a bud that will eventually bloom.

    In this, it seems that Origin just seems to be another realm.

    1. I’m not sure where it’s usually translated as nascent, but I’ve had quite a few readers tell me that’s the natural progression of cultivation stages. This may come back to bite me in the royal tush in the future, since I really don’t know enough about what the origin realm does to know if it really is the stepping stone to another plane of existence, so I’m just going off of the word meaning itself at the moment.

      1. you’re being a bit stubborn etvo but i think that at least origin realm is a step up from original realm. but if you translate saint realm as something like divinity realm so help me god i’ll spam you into oblivion.

        still love you and thx for your work cheers!

      2. The nascent realm is used in issth and is also referred to as nascent soul. The guy started from zero and the story is long but he just recently became imortal. I can’t imagine why you didn’t read that story yet.

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