No chapter today

Hi, fellow readers. Insane here to give you some bad news: Raven has been feeling bad lately and today she had to go to the hospital to get checked. She is ok, but also tired and on a drip for pain at the moment. She has been doing her best to keep up with her schedule for the past few days, but obviously that has not been possible today.

Let’s wish her a swift recovery.

Thanks for your understanding,

12 thoughts on “No chapter today” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Oh no!!! I hope you get better, Raven! It must be pretty bad if you’re stuck at the hospital for any amount of time. 🙁

    On another note, I thought you retired/transcended, Insane? Are you coming out of closed door cultivation in order to help the sect in its time of need? (AKA sick translator.)

  2. hope you recover soon dont worry about tranxending vision focus on your health the rest can wait thanks for everything you do regularly and hope you feel better

  3. I know the thing that helped me the most for my health lately is chinese medicine.
    I started with Chai Hu Qing Gan Tang for my liver and went through a nasty cleanse with various flareups, but EVER SINCE…
    I haven’t had allergies, migraines, fatigue, or any of those flareups.

    Then I took other medicines for my kidney, mild depression and poor “physical condition” but that’s besides the point 😀

    Granted, I have a master herbalist named Guy Lindsey behind the practice, but there’s always something you can do for your health.

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