3 thoughts on “OG Chapter 49 & 50” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. thanks for the chap ! may i ask if somebody know other series which are like this ? i read TKA but i don’t like how they fight against the big guild (to much pvp) . i started breakers but it’s not what i m looking for. OG is really great maybe u know other serie like this ?

  2. most of the VRRMMO novels are going to have PvP, more PvP is going on even more at the end of these novels.
    i can recommend some though where i think is less PvP ongoing,
    1 is Taming Master
    2 is Reign of the Huntress
    but like i said, at the end its more PvP. Atleast the both mentioned novels are more focused on charakter development, u can give it a try…

    1. thanks you i will check those novels. you are right there are a lot of pvp in VRRMMO but i don’t know if there is pvp in emperor of solo play but i like this novel so if u have other recommendation it would be great for me and others 🙂

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