New Skyfire Chapter Release! Chapter 2

Hey guys, just finished and released Chapter 2 – The Old Gothic Winery of Skyfire Lane, so enjoy!  The first few chapters appear to be a ‘slow burn’, mostly world-building, so stick around :).  I’ll see if I have enough energy to do a chapter of Coiling Dragon before I go to sleep!

Also, I added a new question to the FAQ:

Q12: Why did you transliterate so many names into Western names? I don’t like it. You should have kept the Chinese.
A12: Actually, every single one of these names are Western names which IET ‘transliterated’ into Chinese phonetically; what I do is to return them to their English equivalent is.  In this novel, IET intended the figures to be essentially Western, manga-like figures.  This is very different from other Chinese novels.  For example, a certain character named O’Brian has as his Chinese name 奥布莱恩, Ao’bu’lai’en.  There is NO Chinese name Ao’bu’lai’en; that is how the Chinese phonetically spell the Western name O’Brien.  Conan O’Brien, in China, is known as 柯南 奥布莱恩, Ke’nan Ao’bu’lai’en.  To translate 奥布莱恩 as Aobulaien instead of O’Brien is the hallmark of a lazy translator who doesn’t quite know what he’s doing.

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  1. as long as a name is consistant does it really matter? like i think it would be super awesome if in future novels you just made a western sounding names to make them easier to rember!

  2. Lol nice! But didn’t Ren always put phonetical version beside every name introduced for the 1st time? Why these guys still asking that question lol!

  3. It struck me during the conversation between the various masters that the “support” comment is probably meant to be “seconded or sustained”. It feels very much like a legal proceeding or a board meeting. Someone makes a motion and then it is seconded.

  4. I always wondered about that. Some of them really seemed like they should be western names but I was always really confused as to why an author would use westernized names in a chinese series.

    Although I still have absolutely no knowledge of why he does it it’s atleast nice to actually know they are supposed to be western names.

    Even if they aren’t supposed to be westernized names I still prefer them to be translated into such. reason being is from a english speakers stand point it’s much harder to differentiate names from Chinese series. Unless they’re radical different in english text I always have a hard time distinguishing them. I’ve read some where names are near identical from my perspective and it’s really troublesome.

    1. Yes; Yiwa is literally the Chinese spelling of Eva, much how ‘Zhousi’ is how the Chinese spell ‘Zeus’.

      These authors are all children of the 80’s and 90’s; it is quite ‘fashionable’ to use Western names in many of these works these days.

  5. Honestly speaking, how i wish i could help you out with translating the novel but my chinese isn’t that good D:

    Blame on me not learning chinese well when i’m young X.X I could just barely understand the story by using google translator to read it for me..

    I made an account just to reply xD

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