Official Status of TGR

Hey guys, here’s the official status of TGR. As you might’ve noticed, in recent months, it’s been updated rather erratically, sometimes coming out in bursts but sometimes not. Our translator, jn, has been overwhelmed with work and at present is not going to be able to continue with this translation.

I’ve talked with Thyaeria, and with TDG almost caught up to raws, he has the spare time and bandwidth to take over TGR while still doing TDG. He will spend the next week or so reading up on translated TGR chapters as well as raws, then start translating at a pace of 3-5/week until October 22; after October 22, he’ll be able to translate even more chapters, as his military training will have come to an end.

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      1. The author’s recent chapters of Tdg are getting a little dry . I believe the author doesn’t understand what diresction to pull the story currently afterall a large part of the recent arcs seemed to be inserted hapazardly to stretch the story.

          1. I kinda disagree.

            If he’s confused about which direction to take TDG in, then the best thing to do might be to take a break from the series rather than force himself to keep writing in a slump only to take it down an irrevocably bad direction (like Nine Godheads, which started off awesome and ended up dropped because the author took a wrong turn).

            Western fantasy fans (and there’s a good chance most people here are) have probably heard of Brandon Sanderson. The guy bounces back and forth between a bunch of his stories, and IMO they are all better for it.

  1. What about the 3 DE chapters that you MISSED LAST WEEK(25/07-31/07) are you going to release them this weekend or are you just never releasing them ? and also the 3 unreleased chapters for this week are also not out yet

    1. usually unreleased chapters are forgotten cause many translators cant handle the pressure if its missing to much chapters as they are humans and not machine. One example is Rex/ translator of Renegade Immortal, he had promised chapters wich he couldnt deliver and got under alot of pressure so he decided just to forget them. Nothing to do about it, we dont want the translators to break under pressure so we dont complain about it

      Also big thank for getting back on TGR, miss it, good read

      1. ik u usually post it at the end of a book that u will be on a break, but maybe some ppl miss that information. still sometimes i miss the old RWX who didnt take breaks :P, though its good to reload the battery 🙂

        Xie Xie RWX, Wo De Hao Xiong Di!

        1. The old RWX was just a translator. Alas, I have far, far too much work these days running the site and doing some other things, which shall become readily apparent 🙂

          1. Old RWX still had breaks at 22nd of each month IIRC. xd Even older RWX didn’t but hey, this site has grown so much I’m surprised you still have time to translate.

          2. Well, based on the MGA kindle deal, most of us should be able to place a guess in the general ball park. 😉

            Just depends on whether that was the business plan or just a test of potential market for publishers. 😉

      2. My dear RWX was wandering if we can get an update on USAW I really loved it and miss reading it, a big thank you for taking the time to do what you do and will be very grateful if i could get a reply 🙂

    2. New DE Chapter Release! Book 16, Chapter 6

      August 2, 2016 at 01:03 pm (UTC -5)
      Hey guys, here is your second chapter of the week, also a regular chapter! Book 16, Chapter 6 – Wandering. Enjoy the read! I’ll make up for the ‘missed’ chapters on the weekend.

      It just turned the weekend. I don’t think trying to put pressure on the translators the first day of the entire weekend they have to release will make them release any faster. Allot of things can spring up on a business trip that could need to bed taken care of.

        1. Not really, there’s so many comments on the back-end I didn’t even see them until well after I had responded. Anyhow, water under the bridge, no biggie.

  2. Thanks for the updates Ren and Thyaeria for picking it up. Hopefully jn’s okay from his job, sounds like an absolute nightmare. I know you said that jn’s not able to translate at present but do you think he’ll ever come back? Thyaeria’s amazing and all but I just have some sentimental value towards jn and TGR since I followed it since the beginning on his original site. But if he isn’t able to come back I wish him all the best for the future.

  3. Unfortunate that Jn is so swamped with work that he can’t translate but super happy that we’ll be getting consistent releases for TGR was really enjoying the story. Props to Thyaeria for taking over translations.

  4. Thanks jn for all the translation work you did and bringing us TGR! Hope that work doesn’t continue to overwhelm.

    Thanks Thyaeria for taking over the translation~ Looking forward to it~

  5. Yay!!! thank you jn for translating the TGR up until now, and thank you a lot thyaeria for translating the novel! <3 I know TDG is not going anywhere, and to be honest I'm kinda disappointed with the novel but still i read it.. but now that you are translating TGR is something to look forward to! Wish you all the best! and God bless you!

  6. Your open communication, dedication, and ability to put up with our constant BS is something to be admired. You owe us nothing and yet you give us so much. You really care about providing ethical, thoughtful translations; constantly digging holes, as you put it (and still we whine). You do it the hard way and we’re all better for it.

    In another recent example, Deathblade (and Madam DB of ISSTH) just released a video with the pronunciations of all the MC names. That was awesome.

    Thanks for keeping us informed. Thanks, RXW, Thyaeria, jn and the wuxiaworld team! I don’t say it enough.

  7. How will Thyaeria keep up with everything? Translating TDG reading TGR up to date and start translating future chapters all the while doing military training?!1

    1. You forgot that now he has been corrupted by Pokemon Go lol. Hopefully Thyaeria will be able to handle it all if not I am sure Ren will be more than understand if he has to cut back

  8. I rather have someone take over Upgrade Specialist in Another World, but i have no power over anyone to force them to do it. It’s sad that it haven’t been updated in months.

  9. I always treated TGR chapters as a present. I was always excited when they came out but went to other novels right after. Nevertheless I’m super happy right now 😀

  10. Thanks ren for the updated news.
    Well i do hoped JN will gave bit of words regarding of this.. I follow him from his old site too, and at least he need to say “bye” or “coming back in the futures”

  11. While it’s unfortunate to see that jn will no longer be able to translate TGR, I’m glad that we are able to see a favourable outcome. This way, jn gets his needed focus on his other commitments, TGR fans (like myself) will be able to read more translated chapters, and curious people (again, like myself) now know what will become of Thyaeria once TDG is caught up with its raws.

    Also, seeing as how TGR raws are up to like 1200+ chapters, if Thyaeria is taking over the translations permanently, then he won’t have to worry about catching up to the raws anytime soon xD

    Regardless, thank you very much for giving us the much needed status update RWX, as well as jn for his translations thus far, and Thyaeria for taking over. 🙂

  12. I just wondered what happened to TGR and was worried about the wellbeing of the TLR or that something happened :X Thanks for the Enlightment RWX. Cheers to the TLR 🙂

  13. Yay! I was pretty bummed about the lack of updates with TGR. This is certainly great news!
    Thx, jn, for all the past chapters & thx Thyaeria for the upcoming ones!

  14. i like how the site has night mode installed…!!! i wanted to show my support for this feature! sorry i cant find anywhere to post this message, not even the forums has a thread for this… 🙁

  15. I will leave here my thanks for jn for all the work to translate TGR so far, and pity that can not continue, and also let my thank you to Thyaeria that will continue this great novel, and I wish good luck in this work too ..

  16. This is really good news! I read TGR back when it was at 100 chapters and i really did like it but the uploads were a problem. Now that i can be expecting some more chapters i can’t wait to go back a reread it.

    Thanks to all the translates for their hard work.

  17. Is Thyaeria no longer planning to pick up TGR, or is he planning to translate it later? I was just wondering since it’s been quite awhile since this message was posted.

    1. i would say it is pretty unrealistic to catch up to the translation and the raws while doing another series and having a life in just one or two weeks. Just reading it wouldn’t be a problem but to know it good enough to translate should take longer

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