No chapters tonight!

Hey guys, I have some unfortunate news.

Bao’s internet has died so there won’t be any chapters tonight. It’s still fairly early in the week so we’ll definitely catch up in the next couple of days (if not tomorrow).

Enjoy your night and see you all tomorrow!

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  1. I love how you guys keep us updated, seriously. The only other thing I follow now on WW is Desolate Era and Ren is busy these days so his releases are sporadic, so the relative regularity/consistency of ED is pretty neat. Thanks Nacht. Lol, hope your internet gets better Bao.

  2. Hey guys, It’s ok if you want to take day off a day or two as long as you deliver the week’s quota. No need to put lame excuses like no internet. In this day you can easily connect to internet if you want, there are lot of other ways. Sorry about my rambling, kinda bad day for me. I really triggered by the ‘no internet’ thing 🙁

    1. I found this more offensive than its intention, perhaps. I’ve been upholding my responsibility since summer last year without taking a break (I define break as days without chapters. However, I’ve made all the chapters up the following week so there is no break). Sometimes, a few chapters are one week late, but yes, there has never been an unaccounted, missing chapter.

      1. I’m sorry about that, I mean no offense. I know you have been deliver all your promises. It’s just that i have a bad day at work with someone with the same excuses, it really triggered me. I really appreciate your effort and I’m sorry that my bad mood makes me write useless thing like this. Hope you can forgive me orz

    2. Just because most people have access to extra ways to do all the things they need Internet for, doesn’t mean all do.

      Claiming that not having Internet is just an excuse is being extremely rude. Don’t you think that someone who hasn’t missed an update since taking the project over would just cop to needing a break?

  3. I love Chinese novels and the simple fact is I can’t read Chinese so I appreciate this site and all the translators if it wasn’t for you guys I’d have no idea what to do so thanks a lot I don’t know if anyone here knows what happened with peerless martial god but never take people for granted if one day they just up and disappear it’s the end so unless you want to learn Chinese one of the hardest languages on earth you’d do well to remember that I know not for everyone but for some people who don’t think things through.

    1. I got your back Bao I started reading this novel back when our young noble was dissing princess’s like cabbages and he didn’t even cultivate yet and I ain’t going back.

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