New Skyfire Lane Release! Chapter 3

Hey guys, I know you are eagerly awaiting the next chapter of Coiling Dragon, but I got the third chapter of Skyfire Lane up first, which I’ve been slowly working on this week. These first few chapters are still mood/atmosphere/lore setting, so there’s not much action yet, but I can tell from the writing that this is gonna be a great story. Just stick with me and it! 🙂


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  1. Hey Ren, the date and timestamp is showing up incorrectly today, don’t know if you did any changes or anything, just thought I’d report it.

    I’m using Chrome on Win 7.

  2. I get confused, because alot of the time you say “Don’t ask me to translate other series because I want to finish Coiling first”

    But you seem to translate other things.

      1. Not to be a complete ass, but
        “2) I will NOT reduce the number of sponsored Coiling Dragon chapters I do (unless there are external factors, like my hand getting tired, girlfriend, work, health, etc.).”

        Lets be honest you been off this week on this point and then you wrote “I been slowly working on skyfire chapter throughout the week”

        One could only assume that it is taking away from your completion of CD. Thats why I was a bit confused.

        1. Hi Halper, thank you for including the “(unless there are external factors, like my hand getting tired, girlfriend, work, health, etc.)”, and for expressing your desire not to be a complete ass xD.

          There have been exactly two days this week where I have not produced three chapters; one day was when the computer system at work did not have internet access (see ‘work’), and the other day was when I got really sleepy and taking much longer to translate than I normally did (see ‘health’). Both of those were documented, and neither have anything to do with me spending 20-30 minutes of the limited free time I have each day on translating Skyfire while I read it. As the link I gave you noted, reading is a form of relaxation to me, as I suspect it is for you. I’m trying to share what I’m reading by translating it while I read, and I feel regret that you seem to feel as though this is ‘taking away’ something from you 🙂 .

  3. Really enjoying this series so far. As a lover of wine(napa native), a love of Sci Fi, and a lover of Douluo Dalu, so far so good!

    Thanks for everything you do Ren. <3

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