No ATG Tonight

My internet’s been dying lately at ~3am my time but I never complained to my internet service provider since I’m usually already tucked in and ready to sleep by then. It just died at ~1am… and I don’t know how to do computer things on my phone.

Today’s chapter will be released tomorrow. Sorry guys! I’ll make sure to pester my internet company about this.

As an apology, here’s a spooky health fact! Eating shrimp and tomato together as a dish is akin to buying a lottery ticket, except the prize you win is death by arsenic poisoning. That is one thing you don’t want to be lucky in!

34 thoughts on “No ATG Tonight” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Your health fact is well, not exactly supported, but it’s a bit more complicated. I’m assuming the tomato provides vitamin C? Basically, no, one meal of shrimp and single dose vitamin C supplement (or tomato) is not enough to to lead to death. From Snopes (1985 study) : ” the concern expressed was that, over a period of time, the repeated practice of eating arsenic-bearing shellfish while also taking megadoses of Vitamin C could result in chronic arsenic exposure leading to a increased risk of cancer.” It’s just some fake email story. Don’t worry we’ve all fallen for some trick or another. And don’t trust FB posts without sources!

  2. Im not complaining or anything, im just curious. Normally, when I have no internet i could easily find a workaround to upload a single chapter. Or send someone the text file that is able to upload it for you (can someone update atg apart from you anyway?) Like using a netcafe or using hotspot from your smartphone and acces internet via that etc. Whenever I hear something like “I have no internet so..” i automatically think of some workarounds because i had many internet problems so far (even had a year without any internet at all ) and had to use some other methods, like using hotspot, w-lan stick and accessing the wlan of my neighbour (he let me use it) or spend an hour at a cafe with my laptop while drinking hot chocolate and pretending to be an author, or when I absolutely had no way to access the internet atm and was too lazy to go out but needed to do something on the internet, i asked a friend to help me out.

    im not complaining, im on an atg break anyway since a few chapters ago, want to stock up around 20 chapters.

    anyway, have a nice day ^^

  3. Naw dude that shit was a hoax. It was going around the Internet a couple years ago but it had no proof to back it up. If It was true I would have died a long time ago from eating too much lemon and shrimp lol. Take that shrimp and mix it with a little lemon, pureed garlic, lots of butter, and salt and pepper, that one shit is bomb!

  4. No offense, but it would be nice to cite sources if you’re going to claim scientific facts. You obviously didn’t mean to trick anyone, but this “fact” has been proven weakly in the community. Just to save others/young children from blindly misunderstanding things.

    1. Yes, a lot of Chinese dishes use tomatoes and shrimp.

      Someone read a “science” report about arsenic accumulation in shellfish from industrial contamination and took it as “all shellfish produce arsenic”, which is a long stretch.

      If that was true, I’d jump into a tub of oil and start producing oil from my body and become a millionaire. 🙂 We’ll never run out of oil then. We can just get someone else to jump into a tub of oil whenever we run short. lol

  5. ahaha….that lottery metaphor was an eye opener!
    it makes me think of last time i smothered the isp guy over the phone for 15 straight minutes. thinking back, i feel sorry for him now….though thinking about absence of net….i don’t

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