I usually don’t make a post about not releasing a chapter because we’re suppose to be on a “no set schedule” schedule and I’m too lazy to make posts about that, but I sort of told someone I’ll be translating 416 today when they asked me yesterday when it’s coming out.

I’m suppose to be filling in the empty MIA space but something really annoying came up for me. The good news is that it’s half done, the bad news is that it’s not coming out today. See y’all tomorrow.

ps. Let’s all pray that OverTheRanbow gets into the 99th percentile for his MCAT on April 1st.

30 thoughts on “NO ATG TODAY” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I cant describe how heartbroken I was when i saw ATG was updated, refreshed my ATG tab, and saw no chapter… LOL. Nonetheless, thanks for all the heard work! Looking forward to tomorrow.

  2. well they could run now, missing a few chapters for you to start to follow the author, I’m not sure since I read few novels, but I think it will be the first novel Chinese> English to reach the author.

  3. I will repeat what Alyschu told in this post as my reaction

    But thank you for your effort in translating ATG so far Alyschu and team 🙂

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