New Server Config Up!

Hey guys, we’ve just completed the server reconfiguration today, thanks to our friendly Technomancer, Insane. From our original 6-core VPS solution, we’ve moved to a balanced five-server solution, with a total of 22 cores spread across the five node-balanced servers. This should solve our server powa issues for a good, long period of time. Whee! If and when we make another change, it’ll be to a full, multi-dedicated server solution.

That being said, this is a brand new configuration, so if you are seeing problems that you haven’t seen in the past, please post them here and we’ll see what’s going on!

EDIT – New registrations temporarily disabled as we need to re-setup our mail server, which sends notifications et. al.

59 thoughts on “New Server Config Up!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

          1. Won’t this provoke legendary level heavenly tribulation lightning? If you survive it your reward will be some special time with Lord Fifth 🙂

  1. I suspect it’ll last a year, by that stage the sites popularity will have ballooned and you’ll need to think up another solution XD

    Anywho, it’ll be good to have a stable server again ^_^ Thanks for your hard work

  2. Much appreciation for Wuxiaworld team. Couple days ago, I can`t enter to ww site because my phone browser keep telling me to enter cacpcha from cloudflare. I didn’t know if my problem connected with server upgrade. But now the problem is gone, bravo for you Ren, I hope the wonderful site that you manage keep the good work for all the reader. Sorry for my bad english. I come from Surabaya, Indonesia.

  3. REN!! Careful!!

    Your Spirit Beast Cultivation Manual has deviated and is now rapidly escalating out of control, if this keeps on soon you will not have a Heavenly Spiritual Beast but a Divine Guardian Spirit!!

    Your manual is not powerful enough to control such an entity >.< I fear your progress will break free and run rampart around the cosmos :S LOL

  4. In important posts like this you’re considered a pro if you even managed to get in top 30. So i’m barely considered a pro. Haha. Btw congrats RWX and wuxiaworld. I thought it would take about 3-4 days cuz other sites would normally took long like that. Thanks for the effort and i just wish this site conquer and devour all xianxia translation sites !! Congrats !! 🙂

    1. Well, until this change, if a server crashed, the site was down. Now, I can kill 2 servers and it will keep running. I think even 3… but I won’t try… maybe.

    1. last time we had one, i think the server crashed from all f-5 sect followers, same thing happened when we had gotten some kind of power level ranking, fun stuff.. but didn’t last long haha!

  5. I’m getting tons of pop-ups on the mobile page. Only way I can stop them is to stop the page from loading any more as soon as the text appears. If I don’t do that, then as soon as the loading bar at the top of my browser fills up I get hit with a pop-up that redirects me to a different site.

    1. I think if it hasn’t updated in a while it fades away.
      But it should reappear once it updates again.
      It’s like MGA while FBT is taking a break to focus on studies.

  6. Hi, yo. Love what you’re doing here, like, I’m a fervent soldier of the f5 army. But this new setup seems less mobile friendly. The tab crashes after 2 minutes. Hell, it just crashed while I was typing this.

  7. Hi Ren, I think there’s something wrong with the posting mechanism of the new server. When I copy and paste a chapter from Word to WW and post it for the first time, the chapter page generated will be a complete blank. I will have to click on “edit” and copy and paste the chapter for the second time for the words to be visible.

  8. So the page loads faster and it isn’t crashing anymore (mobile User) the only problem is that, on the home page “the great ruler” is not visible anymore (one again: mobile user)
    Thank you for the hard work!

  9. Not sure if it is related, but I am not receiving an email notification from some of the novels anymore, namely HJC and CoL and maybe more (some haven’t had new updates since the issue started). Whereas I am still receiving email notifications from ISSTH, DE, ATG, TDG, WDQK, RI and SA.

  10. New problem… sometimes (once in awhile) I didn’t get the email when the WW posted something for example the most recent post by HJC (Vol 6 Chapter 47 Part 2 Release).

  11. Well got a problem here!!!
    I am using iPhone and the site keeps scrolling down automatically. Anyone else having the same problem?? Am not being able to select thx to that, it use to happen before too

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