New ST Chapter Release! Book 11, Chapter 31

Hi guys, since James was busy this week, I (Ren) coordinated with Aequitas, then spent some time here and there and managed to cobble up a ‘guest’ translation for Stellar Transformations, Book 11, Chapter 31: Contending in Secret. It took longer than I expected, mostly because I had to align a lot of the translation terms that I would’ve used with what was actually/already used, but in the end, I think I got it all. Happy reading guys!



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  1. just my 2 cents… while i dont mind you doing ST chapters to relieve that itch of getting bored with only doing CD chapters, the timing could have been better… with Aequitas, James, Saima competing verses Rylain, ST counting you would have 5 translators, just seems inefficient

    1. Hi fatter03, we know, thanks! Nightbreeze is doing his, and we are doing ours. He does not want to work together with Aequitas at this time 🙂 Modified your post slightly. Thanks!

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