OG Chapter 351 – 355

(20/20) + (3/20)

Once again, I am busy and will have no time to write an announcement post if I miss a day. So stop panicking and predicting my death just because I miss a day.

Chapter 351

Glossary of Common Korean Terms.

OG: Glossary Link. 

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  1. This post proves nothing! I’m sure that this is all a conspiracy. Turtle was assassinated by Qidian and they hacked her computer to make this post look like she was still alive.

    Rest in Piece RainbowTurtle… T.T

  2. come on RainbowTurtle we definitely dont want your death till OG is over 😀 even if die we will pay off a necromencer 😀 just to finish OG 😀

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