Overthrowing Fate

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, MartialArts, Mature, Romance, Original, English

Art by Brettarts

Written by

First 34 chapters are written by Chassiel

The rest is written by Tinalynge

Edited by ONI_Ghost



Xu Min realized that he was gifted with an exceptional talent for cultivation as he was training to become a family guard. His path was set before him but due to the jealousy of man, misfortune befell him. Xu Min found that he could trust no one as he began walking down the path of vengeance in a world where only the strong survived


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Table of Contents

Book 1: Escaping Fate

Chapter 0: Prologue
Chapter 1: Servant Boy
Chapter 2: Hatred
Chapter 3: Escape
Chapter 4: The Hunt
Chapter 5: The World on the Other Side
Chapter 6: Honghe City
Chapter 7: Overseer Wang Li
Chapter 8: A Hundred Gold Coins
Chapter 9: Attempted Escape
Chapter 10: Warrior
Chapter 11: Departure from Honghe City
Chapter 12: West City Gate
Chapter 13: Building a Lair
Chapter 14: Unfortunate Encounter
Chapter 15: Demonic Golden Collared Wolves
Chapter 16: The Mysterious Valley
Chapter 17: Cao Cao
Chapter 18: Flee!
Chapter 19: Mysterious Treasure
Chapter 20: Immortal Cave
Chapter 21: Attack!
Chapter 22: Ri Chu City
Chapter 23: Jade Card
Chapter 24: Shopping Time
Chapter 25: The Alluring Treasure Pavilion
Chapter 26: Pretty Woman
Chapter 27: Purchase Complete
Chapter 28: Balancing Energies
Chapter 29: Punishment
Chapter 30: The Yong Family
Chapter 31: Visiting at Home
Chapter 32: Divine Flower Garden
Chapter 33: Mutual Benefits
Chapter 34: Training Grounds
Chapter 35: A Storm is Brewing
Chapter 36: Challenges
Chapter 37: Silence before the Storm
Chapter 38: Drums of War
Chapter 39: Younger Generation Geniuses
Chapter 40: Mastering the Sword
Chapter 41: Physical and Internal Strength
Chapter 42: My Turn
Chapter 43: Victory and Defeat
Chapter 44: Stealing Energy
Chapter 45: Master Dong Liang
Chapter 46: Uncontrollable Sword
Chapter 47: The Devourer
Chapter 48: To the Tournament
Chapter 49: Let the Tournament Begin!
Chapter 50: The Dark Horse
Chapter 51: The Might of a Two Star Warrior
Chapter 52: Young Master Tang Jin
Chapter 53: My Son!
Chapter 54: Departure

Book 2: Fighting Fate

Book 3: Overthrowing Fate

Chapter 101: Guardian Tree
Chapter 102: Around the Academy
Chapter 103: Cottage
Chapter 104: Domain
Chapter 105: Sparring Field
Chapter 106: Lunatic
Chapter 107: Sword
Chapter 108: Devouring
Chapter 109: Class
Chapter 110: Senior Apprentice Brother
Chapter 111: Mu Jianyao
Chapter 112: Brothers
Chapter 113: Human Magic
Chapter 114: Pack of Wolves
Chapter 115: A Week Off
Chapter 116: Fire Affinity
Chapter 117: Merge
Chapter 118: Divine Flower
Chapter 119: Heavenly Rankings Begin
Chapter 120: Rankers
Chapter 121: Next Battle
Chapter 122: Fighting the Fourth Ranked
Chapter 123: Hate
Chapter 124: Leaving
Chapter 125: Returning to the Blood Pagoda
Chapter 126: Heart Demon
Chapter 127: Emotions
Chapter 128: Pill of Transcendence
Chapter 129: Battleground
Chapter 130: Barren Land
Chapter 131: Beautiful Beast
Chapter 132: Esteemed Expert
Chapter 133: Massacre
Chapter 134: Running Into Problems
Chapter 135: At the Border
Chapter 136: Immortals
Chapter 137: Crossing the Border
Chapter 138: Wilderness Forest
Chapter 139: Overrun
Chapter 140: Followed
Chapter 141: Danger Zone
Chapter 142: Bandit Hunter
Chapter 143: Returning to Ri Chu City
Chapter 144: Children
Chapter 145: Monster
Chapter 146: Ending the Tang Family
Chapter 147: A Home
Chapter 148: Returning
Chapter 149: Invitation to a Banquet
Chapter 150: Li Fang
Chapter 151: Fighting the Patriarch
Chapter 152: Fighting Li Fang
Chapter 153: True Happiness


29 thoughts on “Overthrowing Fate” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. One of the tags is romance, but will it be a harem? Bc I don’t think I want to read another novel where the main char can’t trust anybody and hates the world, but gets followed by a multitude of girls he just met/still doesn’t know good enough :v

  2. Chassiel and Tinalynge i was wondering if you have an estimation on how much chapters this book will have. Just curious because i really hope it is like over a thousand because it is so good to read.

    1. Hello!
      Thank you for your comment, I am really glad to hear that you are enjoying the novel 😀
      Unfortunately, it will not be very long. I will be finishing it after the third book. However, this does not mean that there will be no more Overthrowing Fate in the future 🙂
      Please continue to enjoy the story!
      Kind regards

      1. Ahh very sad to hear indeed but i have greatly enjoyed reading this book and obviously will continue till its completed. Thanks very very much for completing this book and all the hard work. You are amazing.

      2. So could we see OF’s books 1 – 3 as a first part and hopefully one day the mystery of his origin (just assuming that it isn’t too ordinary) will be solved?
        And who says that book 3 cannot consist of hundreds of chapters? 😛

        Thank you for your stories 🙂

  3. Does it get better?
    for now MC keeps doing stupid decisions and courting death even with no reason for doing that
    i hope this is because he is still young(and stupid) and in the future will get better

  4. *********DISCLAIMER // THIS COMMENT IS FOR PURPOSE OF MAKING AUTHOR IMPROVE HIMSELF NOT A HATE COMMENT TO MAKE AUTHOR SAD************ Pretty interesting one but Blue phoenix was better idk why but it was written better and the cultivation was fast but this one cultivation is so slow … and it only got 4 stages Unknown Start,Student Warrior,Real Warrior/Warrior and Emperor . The mc is illogical sometimes, like when he sells his herbs he didnt ask for more money just took the money when the herb could sell for 2-3 thousand gold coins or 10 thousand and more if sold in an alchemist .Dropped chapter 23 slow stories are so boring it will be like 1000 chapters in the story and mc would be a weakling … if you ask me the series should have more cultivation stages atleast 5-6 and 7 .Even though this series was written by the same author with bluephoenix (i think) but atleast blue phoenix was a mediocre on this one is worse the prologue was engaging the story too fast in my opinion atleast should do it 6-7 chapters after we learn about the family and stuff and not prologue ,chapter 1-2-3 and BOOM SISTER DEAD THIS WAS JUST TOO FAST IT WASNT EVEN SAD IT WAS JUST STUPID FOR A STORY START A CLEARLY REVENGE STORY WITH A HYPE TITLE
    Im dissapointed i guess this was going to be expected original novel it isnt from a well known company with staff that can help the author with his stories, after all this one i think is made in english it got 0 chinese mythology in it it just a mix of alot of myths in the world i propably compare it with bluephoenix alot but they are made by same author clearly dissapointed in him/her. Bluephoenix was a mix of greek/japanese/chinese (if not more )mythologies (phoenix are from greek mythology not chinese and vermillion bird is from chinese it isn’t a phoenix but clearly a flaming bird XD? im not sure but this took long hopefully the author read this and start improving the story ._. and dont copy same phrases too much like in bluephoenix …

    1. This won’t even reach a thousand chaps. There isn’t a need for more stages if the story is short so I think the 4 stages are alright. By the way, I haven’t read so I can say I’m not strongly biased towards the author as all information I’ve obtained are fr you and other comments.

    2. Good day. I don’t know if you are aware, since you quit at chapter 23, but as it is stated earlier on the site, the first 34 chapters were written by an author going under the alias Chassiel.

      I am sorry you feel this way about the story, but I can’t really change anything, nor is your criticism any help as you quit before you reached the point where I have been writing the story.

      Having said that, I highly appreciate that people tell me their honest opinions so that I can improve and make my stories much more enjoyable.

      Also phoenixes do exist in the chinese mythology 😉

      1. Hello….

        Is it really this short?

        Also, what do you need to be/have in order to write in WW? I wanna apply a story I’ve written in this site but I don’t know who to send it to for test reading (and perhaps as an audition?) to be approved to post story here. Do you have the time to give me advise? Thanks.

        1. Hi Darkness Emperor,

          Wuxiaworld has somewhat strict requirements for publishing novels. The forum for original stories has a sticky thread with some discussion about that, but it doesn’t say much beyond “the original stories section is curated, every story won’t be added there”.

          If you’re just looking for a place where you could share your story, as mentioned above the site has a forum with a place for original stories. I think it’d be a good idea to start there, and then see how people react to your story. It it’s good enough and liked well enough, it might get shown on the main page. Even if it isn’t, you’ll get the feedback on your story, perhaps some fans and dedicated readers, and you can then build up on that to perhaps get a later story published here.
          You should also consider whether you want to publish your story all at once, or a few chapters at a time. With a few chapters at a time, there will be more discussion, it will be on the top of the first page more often, etc. Maybe not quite one chapter at a time, but still, sharing it in several parts might be better than all at once.

        2. Post it in a forum or better Royal Road Legends it’s a site that promotes talented writers not like qidian which pays but it’s a fun place if you want an occupation dealing with scripts and stuff so 😛 (When posting the novel with chinese or fantasy elements they first get checked by admins so it’s get alot of time to get approved because this isn’t a company but a fan making stories

    3. Just because it starts by only telling you four stages doesn’t mean it only has to have 4 stages. If the author wants to, they can expand that at any time in the future.
      I’ve got nothing for the speed of cultivation since it doesn’t matter if it’s fast or slow. Especially with only the 20ish chapters you are going on.
      He had no idea the value of the herbs at the time he sold them, he was actually surprised at how much was offered, and he was trying to keep a low profile, so it is perfectly acceptable and even logical.
      As for the sister, the way it went was acceptable too. It can be considered a little fast, but it also gave you enough information and time to understand that he had a very good relationship with his sister. It’s a good basis for a revenge story.

      Over all, your “helping the author improve” is just basically complaining because there aren’t enough levels to power level the main character the way you want. Complaining because the character didn’t make as much money as you wanted him to the first time he sold a couple out of his stash of herbs, that he didn’t even know the value of. And complaining because the author didn’t follow some guideline you created in your own mind about how many chapters a scenario should take.
      But the funniest part is that all those complaints, are about the portion of the story the current author didn’t even write.

  5. I actually quite liked the story. It had a few parts that were… odd? Like his master and pretty much everything related to how he and Cao Cao met. It was a bit too forced. But both of those were from the original author.
    I wasn’t a big fan of the levels, but I almost never am. It was used a lot, but it was also kind of forced, and glossed over. A lot of talk about how a level 1,2, 4, 6/7-8, can’t fight against a 9. No real understanding of why though, except the statement that 9’s are super powerful simply because they are level 9. No real basis behind the levels either. I’d rather prefer less “levels” and more skill. Something more like “paper rock scissors” instead of only comparing “horse power”. It had parts that moved in that direction, especially closer to the end, but it ended up being rushed so nothing that could overshadow the level system managed to develop.
    I actually would have liked to have seen this series go a bit longer since there were so many possibilities. But I also understand wanting to work on the series you started instead. I think it was nice of you to even finish the series all things considered.
    I’m also glad it has a stable ending, even though it was rushed. It even leaves room for future stories or progress. And I like that you stayed true to the basis of the story, in this one, with him getting revenge for his sister. I always hate reading a story where the characters main goal is abandoned, forgotten, or thrown away.

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