OFFICIAL Welcome Post for Thyaeria and Tales of Demons & Gods!

Hey guys, so we had the soft rollout a few hours ago.  After  about 4-5 hours of sleep, I climbed up and finished the rest, putting together a provisional index, next chapter links, etc., and so now, I’m very delighted to OFFICIALLY welcome Thyaeria and Tales of Demons & Gods (妖神记) to Wuxiaworld!  A hearty Wuxiaworld welcome to Thyaeria!  Welcome, welcome!  😀 😀 😀

For older TDG readers, everything will be the same as before, with a minor exception; previously, Thyaeria had been doing only 1 regular chapter a week, and doing bonus chapters for $45/each.  Because everyone at Wuxiaworld usually does at least 3 regular chapters a week, I convinced Thyaeria to up the regular chapters to 3 as well, but to make up for that, the bonus chapters will be changed to $60 each.  The 10 chapters already in the queue will be ‘grandfathered’ in at the original price, and so I put in the queue as ‘$600’, even though the actual donated amount was ‘$450’.  Just wanted to be completely open and transparent about this.

OK, now I’m off to get some more REM cycles, then will start on my two CD chapters and 1-2 DE chapters for today.  See y’all!

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  1. I’d like to take the chance not only to welcome Thyaeria, but also to say hello to everyone myself. I’ve been following ww quiet some time now, but never put up the chance to register myself, and that is just immortal! So.. Hi everyone! :’D

  2. Thats great but t the same time it’s so sad. We, devoted tdg followers, had our own little world and now it was devoured by those big evere hungry monster Wuxia 🙁

    1. we will survive i mean it was nice having our own site for TDG but if this is better for Thyaeria then it’s okay. pretty easy to find TDG so that’s okay to. but i have to admit having a site for only TDG was good. :/

      1. 5 whole series? imma jelly, i only got 1… lucky bastards…
        well, even tho it´s kinda my fault for not liking harem and already completing CD… and because i had studies so missed out on ISSTH after chapter 60 and never had enough time to catch up again… ugh anyway, imma jelly

  3. I’ve been following you since chap ~30, and I can say that this novel is great so ww readers – give it a try! And of course thank you Thyaeria for translating it!

  4. Hey Thyaeria, been following you on your previous site and just wanted to say your translations are fantastic and welcome to Wuxiaworld. Keep up the great work and thanks for all the chapters! 🙂

  5. Man, RWX, you’re too awesome! I’ve been following some of these novels from their old sites and it’s almost like you’re uniting all the most awesome titles under one banner. Nice negotiating skills, kudos!

  6. Damnit, I am already at the last chapter, and I only started reading this series when it came over here…

    Well, that just means that it’s good enough to take most of my free time, both story and translations.

    It’s well translated, with only a few things that don’t work that well in english, and a bit of confusion for the family name Shen (sometimes written Chen, despite it being an other already used family name).

    Over all, I really despise not having money to donate, because this is one of the best stories in here, and it’s saying a lot, because WW now hosts quite a lot of good stories with good translations.

    Anyway, many thanks for the translation, I will be looking forward to reading it to the end.

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