💎 No True Martial World for today 💎

There will be no chapters for today, and maybe for the next 18-24 hours. Please see Coccoon Cow’s message below. As there were only 8 chapters out of 10 released for the week, 2 additional chapters will be added to the queue.

The fanmeeting win Singapore ended yesterday. I landed at 9:30pm China Standard Time in Shanghai today. Was hoping to be able to write a chapter, but ended up getting delayed at Shanghai airport. By the time I reached the hotel, it was already 11:30pm, kind of flabbergasted.

Returning home tomorrow, so I won’t be able to write much. I’ll write more the day after tomorrow (Tuesday). I’m really too ashamed to show my face. I’m really quite a crippled cow.

Regarding the fanmeeting, I’ll post it on my official WeChat account-_-||

9 thoughts on “💎 No True Martial World for today 💎” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Not a big deal, authors have lives too, with all sorts of events and happenings interfering with their work.

    Besides, it’s only a day or two, right?

    It’s not like TDG or anything, haha.

  2. By the way, the quality and even the quantity of the released chapters are getting less and less, I hope that the author won’t disappoint us.

    Well at least he’s committed to his schedule most of the time, not like some lazy untruthful authors, and I’m always reading the chapters without paying a cent (I don’t have the capability to pay at anycase), so I don’t have the right to criticize, but I’m doing this as a big fan of this novel, I prefer having one chapter released with a meaningful events, than several chapters just to fill the queue.

    Thank you, Author & Translator alike, and keep the hardwork

    1. Personally I feel the quality hasn’t dropped,

      When comparing two novels of equal quality, one with daily releases and one with weekly releases, the novel with daily releases appears higher quality due to better immersion, faster plot progression and the illusion of better continuity,

      I think that this current arc is really good, for me one of the best to date, our mc is fighting against people with comparable talents on a meaningfully large stage, having developed interestingly allowing him to showcase that development, clear plot progression is happening with the clans and the competition for apprenticeship, I’m really enjoying it 🙂

      Still though, can’t agree more, the fact that the author and translators are all reliably carrying on is excellent, thankyou all

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