No second SR chapter today, will be included tomorrow

OverTheRanbow here,

Alyschu has fallen asleep after a tiring long day, and I was also only able to finish TLCing one chapter of ATG today and needs to go sleep.

Anyway, alyschu told me to make a post if I can’t finish SR (or ATG).  This also means that today’s second chapter (99) will be posted tomorrow in addition to tomorrow’s chapters as stated in title.

Thanks for understanding and good night!

10 thoughts on “No second SR chapter today, will be included tomorrow” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Nooo i am missingmy SR drugs of theday now. But thanks for giving a heads up and thanks for all the hard work everyone. Please dont overwork yourselfs i would rather have less chapters on a continous base then a large pause in the middle because of a burn out. Thanks again loving the series.

  2. say it is not soo chuuuu

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