No ATG Tonight

It’s oldchu’s bedtime again… OTL.

Today’s sponsored chapter will be released tomorrow, before tomorrow’s regular chapter.

24 thoughts on “No ATG Tonight” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. psé, é mt falta de compromisso vei, bicho recebe doação pra lançar capitulo diario, e não ficar nessa de 0 hoje e 2 amanha (pior q é só depois da meia noite que posta o que passa de amanha). sacanagem.

  1. I thank you for your hard work but now this is becoming a reoccurring theme of postponement,is it possible to do releases in the morning? Or have someone from SR come help because it’s always able to pump out chapters. And also if you know you won’t release it, which you probably do know if you won’t or will, POST IT so people don’t have to wait so late to be dissappointed. I mean unless you post so late so u can use this excuse and no one questions it? Are you a TruthChu?

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