No SR Tonight ?

ISP 2 Alyschu 0

Dear all, our empress dowager’s internet is still failing her and as such, there will not be any SR tonight.
She has vowed to assert her dominance over her ISP by tomorrow. Thank you all for the unwavering support!

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  1. It’s not a new thing…No SR tonight, No ATG tonight…Blah and blah….He is sick..She is sick…Internet went to visit the moon…Sun… Every week this happens!!! Already lost my taste in ATG and SR after being overwhelmed by reading other Novels during your Offs …

    1. you do know this guys have real life and go through real life situations just like you do…… help them out but criticizing less…..if you are really fed up you might as well join the translation team and help out or you should just outrightly take the book and translate yourself………….and if you are to anxious to wait read the MTL an LNMTL

      1. Heaven defying Words of Encouragement provided long time back…..So they also deserve criticism to boost their morale..
        Junior, your words mean nothing to anyone… Don’t go on acting like Yun Che with your words… Haaaakkkk tuuuiiiiu on your face!!!

        1. This is not criticism in anyway. You’re simply blaming them for no fault of theirs. It’s the ISP’s fault if the internet went down, not theirs. How is this criticism? If you want criticise them, then go check the chapters for faults or things which can be improved & then criticise them.
          And what is wrong if they want to take time off if they want to take care of someone sick? Is that a crime? And remember, it’s Alyschu who’s sponsoring most of the chapters this month, not you.

          1. This is not a corporate company & neither are they your employees who you’ve a contract with. So, you’ve no right to get on their case if they do take some time off due to sickness or the like. If you really want to get on their case then go donate & ask them why they’re taking their sweet time to deliver the chapter you sponsored.

          2. Everyone has the right to speak, as much as you do. Most people would just quit reading and/or stop donating. If he’s annoyed with the translators, so what? I’ve stopped reading and donating for the same reason. Is it a crime to voice their opinion? No, it’s not. I don’t get why people see it as taboo to say anything bad about the translators, no one forced them to translate anything, they opened themselves to criticism by themselves. Don’t ask for donations if it’s just a hobby. He has every “right to get on their case”, who’s gonna stop him? You? hahahaha

          3. Marisha, I’m not telling anyone whether they should quit reading/donating or not. That’s their choice. If he’s annoyed with a translator, I’ve no problem. Even I’m annoyed with quite a few translators. Criticism is something which should be reasonable. How is it criticism when someone’s blamed for no fault of their own? Is it their fault that their ISP messed up? Should they not give a damn when someone who matters to them falls sick? It’s not like they just upped & disappeared. And how’s it their fault if they ask for donations? Don’t donate if you don’t want to. It’s not like they’re putting a gun to your head to make you donate.

          4. My thing is, you have no right to tell him what he has a right to do. Just like what we are doing right now, we have every right to our opinions and so does he. Does he comment in every late release? As far as I know, this is the first time I’ve seen a dissenting comment from him.
            Thats why I don’t donate until the translator is proven to be reliable, like ISSTH’s DB. He’s worth every penny I donate. I don’t just donate because I like the story. Another good translator is TMW’s CKtalon. He’s so good, he caught up to the Raws. Can’t blame him when there’s a late release, because he has to wait for the author to drop a chapter.
            What I’m trying to say, if they want donations, which Im pretty sure they do, make it worth it.

          5. Marisha1622 My thing is, you have no right to tell him what he has a right to do.
            You said that slope book sakamoto have no right to tell that somebody has right to say sth or not so……..what right do you have to tell him what he didn’t have right to do?
            Btw Alyschu summer rain&co sorry for all that mess in comments .You are releasing quite a lot chapps daily and even if you can’t you re notyfying readers about this not all translators do this so do your best!!!!! 😀

          6. @drunkgravity, pfft, you have no right to tell me what to do. We can go on and on about this. It still stands no one has the right to “tell someone they dont have the “right” to do this and that”, if you dont get that, not my problem. I dont care if you want to be “Mr save a ho”, but I dont need you to apologize for me, nor do I need to apologize. Whether you believe it or not, translators aren’t God, I don’t kiss anyone’s @$$. I could care less if they stop translating, I won’t loose sleep over it.

          7. Yep they aren’t gods or anything like this and u don’t have to kiss their ass but there’s a lot of people’s that could not sleep well because some novels are dropped, think about this.The main point is fact that you have the right to say whatever you want just like you can be an asshole and nobody can do anything about this so…………our discussion is pointless. Good night or whatever

          8. Hey slopeppy….It’s my comment …If I say it’s critism ..So it is..
            I mean who r u to say that “my comment” is not criticism….It’s “my comment” not yours…And if I say it is my criticism then it is… And as Marisha rightly said…We have the right to voice our opinion …The translators have opened themselves for feedback and critics… Its so irritating when a sloppy dogshit like you interferes in something where I have shared my thought to… saying “hey please don’tvoice out because I like this novel”…Who am I to listen to u ? Your friend ? Your father? A big “huuuuuukkkkkk tuuuiiiiu” on your face too slopppppppyyyyyy.

        2. And Yes, my heavy defying earth shaking respect for translators like the DEATHBLADE of ISSTH ……Because regardless of whether the sun is rising or not, the satellite stopped working or not…We get to see his hard-work. I don’t mind making a donation to people like him…

      2. Yeah, it’s impressive to be coordinating many people to deliver chapters for multiple series on nearly a daily basis. And by the way, even after not posting any chapters tonight, SR actually still has an awesome 2 chapters per day release frequency on NU.

  2. We all know that you will forever be your internets slave! So why bother with futile attempts at dominance? Pleading and begging down on your knees will probably prove more effective 😉

  3. Ancestor Matriarch Alyschu we believe you will emerge victorious in this fight…………
    What is a Day Compared to all our Years of past struggles
    Does the world not recognize Mount Tai and not tremble at its feet
    Does a Trifling Router test the Magnificence of a Satellites in space
    With and our Heaven Defying Luck, Talent and Strength….
    Even the internet will Succumb to our Might
    All Hail Imperial Ancestor Alyschu ……….
    All Hail The F5 Sect……..

    –God Speed and Keep Up The Hard Work ??

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