No ATG Tonight.

Person who signed up for the next four chapters is actually out camping this week and miscalculated his signups! This is why there wasn’t a chapter last night and today. I’ll start filling in for him tomorrow because of how late it is now. Sorry guys… alyschu will be on duty in ~12 hrs!

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  1. wow, you guys have been translating for a while now but this is the first time i’ve seen you guys mess up so much. 3rd time in like a week. well, no biggie

  2. You guys mess up too much. This isnt charity we actually pay to get chapters posted.It’s like you dont show up at work and text your boss oups sorry cant make it today bye.Please work out your issues because once again, we actually pay for this.

    1. Well you are not wrong, but you are not right either, a donation its not a payment for a service, you give them money, because you like his work, and they in return when certain ammount of money is given, they work extra and squeeze an extra chap, they have given us thousands of chapters for free, unless they have been paid for them, you cant go ordering the translators around.

      1. but they will lose doners this way. It has been something like an unwritten rule that for donations provided you translate extra chapters. Keep in mind I am not complaining here. Frankly, I have not donated yet either. But those who do, think that they will get an extra chap for their donation. It will surely decrease donations if this continues.

        1. They will lose donors, thats a given, but donors dont have the rights to complain about it, because at the end of the day you are not paying them to work, you are giving them money because you like they work and want to help them, they in return will get you an extra chap.

          1. that’s ridiculous. any way you look at it, they are buying another chapter. they are buying the translators time and motivation. why are they called sponsored chapters and not free chapters then? why is there a distinction between them? the chapters are all the same right? wrong. this whole donation thing is just nice wording, nothing more. you could probably pick any random person off the streets and they will agree with me. the whole “donation guise” that’s going on is honestly stupid. honestly, might as well just say “buy a chapter for $X”, literally nothing will change.

          2. I’d simply say that these peeps were not prepared for the onslaught of sponsored chapters.
            Whatever is going on here, they are clearly ill-equipped to handle the work that was signed up for them. And that work is 13-ish chapters.

            So what we learnt here, is to either not trust the translators with a holy-crap amounts of money (which is only common-sense), or not to expect a contract-esque service here, which would also make sense for fan translations.
            Either way you look at it, this is hardly a professional environment, and I mean that in the sense that ATG is not their first priority in life. And everyone whom donates should probably think about that before sending a pile ton of money with queer expectations.

            I also want to add I am not being apologetic for anyone here. I merely think it’s off the scales to expect immediate and professional services from random blonkes on the internet who do something for shiz and giggles.

          3. There is no issue at all.
            Sponsored chapters will be supplied but don’t forget: “Sponsored chapters come out after the regular chapters with no set schedule.”
            They promise sponsored chapters, but it could happen that it takes longer than it would Deathblade for example. And MrVoid, stop contradicting yourself in one post. Thank you


          4. @xianxia, They believe that they are buying the translator time while that is not true, why do you think they are called donations and not payment? go and check what a donation means and see the donation ruling in the site, if you donated and didnt knew how it worked, is your fault.

            @MrVoid you seems like you was waiting for some chap-fest when they dont work that way, they are releasing 2 chaps per day, 1 regular and 1 sponsored. *Throw some sugar*

    2. Since you put ‘we’, I’m assuming you donated. I’m sure alys’ team would be more than happy to refund you your donation, at which point you would no longer have standing to make this sort of complaint.

      1. Ren, how about you add something like a “Like” or “Dislike” button on each comment? I would totally like your comment. (And obviously dislike alhilalianas’ comment.)

        Two chapters are a give for the week, the rest is sponsored and overtime. You talk very big words. If you aren’t satisfied do it better.

  3. I have no right to complain since i haven’t donated yet and am still new to light novels, but this is my favorite of them all. it sucks the chapter didn’t come out but it should be all good. at least they communicated. i will be waiting…fingers crossed for 3 chaps in a night….note:: different timezone…Uganda.

  4. Wow there are a lot of people being rude about this. Mistakes happen. The chapter will come out eventually, you just have to wait a little bit longer.

    People tend to forget that these translators are actual people with lives outside of translating. They have families, friends, jobs, and other commitments, and they also need time to relax and have fun.

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