No BEM Chapters

Hey guys,

Something unexpectedly came up and I have to go on a short trip for a bit. Therefore, I won’t be able to post any chapters until Wednesday Australian time, which is probably late Tuesday evening/early Wed morning American time.

When I return, I will post all the chapters I missed, plus the day’s chapter, which should be up to chapter 202.

Thanks for understanding.

17 thoughts on “No BEM Chapters” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. With all that flying, I guess we know when you can get those chapters done. Won’t that be like 48 hours flying round trip? Yowtch! I’ll definitely miss you. Have a safe flight and read you when you get back! 😆✈

  2. And here I was wondering why there was no new chapters for a few days.. I just didn’t noticed the announcement! 😑

    I Hope that the unexpected thing isn’t something unpleasant, and everything is okay. Have a nice trip!

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