There won’t be any TDG chapters today as I will be slightly busy and I have no idea if I could have the chapter posted. Sorry about that!

So for this week, there’ll only be 6 chapters!

51 thoughts on “NO TDG TODAY!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Oh, well. Have a good day, then. You can take a break from the net any time, RL always take more priority. Just make sure you have enough rest by the end of the day!

  2. No no no. I need my does of TDG for today hahaha well everyone needs a rest 😀 so we will not stop you but I did wait for it. I’m still hoping for a chapter hahaha.

  3. i wish i wasnt addicted to those wuxia so that that kind of news wouldnt bothers me but i’m addicted and it’s like my poucher is pushing my next fix to an other 24hours of wait…

  4. I don’t think I’ve been cultivating the Refreshing Cultivation Method of the F5 Sect properly. I’ve been cultivating all day but I have not received enlightenment in the Dao. ><

    Have a good rest today, look forward to the next ch

  5. Nuuuuuuu! Sad there’s no chapter but everyone knows you’re working you’re hardest to provide us with new content.

    Thank you for your hard work!

  6. damn , it is not so hard and not so long to translate for a true proffesional translator .. i am really disappointed on you .. you broke your promise to give us a chapter everyday for the last counting 10 days , you better compensate for 2 chapter tomorrow ..

      1. Thyaeria did say only 6 this week, so no double chapter today. Hopefully Thyaeria only releases one anyways even if he prepared two for a surprise just to spite him.

  7. I go back to work for another 7 straight 10 hour shifts tomorrow and was really looking forward to today’s chapter. Oh well, at least I get out right around release so I’m not waiting all day for it.

  8. Is there any recomended story in this site which i can read while waiting the next chapter of TDG?
    It’s still hard for me to tell which story that interesting beside TGD

  9. Its good to take some time to do something else once in a while 😀 so you can keep up the good work when u have done what u need and relaxed a bit 😀

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