One Month Anniversary

Hi friends!  As I mentioned in my previous post, today is the 1 month anniversary of Wuxia World, and in honor of this anniversary, I’m going to be lazy and take this day off xP.  With that being said, I thought I’d share some stats with you, so everyone knows how far we’ve come!  These stats are either pulled from Google Analytics, or from WordPress Stats!

Daily Records:

Our highest number of active users at one time was on Jan 20th, at 480.  Our highest number of DAILY pageviews was yesterday, Jan 21st, at 144,102 pageviews, with 10,091 unique visitor IP’s.

Total Stats:

Total lifetime pageviews: 2,621,741.  Total lifetime comments: 6816.  Total bandwidth consumed: 85 gigabytes.  Total registered users: 1094.  Total chapters published this month: 99.  Total # of countries who have come visit: 148.  Top ten countries: United States (36%), Canada (7%), Indonesia (5%), Germany (4.5%), UK (4%), Phillippines (4%), Australia (3.6%), India (3.32%), France (2.5%), Sweden (2.4%).

I am absolutely overwhelmed by you guys and your support of Wuxia World, and for so many international friends coming and supporting me/us.  Thank you all so much!  You guys are AWESOME!!!!

169 thoughts on “One Month Anniversary” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. It is an epic novel to read…But, first and foremost, it is an epic translator who has done the time-consuming task of translating it. Thank you so much for doing it 🙂

  2. Woah! Nice changes to the site. Looks much better this way 😀

    Seriously though, don’t work too much on your day off :/

    Edit: WE CAN EDIT NOW! Thanks a ton for this, now I can post something without reading over it 20 times first XD

  3. I like the new donation section and blog posts with timestamps and improved comments area, but I prefer the old design overall. It was much cleaner and easier on the eyes while browsing. T_T

    Will the mobile version stay the same?

    1. I think it might just be that the font is smaller now (we can increase that) and the background was red, which isn’t as easy on the eyes as blue. I switched back to blue for now. Feel any better?

      1. Yes, didn’t think of the red actually. The dark blue hues are much easier on the eyes in the background. Reminds me, I should get a new monitor with a higher resolution though.

        The drop down menu for “Translations” looks weird. The second title has a line break in its name.

  4. Love the new set up. I thought I was at the wrong site at first lol. And those stats are crazy. Most websites would kill for stats like those. keep it up and enjoy your rest it is surely need and earned.

  5. Just wanted to say again, thanks for all your hard work Ren. Looking at the stats you average 3+ chapters a day. Maybe you should choose a couple days to always take off and give yourself a break. I love reading this series and the speed of your translations but I would hate to see you burn out. So please consider setting up at least two days a month that you won’t translate and will rest with more assigned as needed. If you put it on the donation page that day x and y of each month you do not do bonus chapters and rest no one would get upset.

  6. Ren..
    Why is Mobile version seems broke?
    And one more thing…
    i want to donate.. but,
    it seems like i can’t find my country…
    can you fix that please??
    btw.. i’m from Malaysia…
    thanks ren.. and donors

  7. Maybe I’m a whiner, but I do not like the new design.

    Reason being I do not want to see the background with the text. I’d like to see only the text. It’s just rough on the eyes.

          1. If we’re using technicalities then you ARE editing the site.. It may not be translating but it’s still work 😛

            At least get a good nights sleep tonight..

    1. The thermometer was essential. The bar thing is ok too though, I guess.

      I like how we can actually see who replied to who though now in the comments.

      The opacity is fine for me, I like the new site design a bit more now in general, but it seems a bit weirder to me on a tablet with the background visible on the left, but not on the right…asymmetrical. You could put more ads or recent posts as well as meta on the left to even it out a bit.

    1. Holy crap, yeah. I just checked it, and…Ten, as soon as your break day is over, good luck on those 5 chapters to translate :P.
      Though, tonight I might actually get some sleep without having to check every so often.

  8. Damn, Ren we appreciate your effort and I admire the fact that even on your day off. you decide to work anyways! Try to rest, because for the next 2 to 3 days you might not be able to….

  9. me again …..i am in real need of so help i try reading something new yet i keep ending up back here checking even thou i am on the subscribed list i ..i…i’m going a little crazy .
    So this is y drugs are bad for ur health and wallet both get drained fast because of the need for more.. (yes CD is a drug ppl it a very good drug that does not mean it not a drug)
    P.S. Neat work on the site. But you my Master are a work-o-holic the site and translations are work but since you enjoy it it not really bad work just make sure you get the rest you need play your games read a new book do something else or we Leech will feel bad (the human part of us that is the Leech part want more no matter how much you give it each day).

  10. nice change hahaha

    and ren, i want to ask…
    is that another work from IET or you??? ^_^

    P.S: oh my god what is this number, beside “click to edt”, timer bomb o_O
    lol xD

  11. you could have made us redo the design and take a day long nap
    with the number of people with some knowledge about it and who check wuxiaworld every day
    you could have gather a hundred slave (aka. reader) and work them to dead

    just a idea

  12. An old template for donations will appear (Including outdated status) while viewing a chapter as unregistered user via clicking
    “Translations” ->
    “Coiling Dragon” ->
    f.e Book 8 – The Ten Thousand Kilometer Journey “Chapter 1”

    Cleared my Browser Cach should therefore be somesort of script error?

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