No DE chapters in a while

Dear readers, it seems that our Overlord is currently undergoing a tribulation and he’ll need to postpone today’s chapters a bit.

He forgot his laptop sacred translation device inside a taxi an Immortal Carriage , and is trying to recover them.

That is all for now,
Ren’s faithful maintenance minion.

47 thoughts on “No DE chapters in a while” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Pffft. Lol. Well thanks for the hilarious well written update. Good luck to Ren because we all know how easy it is to get something you left behind in a taxi back.
    P.S. I’m not finding Ren’s situation funny, I’m finding how the post is worded funny

  2. Pretty sure it was an uber powerful immortal carriage with at least 300 invisible horses.
    I hope you won’t have to use the Apple Divine Sense to lock your sacred translation device

    1. This is so true!
      If not, let us pray for the sacred transalation device to get sentience and to make its way back to the Immortal Estate of its rightful owner.
      Good luck Overlord Ren for your tribulation and thank you Yn5an3, the maintenance minion, to have found such clever words!

  3. Welp good luck with that. It’s almost impossible to get something back from a taxy unless the driver was actually a nice guy. If i were Ren I would just call them and ask if they found anything.

  4. thx for the update, and i hope he gets it back.
    Hopefuly the driver might be a fan of the serie and will speed up the recovery : i know i’m dreaming but hey who knows…

  5. Yeesh, dunno how tracking it down would work as I’ve never lived in an area that had much taxi traffic, but I hope the retrieval goes well.

    To aid in the effort I will disperse some of my minions to pick up the trail.

    *In dark sinister and overbearing voice* UNLEASH THE KITTENS!

  6. No Jin mori .. I noticed it too….but then thought I would not want to be a Di.k especially during a tribulation 🙂 so i left it for i guess you to take the burden .. (naughty me)

  7. *sigh* this is what happens when you’re out and about instead of at home translating…in fact why leave your room at all?

    #TranslateAllDayEveryDay #SayNoToLife #PassTheNachos

  8. No DE and no regular MGA release. Sad life. :'(

    But I hope you can still locate the sacred translation device or else, I will be force to use soulscouring to all Immortal Carriage out there. >:D

  9. Friends i’ve just had an epiphany. I suddenly realize that I have nothing to look forward to on days when a chapter of DE or ISSTH doesn’t get posted. *sigh* 🙁

  10. I wonder if Ren truly “forgot” his sacred translation device, or did the cabdriver… I mean, Immortal Carriage Driver, set up some sort of bewildering formation in his cabbage :O

  11. my condolences…
    i think the chance that you recover it is almost nil…
    hope you has accumulated great karmic virtue, surrounded by at least 999 mile of golden karmic light (^_-) .
    so you have a higher chance to recover your sacred translation device. m(_ _)m

  12. I hope this works out for you Ren all the best, I usually only read this and Warlock of the Magus world, & GDN the past couple months everything else has just been a drag….

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