New Milestone!

I didn’t notice this guys, but I was just reminded on the forums just a while ago, that we reached a new milestone recently!  Book 8, Chapter 31, which was the last chapter I post yesterday (I posted Chapter 32) today was the 200th chapter translated!  WOW!!!  We are officially ~25% of the way done with Coiling Dragon, with 600+ chapters left to go.  Woohoooooo!  Milestone!

Also, many thanks for all the kind words that everyone left on the ‘Infolinksgate’ post.  Thanks for being so understanding, everyone!  I’ll stick with the click-based Adsense for now in its current configuration, instead of going with anything else, and if I do go with something else, I’ll let y’all know in advance.  Thanks for all the love.

Anyhow, just wanted to put this up so we could have a little mini-celebration.  Gotta run, today’s a super busy day at work, so don’t have lots of time to chat.  See y’all after work!  200!!!  WOO!!!!!

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  1. Just a few quick questions:
    1) Do you think people would welcome a show/hide comments button?
    2) Is it possible to set up tags for posts, so you could add “CD” or “Announcement” etc, so that only the “CD” tagged ones are sent through the subscription? (incase they’re not already)
    3) Can someone please help me get rid of the awful looking text? (google chrome, windows7)

    P.S: 600 chapters to go? B…But… He hasn’t done anything really. He’s about 1/10 of Zasslers’ age!

    1. Try changing you default font to something else under your settings. In chrome it’s settings click advanced setting, scroll down and under web content customize fonts. It could also be because of you default os font is what your seeing. Mine is FFXIV cursive text so it’s super obviious.

    2. Hi Jaffa,

      1) Hrm, let me look into that and see if I can do that.
      2) It should be! Again, let me look into it. Honestly, I’ve never done this before, so it’s a learning process. Thanks for your patience!
      3) Whoah! Looks like a google font issue. Should be able to fix through chrome.
      4) The power creep in this novel isn’t that bad, like I said! xD As for what he does…keep readin’! XD

      1. 1) It’s mainly because I see the scroll bar on the right and then I’m like. Half way through? STILL ANOTHER 20 MINUTES TO G….. Wait… It ended?! It’s like having a mirror making your meal seem twice as big.
        2) I mean if there wasn’t already.
        3) Thank god that’s not the normal font for the site then. Good god.
        4) He should have ate the bear. Imagine. Saint level bear(dead)dragon.

    1. Thanks for joining our little community, aligi05, and for registering! I’ll consider it, depending on if it has a regular translator at that time XD

    1. Also I wish to donate a little bit to support you, but I don’t have a credit card since we don’t use those much where I’m from. Although I have a paypal account I rarely use it and thus have no clue whatsoever in how to donate. I don’t use USD so am not sure if it necessary to convert it in USD and the donate, so not sure if this goes automatically… info about this will be much appreciated!

      1. Thats easy, second son. Actually the same for me, since i also dont use USD. When you use the paypal button on the site, you are just asked about the amount of dollars you want to spend, no need to convert it. The bank will take care of this for you 😉

  2. IThat’s kind of a relief knowing that we still have plenty of adventures left in the story, at the same time not because of the sheer time it will take to complete the entire novel.

    Assuming 600 chapters at 3 chapters a day 21 a week including the 2 regular chapters weekly. It would take 200 days with a $43,480 donation.


  3. if you people donate to you for the rest of the book series then you will have raised over $50,000 for Coiling Dragon. Ren you are practically the God of translations nobody has ever done it as fast as you have and i hope you continue to translate quality and quantity without ever burning out. 😀

  4. With the 43k $, its not so much as it sounds at the first moment. We just would have to find enough people who would donate regulary, like 10 $ per month. I would have no problem with that and think that most people could afford that kind of money, especially if they like the story.

    1. Would need 168 people donating 10$ weekly to have a never ending Queue or 672 people donating 10$ monthly!
      Fixing my card tomorrow morning so paypal will be nice and obedient when I want to donate ^^

  5. Ein Wahnsinn ich bin total baff 200 Kapitel in nur knapp 2 Monaten, ein Wahnsinn 😀
    Im completly stunned 200 Chapter in only 2 month, unbelievable 😀 .

    For the 200 chapter special im writing in german just for fun haha (im german)

  6. Good job, Ren!
    Keep at it and we’ll see the end of it, yet! Many great chapters are awaiting! 😀
    Thank you and may that bonus gage keep low for just a little while, for you to rest and get ready for the next marathon!

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