OG Chapter 30

I will be increasing the release rate to 20 chapters a week, simply because I am translating way more than I am releasing.

(3/20 Weekly)

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Chapter 30

Glossary of Common Korean Terms.

OG: Glossary Link. 

Current schedule: 20 chapters a week.

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        1. you must be new here, if you look to the completed list of korean novels you will see that 3 of them were trasnlated by turtle, the reason for this is that she has an tight shcedule, there was an time were she’d put 4 chapters a day, so this of 20 chapters of og and 6 of bem is normal.

    1. I’ve been following turtle for YEARS now, and not a single time she’s ever done that. If a novel’s pace slows down, it’s only because she caught up with the author in case it is still ongoing (see BEM). She translated over 400 chapters of LMS (each of them being as long as 5-6 chapters of OG) never slowing down the pace. You must be new around here, but welcome 🙂
      Grass porridge! Grass porridge!

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