No ATG Tonight

Internet is like an apple that has been dropped on the floor so many times that it looks like a bruised plum.

If queue reaches 150, two chapters tomorrow.

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  1. Hello I am new here and would like to know what do they mean by queue. If anyone can tell me then it would be great as I would like to help support this 🙂 Thank you!

    1. It’s the green bar at the bottom or side of the page, if youre on mobile the former the latter for browser, which if it’s full there will be a free extra chapter besides the regular chapters.

    2. Ok, so the queue is a system that RWX devised (or popularised here on WW, not sure if he came up with the initial idea) and some of the translation projects here on WuxiaWorld adhere to.

      The idea basically is: Each translator/translation team commits to release a number of chapters per week. These are “regular chapters” and this number varies quite a bit from project to project. Additionally, some of them will commit to translating additional “sponsored chapters” for every x$ donated. In the case of ATG x=75. So, at the time of writing this there is 136$ in the ATG donation pot meaning that ATG has 1 “sponsored chapter” queued up. If the pot reaches 150$ that would mean there are 2 “sponsored chapters” queued up (2×75). Alychu basically said that if the queue reaches the 2 sponsored chapters mark both will come out tomorrow. If not, 1 will come out tomorrow and the pot will be decreased by 75$. Hope this helps 😀

      PS. Not sure how up to date it is, but you can see what each project has committed to if you click on the Donations button in the page menu (

  2. wakes up and opens phone
    Sees “No ATG today”….
    Hehe alyschu’s clan is going to be exterminated today
    Sees”double release”
    Pulls my covers back and yells wake me up tommorow
    XP anyway thanks for letting us know

  3. Well the 150 Queue means that if some good people donate around 14 $ we will get 2 chapters tomorrow.
    Anyway TY for the heads up and all the hard work at translating this series.

  4. I think the donation counter is behind. I put in $20 at when it was $130 and I see others posting that they donated. So its likely beyond $200 now.

    But either way keep up the good work ^^

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