No ATG Tonight

Someone was cremated. There will be two tomorrow.

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      1. For this series, it is kind of random. Usually one or two a day. But learn to expect none. Despite its many sponsored donations, some translators are not reliable and as a result, a select few seem to have to pick up the work for them. Hence, the random no updates. The fact that there is usually one chapter a day shows some great work from some of these translators. But yeah, overall, it appears that the chapters translation assignment is rather lax. Just a subjective observation.

          1. Coolguy, I welcome you to the Sect.. As brothers in same sect let me give my observations (it may vary P2P). Since May 11 to today July 10 ( 61 days) 69 chapters have been released.. So an avg of more than 1 per day which is good.. usually the author releases 1 chapter a day usually (not always) later in the night (after 12a.m. US-EST) but sometimes we get no chapters and sometimes we get bonus chapters and donation seems to be stable for now .. so i think you will be seeing atleast 6 to 8 chapters a week.. Enjoy your read @wuxiaworld

  1. So… someone just died, therefore we skipped a day… and people are complaining? I agree, this arc just got interesting, it’s a shame we had to wait right at this point but… wow, get your priorities straight. Good thing some people have expressed their condolences, at least I haven’t lost all of my faith in humanity.

    Don’t worry, translators, we can wait.

  2. Guys can someone please explain wither a translator really died or just stopped going through the project?
    I mean me and my friends would say a group is dead as in inactive. Plus it’s really hard to figure that someone died unless he or she has some have good connections.
    If I am wrong, then please forgive me as I am not trying to be rude. And if that’s the case, I’m sorry for your loss

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