No OG Chapters

Hey guys,

Something unexpectedly came up and I have to go on a short trip for a bit. Therefore, I won’t be able to post any chapters until Wednesday Australian time, which is probably late Tuesday evening/early Wed morning American time.

The chapters are already translated but waiting to be edited. So when I return, I will post all the chapters I missed plus the day’s chapters, which should be up to chapter 96.

Thanks for understanding.

23 thoughts on “No OG Chapters” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Been trying to force myself to binge especially with Piaro showing up and pagma, this just happened to be a convenient excuse, anyway enjoy your trip thanks for the heads up

  2. Hello, RainbowTurtle if you need an editor I would love to extend my services.

    If interested please reply to this comment and I will provide my email to discuss. Thank you

  3. this story is fun and good… everyday i wait for the new chapter.. haiz.. plss come back early translator… and hi to all wuxia reader… i am malay so my english not very good… 🙂

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