No TDG Today

Sorry about it guys! Something came up last minute. There won’t be any TDG for today, I’ll make it up with a chapter on sunday!

40 thoughts on “No TDG Today” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. fk…….sigh* Thanks for at least giving us the heads up, SEE YOU TOMORROW….. Can’t wait for Sunday swell….. I HATED THAT LAST CLIFFHANGER. HATE. DESPISE!!!

    1. he is no longer doing Sundays normally but this week he is you would understand if you read the status with the title no TDoG today… comprende?

  2. To tell the truth I’m ok with less chapter this week since the cliff isn’t really severe. Heck this Cliff-san is really2 tame..
    If I can choose, I’d prefer to have you keep the chapter as a reserve chapter.

  3. *pout* but thanks for taking the time to notify your xlation fans! 🙂 And I hope that “something” isn’t like “somethings” that make things disagreeable like my last whole week – especially short notice *pooop* Best wishes!

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