There won’t be any TDG chapters today as I’m a little busy.
HOWEVER!!! I will make it up tomorrow with 2 chapters!

Sorry about that, please bear with me about that xD

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  1. Why are you messing with my feelings……
    And i was getting excited here, telling myself that i was gonna read today’s chapter during work break….lol, anywho keep the good work!!

  2. oh no
    thanks for the update though

    do the releases have a general time, cause i thought they used to be in the morning and now they are in the evening and i am in pacific time…so yea, just wondering

    or were they always released at the same time and i got it mixed up with another novel….?

  3. Advice. Release 1 chapter tomorrow, but have 2 ready. That way when you cannot make a chapter for the day, you use one of the spares you already did. Just make a buffer and have you editors have them incase you cannot post them.

  4. Sad xD I was so happy seeing nice, its released since a few min.. was waiting the whole day and checking every hour if it is there… and then i read no chapter today 😡 but 2 chapter tomorrow-greatly looking forward to it-fair trade

    1. For more kinky ass whipping,
      I’ll be waiting,
      Full of screaming,
      Red buttocks,
      Kneeling on rocks,
      The F5 Sect,
      Waiting to wreck♪

      I’m looking at you, Long Yuyin.

  5. HOW DARE YOU!!!!

    Oh who am I kidding, I’m still at 228 and want bigger pile to read. Last time I almost died with 150 ISSTH chapters on hold. 😀

    Despite missing recent releases, thank you so much for your hard work, keep ’em pilin’ up~!

  6. I was looking forward to this, but it cant be help, thanks in advance for the double chapter tomorrow. Hopefully i can cross my finger and you can do three. lol.

  7. Thanks for the update thyaeria. You people should also give attention to your lives.we will be very happy for the 2 chapters.
    Nie le entered early 5 stage of legend rank
    Which means he needs timee for fate soul
    Nie le should cultivate like crazy nonstop for complete time in the well like he did while devouring the demon spirits in glory was menstiobed that there would be some side effects for that process.i wonder how many chapters would it take to form his first fate soul and full loyalty of demon beast

    I have another question if 5 pupils are to
    Going to east district then they would be nie le xiao yu long yuyin gu bei and jin yan then what will happen to lu piao..

    It is kind of funny that the author mentions that nie le had forgot almost all the teachings but when the time comes he would remember in a flash??

    1. nie li reached the peak of 5 star legend rank in th well, he was already a 5 star legend rank when he entered,

      as for the 5 that will go to the east district it will most likely be Long Yuyin, jin ya, gu bei, nie li and lu piao, because xiao yu is not in their class since he has been in skysoul institute before he naturaly has his own class (don’t forget only 5 student are chosen each year the other who fail saty in the same class and try again)

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