NO DE TODAY. Our overlord is sick

Well, the title explains everything, but since I know some of you will want to know more, Ren has messaged me and said he had been feeling quite bad today. As a proof, the picture of his temperature. He has no idea if it’s due to an infection or anything or the sort yet.

I’ve already told him he should go to the hospital and he agreed to it if he didn’t get better in a while. So, let’s just hope he gets better soon and manages to recover fast.

Yn5an3 out.

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  1. get well soon and take your time. a wait a week to weeks at a time for other translated novels and amateur fiction works. so even waiting for a period for one of my favorites like DE is nothing at all. i just got over something that lasted for a week and left me a very special gift of a sinus infection for 2 more weeks after that. so i can really sympathize. being sick just sucks.

    1. 2 late. We now must go on an adventure to get his reincarnated self back! I wonder if one could make an intersting story from that alone.
      The heroic nerd going to the next world in order to get his translator back.

        1. as of yet the autarch/doc has the ability but price would be great if he prolongs any further.3 more chaos cycle is the limit since it happened in a chaos world.any longer shall make the damages, especially to the soul, IRREVERSIBLE!!!

  2. ya…hospital now Ren…at 104 F you’re brain is literally starting to melt, its called hyperpyrexia and it starts at 104, if you go past 107…then you’re dead…gogogogogogo, no 2nd chance talisman in this chaosverse!

  3. I forgot to moention that it would tell fans more if there would be an information of where the measurement was taken. I only know that when you measure temperature under the arm standard is 36,6 and 40 is dangereuslu high and you need to find a way to drop it. 41,5 you have 99% chance to die.
    The termometer in the photo i think is used to measure temperature in the ear and i dont know levels for this and of course if someone is interested you can measure temperature of body through eather mouth or anus

    1. A buffer is so that he doesn’t have to consistently translate the exact number of chapters he needs every single day. It is NOT for instances where he is so sick that he has to have another person post for him indicating that he is unable to post chapters today. If you are unable to distinguish between the two, then you need to learn about this new thing we call empathy.

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