No ATG Tonight

I can’t stay up nor am I going to make OverTheRanbow stay up to release it again so there’ll be two chapters tomorrow! Anyone who’s waiting for ATG should tuck in!


45 thoughts on “No ATG Tonight” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I for one am secretly happy about this. The teasers make it seem the 2nd chapter has the massive “reveal” to the world. So the first chapter while satisfying won’t have the knock out punch, and possibly even another cliffhanger.

    Can you do them as a double release? Rather than 2 in one night

    Either way, thanks for the chapters! <3

  2. aw man, I wanted to read propely the great event that will happen and the great fury that he will have when he goes back to Profound. But it’s okay 1-2 chapters per day day is already great (principally if you compare to another translation sites that release 1-2 per week or per month) thanks for you great job.

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