No TGR Chapter Release this week.

Sorry to all the readers, but there will not be any TGR chapter released this week.

I was away from home due to a job for a few days and did not have time to translate. However, I will make up for it in the next week or the following week as I will have a long break from work.


12 thoughts on “No TGR Chapter Release this week.” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. at this point we are already numb to a long delay in chapters, well i am at least.
    not complaining since its better than nothing being translated or certain novels that translate at a much slower rate but it cant be helped that my excitement for this just drains out of me. :/

  2. not being rude sir.
    I really appreciate your work.

    But do you realise that almost every post you make, it always start with a “sorry” word..
    And i also feel sorry everytime i read that word..
    That exciting feeling when you think you can read a chapter but instead of chapter, it is a sorry word..

  3. Never read this before since I dont feel it enough chapters to satiate my interest, but I usually click on the posts, just to see what the personal message the translator says, I cant help but agree you always seem to say sorry a lot. Not really complaining, just an observation

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