NO DE TODAY. Ren’s going to the hospital again

Due to the recent illness episode Ren has been going through, and seeing that the symptoms are not improving (and even worsening) after taking the medication he was prescribed, he’s decided to go to the hospital again to get a second diagnosis. There won’t be any Desolate Era chapters today for obvious reasons. He has told me that, due the special circumstances, patrons could request a refund through patreon, but for those who wait, he’d make up for all the chapters owed.

It seems I only post to bring bad news to readers, sigh.

62 thoughts on “NO DE TODAY. Ren’s going to the hospital again” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Greeting Lord Ren,

    I have made account because of your post. My personal wish is to het well soon! But that is my selfish desire. I have contributed om patreon just because of the honest post. I hope that my contribution will help and your recovery will be back to 100%.

    Humble regards,
    CS fury seeker

  2. God damnit Patriarch Ren! This is why we have told you time and time again to take care of yourself! I have gilin horn and ancestral gingseng roots but i would need to travel otherside of the world somehow.

    Tl;dr. Get better Soon! And no working while sick!

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