No Emperor Chapters Today

It has been a long day with real life matters so I need to go to bed now. As always, we’ll make up all the chapters later on the week.

See you guys tomorrow.

23 thoughts on “No Emperor Chapters Today” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Despite being disappointed about no new chapters today, I am also grateful for all your hard work translating Emperor chapters. I wished all translators worked like you and get 3 chapters a day out, but sadly, you’re the only one who does so. So rest up well, and take care. You’re the best translator out there, and wish you to continue for the next million years!

      1. OMA…?

        What is OMA?

        Ah, I tried to read Volume 9 Chapter 827 for the equivalent of the 810 on Bao’s update but halfway through the MTL, i felt something crack on my mind so I closed the tab.

        But when I typed to reply on my chatmate on FB, I felt my English suddenly being influenced by the remnant chi from being exposed from that chaos.

        Worse, even when I close my eyes, I can still see the horrors of the misleading words of MTL in bright white colors in the oblivion of my eyes.

        Man, I shall NOT read MTL again!!!

        I’d rather wait for Bao’s update than destroy my own Dao with MTL.

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