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One Man Army here! But did you know that OMA stands for granny in the german language?

Only after I starting posting with this bad-ass alias (self-assumed) I created, readers informed me that it actually meant granny in German. So it’s actually Grandmother Translations to them. *Wince* But hey, you know how they always say: ‘My grandmother does it better than you’. During my stint here, I wish to provide all of you with HQ translations, faster releases and some other services(?)

I hail from the sunny island Singapore, the little red dot on the world map. It’s home to many translators here too which I’m sure you all are familiar with, and I’m proud to join their ranks today! At the same time, I would like to thank Ren for this invitation.

As for the novel itself, it is a darker themed novel that brings to us a fresh element to the vast genres we already have on Wuxia World. It depicts our MC, Leylin, on his quest in purely becoming the strongest Magus through outwitting and outlasting his opponents along the way.

I have read every individual welcome message and have to say that you guys are the most spontaneous bunch of readers, not to forget the ones who have been following me since on my personal WordPress site. Thank you for the hearty welcome, everyone! I hope y’all enjoy reading the novel! 🙂


tl;dr Hello, it’s me.

I will currently be releasing 3 regular chapters/week and taking in sponsored chapter donations, up to a total of 7 releases/week.

97 thoughts on “OMA x WuxiaWorld” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hey man, it’s always great to welcome a new translator to WW :D, and to your tl;dr: I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet 😉

  2. Welcome OMA! already following WMW for some months, it’s an interesting novel and the translation is nice.
    I love that rational MC (even if it implies he’s often cold and calculating).

    Also A.I. chip! Establish low priority mission: evaluate the use of the ♟ (Black chess pawn) as an icon for WMW and propose possible alternatives!
    [Beep! Mission establishing! Evaluation in progress!]
    – ♟ could be related to dark element affinity

    [Beep! Possible alternative icons:]
    – Kemoyin ? ? 33.51%
    – Magi Radiation ☢ ⚛ ? 26.12%
    – Magi Pentagram ⛤ ⛧ ? 17.95%
    – Potionnering ⚗ ? ? 16.74%
    – Dark element affinity ★ ♚ ♜ ♝ ♞ ? 16.35%
    – A.I. chip’s Beep ? ? 15.21%
    – A.I. chip on low energy ? ? 9.70%
    – A.I. chip focus on Augmented Reality Head-Up Display ⛶ ? 5.51%
    – Technological cheat ⚙ ? 3.03%
    – Random monster ? ? 2.11%

  3. Nice, I’ve wanted to start reading this novel way back and bookmarked it, but I forgot and was unable to find the bookmark. Anyway, I’m going to binge read this and wish you luck… And WELCOME!!

    PS: Grammar was horrible in this one, but you know what? Deal with it.

    1. Alright, so I’ve already read close to 40 chapters, and I have to say that the names in it make a striking resemblance to some of the characters in CD. And the MC appears to be bluefire… nice.

      PS: Does this mean the author is a fanboy of CD?
      I, personally, hope so 😀

  4. Welcome OMA , have been following this novel since the beginning. Dark and more realistic thoughts themed novel. Really is a unique one. I like it !

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