No ATG tonight, double release tomorrow

OverTheRanbow here.

As title says, no ATG tonight because of midterms and cantstayupchu.

So tonight’s chapter will be released tomorrow along with tomorrow’s chapters.

Sorry and I hope y’all understand.

24 thoughts on “No ATG tonight, double release tomorrow” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Ohhh!!! That feeling when you continuously refreshing the page and see an update post on ATG 1min ago…. then then then…. hehe… patience is a virtue anyway. We dont get our candy today, We will take it tomorrow by double amount. LOL. THANKS FOR THE HARDWORK HANDSOME AND BEAUTIFUL GODS!

    1. No, that is just image selected and picked from another site.
      This is light novel ,apart from the cover illustration ,there’s no other original illustration.if there is one,i would like to know too.

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